Apple TV remote
Apple TV remote Quick set up guide

Replacing Apple TV remote batteries is pretty quick and easy.  Here are the steps you can follow when you need to replace batteries for apple TV remote.

To change Apple tv remote batteries for the aluminum version

  • Locate the battery component at the back of the Apple remote
  • Using a coin turn the battery component door anticlockwise till the door is open
  • Take out the old battery
  • Place the new BR 2032 or CR 2032 with the + (positive) side facing you. These lithium 3V coin batteries are available at most electronic stores and drug stores.

To replace Apple TV remote batteries for the white version

  • At the bottom of the Apple TV remote, locate the battery compartment
  • Using a small object such as a paper clip, press the round release button to slide out the battery tray.
  • Remove the spent battery
  • Insert a new CR2032 battery with its positive (+) side facing you. These batteries are available at most drug/electronic stores
  • Slide the battery tray back into position and listen for a click sound to know that the replacement is successfully carried out.

Rechargeable batteries on Apple TV remote/Siri Remote

When you have a Siri Remote or Apple TV remote with a rechargeable battery, you can simply plug in your Apple TV remote or Siri Remote using the Lightning-USB cable provided to your computer or a power adapter for charging.

Notice also that the 4th generation of Apple TV ships with identical remote everywhere. However, in some regions/nations that provide support for Siri, the remote goes by the name Siri Remote. In other regions, it is simply called Apple TV remote. Siri works fine with either remote so long as the Apple TV (fourth generation) is correctly set with a country and language supported by Siri.

Checking apple tv remote battery life on the 4th generation Apple TV

This is pretty simple when you locate the settings and find the Bluetooth section under Remotes and devices. Once you have located this, you can select a Bluetooth game controller or remote to get an instant display of the battery level.