How to Watch Hulu on Apple TV 2

by tomek on March 2, 2011

Update (10-Jan-2012): Still working!

Although the developer of Bluecop said that Hulu is not working with his XBMC add-on anymore, I decided to write this tutorial because many users report they are still able to get Hulu on Apple TV 2 via this plugin. The developer claims it won’t last but you can check it out by yourselves and try your luck. We’ll be updating this post to provide you with the latest on this topic.

So how to watch Hulu on atv2? Here is the step-by-step guide.

Note: it requires you to have your Apple TV 2 already jailbroken with nitoTV, XBMC and openSSH installed.

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1. Download Bluecop repository (zip file)
2. SFTP into your Apple TV  (username “root”, pass “alpine” if you haven’t changed it already; find your atv IP address in Settings ->General -> Network)
3. Copy zip file to /private/var/mobile/Media folder
4. In XBMC on your atv go to System -> Add-ons -> “Install from zip file”
5. Browse to var/mobile/media, find “” and press OK (Bluecop is already enabled)
6. Go to System -> Add-ons -> get add-ons, find “bluecop Add-on Repository” click OK, choose video add-ons, find Hulu and install it
7. Head to Videos -> Video add-ons, find Hulu and enjoy (should work with both regular Hulu and Hulu Plus).

Tell us in comments if it works for you. Don’t worry if not, Bluecop offers a few other add-ons you may want to check out (Cartoon Network, CBS, MTV, South Park Studios, The Daily Show and more).

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  • Ganesh

    I have had this set up for a little over a week now and it works great….well not amazing though. Everynow and tehn I get some shows that wont open and give me an error: “failed to open SML file”
    But thats only a couple of episodes so far..everything else works like a charm. The shows have no commercials so I can see how this wont last too long

  • Steve

    worked for me, set this up last night

  • David

    Only Adult Swim and Cartoon Network work for me. I read something in some forums about the lack of rtmp support. Does one have to ssh or ftp to the apple tv to add support for this or should it already be built in? Thanks in advance. I’d still be stoked to use TBS, South Park and the others even if HULU is a no go.

  • Nyandrews

    Works like a charm!

  • Mitch Manor

    Was waiting to for something like this to re-jailbreak the ATV. The new Seas0nPass and the repository install went smoothy first time through. Hulu works fine – have only hit one error. You have to go really deep into the menus to select a show – I mean, abyss level deep, and a bit annoying, but no longer than some BluRay load times, and given the circumstances there’s definitely no complaint. I hope it lasts!

    You might want to break down the directions on how to copy the zip file onto the Apple TV. I had to dig around to figure that out, but it was super simple as I found a program (cyberduck) to do it without going into the terminal.

  • Ganesh

    Yeah I though cyberduck is simpler too. I have hulu plus so I actually just go to hulu, and subscriptions where I find what I want without digging every show

  • ggyq

    how do you copy zip file please explain

  • Av8roc

    for some reason the download is an .xml file. I can’t find a zip file anywhere and when I copy it over to the media folder it shows up as “repository.bluecop.xmbc-plugins”

    Im using FUGU fwiw


  • Av8roc

    For some reason downloading to windows then thumb driving it over to Mac worked. It saved it as a .zip


  • Vicenzod

    It’s working great!

  • Nicacolo

    I have windows xp, is there any other way other than using ssh? Can u give a quick tip on how to get this plug in using windows instead of a Mac? Thanks!

  • Mitch Manor

    With the Mac unzipping the file on download, this is a normal and customizable behavior in the browser. To get around it without fiddling with settings, just right click on the link, then “Download linked file”

    To the person who asked about how to copy the zip file, I downloaded a program called Cyberduck which allowed me to view the ATV file directory after logging in with username: “root” and password: “alpine.” One small bit of confusion I ran into is that when you go into the directory, you are already a few folders deep, and already where you need to be. Just drag and drop the zip file into the window and from there the directions are followed just as written. Don’t try to look for “private/var/mobile/Media folder” – you are there.

  • smoot

    sftp using WinSCP. simple&easy.

  • smoot

    oh, and here is the link

  • Nicacolo

    Winscp for pc! Ssh! Apple tv2! I figured it out and now i have bluecop! Thanks!!

  • I just tried it and Hulu no longer works. It is not in the list of sources.

