News on the Apple TV 3 jailbreak out of JailbreakCon 2012 (updated)

by Jason on October 4, 2012

Apple TV 3 JailbreakFans of the Apple TV who prefer to make their own rules have been waiting patiently for news of a jailbreak for the Apple TV 3. But while JailbreakCon 2012 had a lot to offer for many, fans of the Apple TV were left with very few hard facts. There were obviously no demonstrations of any new jailbreak, and nitoTV had even less information to share on future availability.

The only plus side was the announcement that there has been some progress made with the injection vector, but no further specifics were offered. The only hard information nitoTV was able to share is that users considering jailbreaking an Apple TV 3 at some point down the line should stay on iOS 5 (Apple TV 5.0.x) and not upgrade to iOS 6 (Apple TV 5.1).

Of course, anyone who has already upgraded the firmware shouldn’t stay up nights worrying about it. Since specific jailbreak details have yet to drop, there’s no telling if this will end up being a real problem for users or not. nitoTV didn’t seem terribly concerned, but if you’re 100% certain you will be performing a jailbreak on your Apple TV 3, your best bet is to hold to iOS 5.

Back in August we reported that there was a group of “very bright and talented individuals” working on “a lead that could result in a usable jailbreak for the 3rd gen Apple TV”. No further details have been shared since then, the only thing we know is that the work is still ongoing.

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Update: State of the Apple TV 3 Jailbreak

[via iJailbreak]

  • Einar

    Is it possible to flash APTV 3 and downgrade it to IOS5?

  • Tricky76

    Another 3 months and there will be a new AppleTV device. I’ll probably cut my losses and sell my AppleTV 3.

  • Peteski

    No worries for nothing…you don’t even need to jailbreak your ATV 3 to get the same benefits as a jailbroken ATV 2 – just use AirParrot.

  • well why use Airparrot when you can just use your atv3″if it was a jailbreak out”, its just boring to use Airparrot when you need either a computer or a mac to get that working and its a lagging shit on windows…. these news are the same as before just to keep people visiting…….

  • XxKmacKxX

    Lol article says that there was good news for the injection vector but the slide at the top says still no injection vector??

  • TheZero

    get a raspberry pi..

  • Cuche

    iPhone 5 was jailbrake the same day, and for this nothing after a months!! Kinda fishy if you think about it

  • Erick

    meh, it’s soon to be a pointless thing once XBMC is offically released for Android

  • whatwhy

    “there has been SOME PROGRESS made with the injection vector”

  • editor

    depends. if you bought it with iOS 5 pre-installed and you have SHSH blobs saved for this version, you can downgrade from iOS 6 using TinyUmbrella. In any other case (no blobs saved or recently bought with iOS 6 pre-installed) – not possible to downgrade.

  • DubiousOne

    You are right… Air Parrot is sitting on the jailbreak but doesn’t want to release it so you have to buy their stupid software…..

  • jailbreak

    theres jailbreak 4 this shite or no ?

  • Daneil

    Hi I have AppleTV 3 and just checked the version of the OS and its version 5.0 (4099), how would I go about jailbreaking it, if you can?

  • Scott Green

    Do you think there is maybe some apprehension to continue with Jailbreak process considering the rumors of Apps arriving on a new ATV OS ? If there is an XMBC app for ATV then I could care less about Jailbreak

  • Iceman07

    I bought the software. Gimme the jailbreak. Haha!

  • why buy when piratebay have it =)

  • Desbo

    It’s “couldn’t care less”, not “could care less”.

  • Mike

    Do you think that a jailbreak could be go out or not ? It seems like they really don’t care about this ATV.
    Waiting ? No problem. But I can’t wait for nothing..

  • Daniel

    I hate people that add litte to the conversion. I agree through it AppleTV bring Apps I cant see a reason for a jailbreak.

  • Daneil

    ok ive read up about all this now and understand that AppleTV3 at present can not be jailbroken period. Editor is incorrect in his comment I asked this question on the back of editor’s comment so for 13 people to mark down instead of respond on a blog about appletv jailbreaking, its seems some of the users on this blog are, how do I put it oh I know KNOBS.

  • Mr Nagrom

    yup. so basically what the community is staying is that the atv3 jb isn’t gonna happen.

  • Get an MK802 (version 3 will be released in a week or so) XBMC ready for 75 bucks. (I own an MK802 V2 and its almost there, V3 should be great).

  • newtojailbreak

    If the jailbreak is released for apple tv 3, would that mean then I could watch any of the apple store movies, videos, etc would be free to watch??

  • BOB

    If we donate money will you release the ATV3 jailbreak? We know it’s already been done. Why else would Apple update the IOS and why would Seas0nPass have patches for ATV3?

  • Mercury

    What’s all this ab out XBMC arriving for ATV without a JB? Where are the rumors coming from?

  • Rich

    That’s because NO BODY can HACK Apple TV 3 MISSION IMPOSSIBLE !!!! Just
    Get over it not even STEVE JOBS FROM THE GRAVE !!!!

  • Rich

    Apple is stupid in this area if they allowed the new Apple TV 3 to be jail broken every one would buy one. I know they make money off the sitcoms but I bought ROKU for that WAKE UP APPLE AND SMELL THE MONEY BEING LOST . They can control how much jail breaking goes on by little up dates. it is obvious that STEVE IS NO LONGER RUNNING THE SHOW !!!!!!!

  • Strom

    Apple does not make money selling apple TVs. Only on rentals which you have no reason to buy if jail broken. Not in their interests to allow a jailbreak. Buy an atv2 if you want xbmc. Air parrot sucks.

  • The Queen

    I agree too. You should never use litte to convert anything.

  • Master D

    I agree through it too. The logic is transparent.

  • xQx

    Just for a gratuitous plug, I got an AusPi TV (which is basically a pre-loaded Raspberry Pi running XBMC) from and haven’t looked back. They only ship to Australia though, so it’s not much good for those in the states.

  • ATV3Sucks

    Smoke some fuc*** weed and jailbreak this sh*t. I know your just slacking off in your parents basement. If I didn’t have a real job or a social circle this sh*t would have been long jailbroken.

  • air parrot sux it lags and stalls at every turn??? about every 30 seconds and the video is jumpy

  • XxCreedxX

    Funny, it’s usually the other way around (i live in australia)

  • felicia

    is there a jailbreak coming out for the apple tv 3rd gen ?

  • HansPolderman

    No problem, i did buy my last Apple product.

  • jimbo

    yeah it’s just been released. search ATV 3 Jailbreak download .exe in google. then download it. plug in your ATV and run the Program. sorry only available on the PC. i swear its not a virus…

  • Becky Rich

    I think Jailbreak or unblocking might not be a solution and it is also discouraged by Apple too. So, I use PlayerXtreme for casting my screens to watch movies and video on the big screen through its chrome cast and Airplay features. It also provides 1080p backup along with Dolby Digital and True HD support. It also enhances the audio 3times without compromising the quality. Give it a shot!

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