Holiday Gift Guide: Apple TV Accessories

by umOuch on December 14, 2012

Black Friday is now in the rearview mirror, and we are all left wondering where we will find those great deals for accessories and extras for our Apple TV‘s. Well, fear not good people. We at Apple TV Hacks have scoured the web once again to find you the best deals on new hardware including mounts, stands, speakers, remotes, cables, new Bluetooth goodies, and more. So, grab a cup of Eggnog, relax and let’s get shopping.

Apple TV 1

The box that started it all! We all have fond memories of this silver box, and for some (myself included) we still find them a vital part of our entertainment system.


Apple TV 2

Though the Apple TV 1 started it all, the Apple TV 2 is the best Apple television connected product out there. Considering the fact that there is still no jailbreak for the Apple TV 3, the 2nd gen puck offers all the goods along with the ability to have XBMC installed on top of it!

Apple TV 3

Keep in mind that there is know way, as of now, to unlock this device…

Now that you have you device figured out, let’s look at all the goodies that can go along with them:


Solid State White (+ remote control) – As low as $14.99

Riptide skin stickerAs low as $14.99

Dark Rosewood – As low as $14.99

Carbon – As low as $14.99

Blue Crush – As low as $14.99

Airlines – As low as $14.99

Nightplay – As low as $14.99

Glow – As low as $14.99

Apocalypse Red – As low as $14.99

Winter – As low as $14.99



H-Squared TVTRAY-W-S Fixed Wall Mount for Apple TV(1st gen.)As low as $40.00

H-Squared TVTray for Apple TV 2/3As low as $25.43

NuStandAs low as $15.00

Total MountAs low as $16.99

Out of Sight BrecketAs low as $14.99



Philips  Fidelio SoundRingAs low as $144.95

iHome iW1 AirPlay SpeakersAs low as $144.99

Philips Fidelio SoundAvia with AirPlayAs low as $113.98

JBL On Air Wireless with FM Internet Radio & Dual Alarm ClockAs low as $134.99

Altec Lansing inAir 5000 AirPlay SpeakersAs low as $349.00

Philips Fidelio SoundSphere – As low as $499.99

Bowers & Wilkins A7 Wireless Music Speaker System with Subwoofer – As low as $799.00



SanoxyAs low as $14.90

Logitech Wireless Touch KeyboardAs low as $31.98

Amazon Basics As low as $42.99

Anker Ultra SlimAs low as $19.99

Logitech 920 Tablet KeyboardAs low as $38.49

Apple Wireless KeyboardAs low as $69.00

HP TouchPadAs low as $24.35



Official Apple TV 2 & 3As low as $16.97

Official Apple TV 1As low as $3.75

Logitech Harmony 700As low as $81.95

Acoustic Research ARi3GAs low as $25


Apple TV Audio Cables


Apple TV HDMI Cables



Kanex ATVPRO AirPlay Mirroring for VGA Projector As low as $30.95

TV Stands


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    Want a super cool case for your Apple TV – so you can take it on the road with you?

  • Ciaran

    The Logitech Keyboard wouldn’t work, as it uses a USB dongle, not Bluetooth…

  • Icisz

    It would possibly work on the apple tv1 via service USB port using the atv flash software pkg.

  • john

    Do you have an Android device? Are you tired of waiting for your computer to boot and then Cyberduck or Winscp to load? I can help you so you can ssh right away and with your android phone and tablet which is usually always on. I find it much easier to pick up my Acer A500 even my LG Optimus 2x and add repo’s, add or remove XBMC/Nito/Couch Surfer etc and clean the cache, remove packages, free memory onthe Atv or idevices.
    1) ES File Explorer (free) is a must have file app in itself. In the top left corner is a button that says Local. Press it and then FTP. Then press the Menu at the bottom where your back or home buttons located. You will see an option ‘New’. This will allow you to choose sftp. Fill in the Info and connect.This will set up the server for future uses.
    2) AntTek File Explorer & AntTek FTP/Frost/Serpent Client- Es File Explorer works on LG Optimistic but the sftp option is not available for some reason. I found AntTek and I am liking it but still prefer Es File Explorer on my Acer a500 for now. This is still good so install the file explorer first then install the serpent client next. Open the app and at the top left corner you will see ‘device’s button, press it and go down to network and press.Create New and then Sftp and fill out your IP, root, password.
    This is SSH like cyberduck and winscp. If you want to enter command lines like terminal on Mac you can with
    3) Better Terminal Emulator Free or Pro- With this you choose btep I believe not local. Fill in the information and with this one you can create shortcut which adds a widget on your home screen that boots right into your device and saves it for future uses. This is a very fast way to enter commands and the file explorers are a fast way to add repo’s, clean cache and free memory on you ATV or iPhone/itouch. No more booting your computer and then software to do quick fixes or new adds or removing and reinstalling xbmc etc. I also recommend Thumb Keyboard which is great on tablets for fast typing to make the whole saying quick and fast. The only thing is you must have android for these apps. Not sure any longer if the iPhone can SSH into the ATV. There is iFile and Mobile Terminal but I forgot most hacks ever since I got me android. I hope this was helpful, I know I would have found it so. Let me know what you think. If you want pro versions get 4shared and find blackmart alpha apk and search on there for them. Take care

  • Webster

    Am I the only one that read this article and felt dumber by reading it? WTH is a “review mirror” is it something new that I don’t know of!?
    Hey umouch! yeah you! it’s “rearview mirror” not “review mirror”!

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