    Scratch that…I guess the link on this site was outdated or something…idk. I used the link on bluecops’ google code page
    I now have Hulu, a few networks and much more 😀 thanks!!

  • Saviowd

    Hello ! the problem for me is when I Go to System -> Add-ons -> get add-ons, find “bluecop Add-on Repository” click OK, I can’t go un Ok with the remote controll ! Suggestions ?

  • Gillgates

    If you get the “failed to open SML file” error, it is probably because they are Hulu+ videos. If you subscribe, just login and they all work.

  • Twosix4life

    hulu works amazing and im truely a noob i didnt think it was gonna work but its sick

  • Twosix4life
  • Bbdor18

    It works really good for me, and the video quality is also very good!

  • cachz

    I just did it and it is still working beautifully. Thanks for the info. I love having Hulu on my ATV2. Just one problem… I cannot get my wife to stop watching Family Guy Now. 🙂

  • betosbar

    Don´t work for me, all installs fine, but when I try to open any video only see this message: “one or more items failed to play. Check the log file for details”. But I can´t find the log file to check it!!! Any help???

  • Azonozi

    Thanks for your help, this is a must have

  • I am having this issue with the Hulu+ items, where and how do I log in with my Hulu+ subscription? I was unable to find anywhere how to provide my login information.

  • Tawmus

    So far so good! Can watch everything except Hulu + content. Any ideas on how to login to my Hulu + subscription?

  • Tawmus

    Nevermind. Found it! You have to go to the contextual menu with Hulu selected in the main Video Add-Ons screen to add your login info for Hulu Plus. Works BEAUTIFULLY!!!

  • AppleTv2g Brain

    Hi , none of the plugins work for me, i can install all of them, also can browse the shows and select them , but when i try to play them keeps telling me “playback failed”. Any one that had resolved this problem please help.

  • Mike22

    Go into options and either enter your hulu + account or disable it if you don’t have it.

  • Dan Mak

    Will this work for UK users? Many thanks, Dan

  • AppleTv2 Brain

    Hi, thanks for replying , i did put my hulu+ credentials and i can log in perfect , is when i want to play the episodes that i get the message… “playback failed” , i also tried it with the other plugins and get the same error . If you know something else please let me know. Thanks again

  • Lezscorpio69

    omg amazing thank you

  • AppleTv2 Brain

    Ok , I discovered today that i can watch the clips but not the full episodes. Any ideas why ?

  • Kewger

    I get the same problem, but have not found a solution

  • langley

    Same here. I’m logged in, but no luck w full eps. No idea why.

  • Glen

    Excellent article, I thought I was having issues SFTP’ing until I finally realized my mac was connected to a different network than the internet it was on? Didn’t know that was possible. Everything is now working great, but someone really should put together a comprehensive guide on how to avoid all the kinks. After I first installed the bluecop repository, I could access Hulu, shows, etc., but playback was non-existant. Everything was also impossible to sort through. I read through some more forums and saw that I needed to configure Hulu to disable Hulu+ and enable my user name and login. After doing that, I’ve eliminated all the clutter, I have access to a queue and subscriptions tab, which is great, and *most* everything appears to be working. Some shows I have to click twice to get them to play, but sometimes they just don’t play. As for the other add-ons in bluecops repository, I looked at them last night, at first glance they seem to be pretty hit-and-miss, mostly miss, as far as working add-ons. Hope this helps someone!

  • Trickee

    beginner jailbreaker here (first successful time was Monday with Plex, got Hulu on it last night)
    I was able to get XBMC and Hulu and whatever channels onto the device. However, it decides to restart my ATV within a few minutes of streaming something. I’m not sure if it’s an XBMC issue or Hulu.

    I’ll also be just sitting in a menu, maybe looking for videos and it will restart the box. I’ve done an upgrade command in Terminal, it says everything is current, but it doesn’t help much. Can anyone help me out? My wife is getting frustrated with me because I’m showing her this cool thing and it doesn’t work right! 🙁 Thanks for the help.

  • BoMBoM

    can i just ask. is it working for anyone outside the us? like in the uk? i cant get it to work
    keeps failing to load the stream, new to hulu…just need some info thx 🙂

  • Nicacolo

    XBMC needs an update, I have the same issues, waiting on an update, hopefully it can be done thru the nito tv menu.

  • Jthomas311

    No matter how many times I try, I can not find the .zip file in the home folder on XBMC. I have literally copied it to every directory available including the var/root/mobile and it still will not show up. I have a macbook and am using Cyberduck to connect to my atv 2. Any advice? Thanks!

  • AppleTv2g Brain

    Hi ,this is what worked for me , update the xbmc
    after its going to tell you that nothing was changed , dont worry , go to next step,

    2) install NitoTv ,
    inside NitoTv got o option “install software” , i think in one of the first options there is a update refering to xbmc that tells you something about stability, cant remember now cause im not in fornt of the atv2, install it , Voila , mine is working perfect now, hope this works for u.

    If doesn’t work let me know and will look for the specific name of the update on Nitotv…

  • AppleTv2g Brain

    Yesterday i tried with cyeberduck, didn’t work for me ,the files appears there but when i tried to install it gives me an error.
    Then i use WinScp for Windows, its the same procedure of Cyberduck but for some reason WinScp did it for me. In WinScp go to the root of the ATV2, look in the dropdown box at the right pane and choose ( … ) , then ( mobile ) , then ( media ) , put the .zip files there .
    The go to XBMC and search for the files , you should be able to do it.

  • Trickee

    I’ve already got Nito on it, but I’ll try this when I get home this afternoon and let you know if anything is different.

  • Jthomas311

    Thanks for the quick response! I would use winscp, but my only option is through a Mac because it’s the the only computer in my house. I’m downloading Fugu now, and I’m hoping that that will do the trick. If not, I may have to borrow a friend’s computer I suppose unless anyone has any other tips?

  • Jthomas311

    Yes! Worked perfectly! Now onto installing!

  • AppleTv2g Brain

    Well , if you have NitoTv skip the step of installing it , search for the software inside NitoTV , its called , UpdatebeGone, its working for me , hope works for everybody else, it is important to follow the link to update the xbmc first , then install the update …

  • Ixpres

    I could not log into Hulu+. There is not option in the Misc Options for loging in. The only option is Hide Fanart. Please help!

  • The above method worked for me!! just did ssh and updated xbmc then installed UpgradebeGone from nitotv and no more xbmc restarts (and no more annoying upgrade screens) THANKS!

  • Ixpres

    Me too!

  • Stephen

    Seriously….awesome stuff!!! Thanks for taking the time to educate those (that’s me) that don’t know how to do this or don’t have the time to figure it out. Great instructions. However, step 6 wasn’t exactly how I found Hulu. I went to Add-ons, get add-ons, chose bluecop Add-on repository, Video Add-ons. And from there I was able to upload the various options (MTV, Colbert Report, TNT, etc.) But, nevertheless, amazing stuff! I am writing this as I am trying this out for the first time: Hulu errors out, as well as Spike TV, some parts like “segments” of the Daily Show with John Stewart (Full Episodes are working fine), but otherwise, great things!!!

  • chaoticyeshua

    I can’t find out how to either log in or disable Hulu+ either. Could someone please explain how to do so? When I pull up the context menu using either left or right buttons on the pad, the only option I get is to disable fanart.

  • Trickee

    This seems to have fixed the constant quitting and restarting and such. Now I’m just waiting for Hulu to actually work! I think I’ve gotten maybe 3 things to play on it. Oh well, CBS works fine most of the time, but pretty much anything else on XBMC errors out. Thanks for the help!

  • Obi-Juan_Kenobi

    HELP!!!! so im on Macbook and i used Fugu to do the SFTP. So i add the zip file to the media folder then i go to XBMC>system>add-ons>install from zip file then i go to media file where the zip file is and i click on it and in the zip file there is nothing. it wont let me click ok just the cancel option. so i cant enable bluecop.

  • Obi-Juan_Kenobi

    Thank u very much. It works for me. Had trouble with Fugu on my Mac so i tried Winscp on my PC and worked and now i got Hulu working on my AT2. Thanks.

  • Host

    Mate if it does not work while you are trying to access it, use a proxy within the US via your router. Cheers.

  • Olegz

    Ok can someone help me? It keeps telling me that it cant play any of the episodes.

  • Asa

    I have it installed, but it cant open the streams. I don’t know where log files are either. Any help would be appriciated

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  • Olegz

    Yah im in the same boat and cant find any info about it

  • Registration

    Got Hulu and CBS installed but not able to watch any videos.

    XBMC states its opening stream but then screen goes black and I am back at the Atv2 main screen. Any suggestions? I enabled nitoTV and it did not seem to fix anything.

  • William

    I can access it and everything but nothing seems to load when I try to watch a show. booo, hope to get it working soon though.

  • William

    I should be a little clearer. I understand the post says it will not work forever. That being said every time I try to open a stream I get a SMIL ERROR. It tells me to check the log files but I do not know where those are. I also can not for the life of me find where to place my account info in. Does anyone have an answer for these issues? I am sure I am simply doing something wrong.

  • William

    ok i found that going to add-ons > video addons > HULU is where I can place my account info. Unfortunately I am still getting the “Playback Failed” error.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, really good to hear that!
    And you also can make the Apple TV to be home Media Centre through some small tips with tools like handbrake. Read this “Using AppleTV as your new home Media Centre“.

  • Dean ®

    Hope this information works for everyone with the ATV restarting randomly. I had the same problem where I would watch a film in XBMC for a few minutes and it crashing back to the Apple screen. Just go into NITO TV and install updatebegone, the crashes are caused by Apple sending updates to the box, it crashes you out of XBMC, hope this helps everyone.

  • Javier

    can’t find where to log in. Can you explain how you were able to? Thanks.

  • Javier

    How do you configure hulu, disable hulu +, enable your user/pw? Can’t find it anywhere. Thanks.

  • Javier

    Finally found how to log in:

    To LOG IN to Hulu+:

    System>Add-ons>Enabled Add-ons>Video Add-ons>Hulu (select it – round button within arrows)>Configure>Hulu+ Login

    Hope this help.

  • jb

    I’m getting a message that says “One or more items failed to play.” Does that mean Hulu is blocking, or is it a problem on my end?

  • Anonymous

    WTF don’t you get about this? You’re not doing anything wrong, it doesn’t work anymore. This was written a month ago. Hulu and all sites that use Hulu as the streaming source have changed the authentication they use for playback, breaking plugins such as this and similar. Until the devs can get access to this new system or reverse engineer it, we’re SOL. And BlueCop has said he’s not going to waste his time fixing this.

  • William

    WTF I dont get is stupid ass posters like you being idiots when they reply. If you look at the date of my post it was shortly after others had got it to work. Keep your stupid ass comments to yourself if you have nothing useful to input.

  • deluxe

    You’re both mega douches.

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  • caddouch

    it works beautiful idiots from first time setup , i guess am genius lol

  • iKruton


    Try this method:

    It’s a small workaround assuming you have a PC running XP or 7.
    I have it running on my Windows Server 2003 at home just fine.
    Ignore the other guys; they’re just trolls

  • William

    thanks, will try it when I get home!

  • William

    well thought out, educated reply…

  • Guest

    trying to copy onto apple tv but it is asking for a password. ‘alpine’ does not work when copying. it does work to allow access to apple tv through ssh but is requiring a different password to scp.

  • Max

    can someone please explain how to copy from the computer after connecting via SSH to the Apple TV? i cannot find the folder and file of the zip if i am logged into the ATV.


  • Anonymous

    PlayOn should be called ComeOn. Hulu on ATV 2g is dead as far as I can see. So don’t subscribe to DreamOn.

  • William

    Decided to do it the easy way. Set up xbmc, sickbeard and nbaz on my old MacBook pro. Streams everything to xbmc on appletv flawlessly plus I have hulu without the rigamarole. Shut of diretv and have all my shows anyhow, love this setup!

  • Ari Gold

    After 2 days of tinkering I get this to work, I can’t believe it Hulu is in full effect on my APPLETV 2 Cool, I like it, it works! Thanks a million.

  • Krause28

    Ok…perhaps this is not working anymore…but I really thought I had accomplished it. Until I got the playback failed and check logs. Hopefully someone finds an answer. I think that there is glitch with 4.3.1 jailbreak for apple tv and XMBC. Oh well..

  • ehurdler

    When you say two days of tinkering. Did you do exactly what is in this write up? Or did you do that plus something else that did work for you? Can you please explain what steps you took to get this to work if you don’t mind please?

  • Bjarkiek

    I got this to work in Iceland using VPN to USA.
    BUT then the day after it stopped working 🙁 I can most of the playon services but Hulu doesn’t work at all now. Any suggestions????

  • David H.

    It worked like a charm!!! great post!! Thanks

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  • Tobi9391

    Hello, sorry for my bad english.
    I have an ATV 2 too. And i have installed NitoTV and XBMC. Now is wonted to juse Hulu too. But Hulu is only usable in the USA so it dosent work.

    Is ther a Addon or something like that too use Hulu in other countrys?


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  • Gangstaavi

    I tried this and it didnt work. I see Hulu but it says its broken and i am not able to download.

  • Bert

    I did it – but blue-cop says hulu “broken”. I can get the other networks working – sort of. But Hulu, nothing. How is aTV Flash and XBMC going to run Hulu if Apple TV does not support flash?

  • Lender3

    Hulu doesn’t show up in the list….

  • Browndogfred

    a fix has been posted for Hulu on the Apple TV2.  The issue was based off handshake problems but an updated librtmp file has resolved this. I’ve tested this using the Hulu plugin, logged into my Hulu Plus account, no issues so far, tested 6 shows out and everything is working great.

    The updated file can be downloaded here:

    It needs to be placed in /Applications/XBMC.frappliance/Frameworks to replace the existing file.

    [big thanks to Bluecop]

  • rdl

    Use SFTP not SSH. You can just use an FTP client (same cred’s as SSH).

  • Rdl Work

    This fix worked perfectly for me. Havent found a show that fails yet! Thanks for the post! Thanks dog!

  • Mjr2021

    Thank you for this!

    I’ve gotten to the point where I can watch any video I want on hulu.

    How did you log into your hulu plus account?

    I do not have the option to login. Suggestions?

  • Mjr2021

    Found it! Thanks Javier…

    To LOG IN to Hulu+:

    System>Add-ons>Enabled Add-ons>Video Add-ons>Hulu (select it – round button within arrows)>Configure>Hulu+ Login

  • mgbastard

    More info. I updated to Hulu Add-On 2.9.1 (was surprised to see it available) and then updated the librtmp library. Working fine watching last night’s Daily Show.

  • Cain

    Brown how do I get access to /Applications/XBMC.frappliance/Frameworks?

  • I can’t seem to make it work. I can watch clips but no movies. Im in México but i have a us dns from could this be the problem?

  • Madsrehl

    when I do step 6 and Go to System -> Add-ons -> get add-ons, find “bluecop Add-on Repository” and choose Video add-ons, there is nothing there. Just an empty list. However if I go to Go to System -> Add-ons -> get add-ons and choose Add-ons, I get a pretty long list but without Hulu. Can anyone please help me out?

  • Thank you for this!!!

  • Riseka

    the zip file doesn’t show up on the ATV after uploading it with cyberduck. Placed into the var/mobile/Media folder but nothing shows up. Help?

  • Nelson742004

    Just curious if anyone else is having problems recently with the atv2 resetting while watching hulu on xbmc with the new fix that was recently updated? The video loads up fine but after about two minutes of playing, it stops and resets. Any Ideas?

  • Worked perfectly…… streaming me some Quantum Leap on Hulu now.

  • Roscop

    YEAH, after installing librtmp.0 into /Applications/XBMC.frappliance/Frameworks and rebooting, all is good with free account!!! (This is as of 8-13-11) Thanks!!!

  • Mooremorrow

    I cant seem to get this to work. It wont give me a zip file .Does this still work?

  • roscochicago

    I am getting the same thing 🙁

  • B.S.C

    I have install HULU on my aptv, when I trayd to oppen any video file on HULU I recive this messege:
    Please select a quality level, can someone please explain how to select the quality level???

  • thank you!

  • XanderS

    exit out of xmbc, go to maintenance and make sure nitoTV is installed. go back to xbmc>settings>add-ons>get add-ons and it bluecop should now have the option to get video add-ons

  • XanderS


    it’s in the null/ folder. had to search for it for a while b4 i found it…

  • Roscopeck

    Note: the fix “librtmp.0 into /Applications/XBMC.frappliance/Frameworks ” also works after I upgraded to 4.3 (8F455) on 8/31.

  • Kp

    As this plug-in is configured for, it would be nice if it can be enhanced to support as Hulu just expanded to Japan last week and I would like to use my Hulu Plus account which is setup here in Japan.  Anybody know of a workaround?

  • Preppyl

    go into configuration under system -> settings -> Add-ons -> Enabled Add-ons -> Video Add-ons -> Hulu

  • Billybudd530

    Worked! THANK YOU!

  • Joncojp

    yes i would like this function too

  • Stu

    I hve Hulu runnign now, but when I open a stream it gets to 96% and then fails. Does this fix address Huku or Hulu Plus or both?

  • Mason

    For non terminal geeks, how exactly do you copy over files using ssh? Googling this didn’t help much. I’d appreciate it if someone could just list the commands to do it.

  • KS

    when i download the file its a .xml and not .zip what should i do?

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  • robtall

    still works, thanks!

  • Jazzyfrizzleabg

    ^ this works, I just jail broke my appletv and installed hulu.  Nothing worked.  Go the log error. But this thing did the trick

  • Noel

    Does anybody know how to play HULU in Europe?

  • Thanks this worked.  For those who don’t know how to do this….. you must install the repo as mentioned in the blog post above….


    you download the file from browndogfred’s comment (

    and overwrite this file on the apple tv 2 (for windows using a program like winscp) where you do file transfers via ssh

  • Brad2157

    Thanks Browndogfred for the hulu fix. Just re-jailbroke my atv2 and used the patch file. Hulu works great now! Glad you posted the fix for others to see! Thanks

  • Anonymous

    Hi, im trying to use the bluecop repo and once I add it from the zip and go try and browse the repo under “get adons” there is nothing in it?!  anyone else have this isue? I cant even get to trying to install the HULU addon because Nothing shows up under bluecop repo… what am I missing here.  thx.

  • FantasyGhost

    Great work, 
    Is it possible to add too please?

  • The P

    Is this still working.I installed Hulu. But i get the same messages everytime.Please select a quality level, can someone please explain how to select the quality level???
    and that appears in a black window. the only thing i can do is close that window.
    Nothing happes after that.

  • Noname

    This rocks! Where do I send money?

  • Theseus_2004

    I tried to open it , but it states script failed…any help…

  • B.S.C

    It is enabled all ready, same messege: Please select a quality level

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  • Ozanay007

    same here, i did already dylib file change, but still same problem 🙁
    some one help ??

  • Ozanay

    I m from Holland and i get same error.  dou you have already work around for this problem. Do i need to login to HULU ? i dont have premium account.

  • Kevinvda

    Try Icefilms and VeeHD plugins instead, way more satisfaction from both

  • Christian Adelsberger

    For guys like me in Europe: I was stuck after everything was installed successfully, was able to access the Hulu content directory and retrieve the metadata. When choosing a TV series to play I would get an error message saying that one or more things failed.
    Playing around with the configuration of the Hulu plugin in XBMC (Settings -> Add-ons -> Enabled Add-ons -> Video-Addons -> Hulu -> Configure) did the trick. When I finally chose “akamai” as default CDN and “720p 1800K” quality selection everything went fine. [Thanks for the comprehensive instructions!]

  • B.S.C.

    Not yet

  • Jerboski

    i’ve gotten it to work, can load Hulu, up until I go to play a show and it says unable to load. So close!

  • Guest

    I installed the repository successfully, it’s now showing “bluecop Add-on Repository enabled” when I go to “get Add-ons”, but once I open up bluecop nothing is listed.  I’ve verified there’s an XML file in the .zip I downloaded from the link above.  Any suggestions?

  • Nap70

    Had the same problem as the previous poster with nothing showing up in the list. Just had to restart XBMC. 

    The Hulu add-on kind of works. I can browse and select TV episodes. It plays the introductory commercial but not the show. Anyone else have that problem?

  • Jerboski

    I got around that problem by enabling logging into your hulu acct, then either subscribing or queuing up shows you want to watch online, and then being able to watch most any tv or movie on hulu.

    Before that I could watch certain shows and then not others. The intro commercial would play and then the plugin would fail. I know you can turn off the commercials too, I read in a forum where Bluecop himself layed it out how to do that and it worked for me.

    Again: enable hulu login on your hulu plugin, login, queue or subscribe to shows you want to watch online, enjoy.

  • Moukazwina

    I enabled hulu log in. I entered my email and password, but the videos only play commercials and then return back. The actual video never plays.
    How can I fix this issue?

  • Sanjay

    I installed Hulu on apple tv as you had mentioned. It surf to all directories/channels, but when you click on any show, it plays Commercial and the kick back to that directory. So, hulu is not working for me it.

  • LTO

    Hey guys please help me, my Hulu on Apple Tv only play the advertisement like 30s and then back to the video list. Help me

  • Babakachuchu

    Thank you it worked.

  • Elgariocarlo

    om trying to watch shows from HULU but only the advertisement shows and then the video stops…

  • wova

    Works for me without a VPN dial in from Belgium

  • Marta

    Hello there! I have a little problem with this add-on, I installed the latest update as suggested in the post below by Browndogfred and I can browse in Hulu’s categories and all, but when I choose to open a stream all I get is the first commercial, then the stream stops and brings me back to the list of available episodes… why is this happening? I live outside the US, so on my mac I use hotspot shield to get a temporary US IP address. Should I do something similar on my AIT? Does anyone know how to make it work? Thanks in advance for any replies & hints!

  • r0cket

    new to atv. not jailbroken yet, still reading and researching. is this stuff limited to regions? for instance, is hulu only available for american users or can it be used north of the border as well?

  • Gdf

    cant get this to work jailbroken atv2 fw4.4.4 ( xbmc eden) all i see are adverts then nothing , what to i need to configure in settings

    everything else works except hulu

  • Maltje

    I only get comercials to see!!

  • Johnrundle

    I don’t understand this step
    Copy zip file to /private/var/mobile/Media folder

    Where is that

  • Westlake

    I am in Canada and can not get Hulu videos to start. I get the adds but then I get the window that says something like “select video quality”. From what I m seeing its a blocking problem. My problem is how do I setup a proxy on my router Apple TV directly connected to router……and what proxy is fast enough to do hd content?

  • zoopmitty

    i decided to try this since i saw it was updated jan 10, 2012.  NO go for me… i get script error.  i guess hulu updated their server or whatever.  ohhh well  great walkthrough though… thanks

  • zoopmitty

    you have to use a program that can transfer file to your appletv.  I’m on a mac and i use cyberduck to ssh into my appletv.  if you are on a pc i don’t know what you use just do a search to find it.

    once you have the program running you can connect to your appletv by it i.p address and you should be able to see all of its directory.   

    one note though…  i had to put my zip file in    var/mobile/media folder and not 
    /private/var/mobile/media folder

  • Anonymous

    i have install hulu on my apple tv i install the librtmp file but im getting continuesly the message Please select a quality level and i cannot start any film.
    Can anyone help me to solve this problem? 

  • Mike

    Hulu works but when I try to login in using my hulu plus account I get a script error when I launch it.  Any ideas?

  • Anonymous

    i have install seasonpass 4.4.4 ,nito tv,hulu tv on my aplle tv2.when im using hulu i get a message  please select a quality level  and cannot start the movies.I also install librtmp file as your advice but stll cannot see any movies.
    Can you advice me what to do to fix it?

  • Still working as of January 24th, 2012.

  • Vincevaldezjr

    i install what youve said and updated it but when i played it it says… smil did not contains video links geo-blocked what should i do?

  • Jason Sangwin

    Hulu script failed on the ATV2, it played the commercial with no issues – then tries to load main content and I get script failure.

  • Mario

    Geo blocked fault in the uk any ideas how to get around it

  • Jared

    It had been working for me for about 6 months, but as of a couple days ago, it is telling me there is a script error when I click to watch a video.  The app still pulls in my queue and all that good stuff, it just isn’t able to play my videos.

  • Michael4321234

    ok, it worked but how do I log into my hulu plus account?

  • ahonaker

    I’m getting an Error 403 when I try to get to the zip file at

  • MarkSeattle

    worked for me!

  • Sean Anderson

    Works great. I’m on 4.4.4 software and didn’t even need to install the update from Browndogfred

  • Sinnombre

    just installed hulu, work like a charm so far. I’m outside the US but have unblock-us.

  • Neilb8s

    Works great for me too – a few streams just fail, but it’s rare. Otherwise it was supprisingly easy.

    Would suggest a link to the fix be incorporated to the text above for fools like me who don’t read that far until it doesn’t work lol

  • NP

    having a problem when downloading Bluecop. Its not a zip file just opens a webpage with a website

  • Me


  • will hulu work even outside the us with this tweak?

  • Vinnystar64

    hi anyone knows how to make it work in Canada?

  • Jatatar

    scp works like cp…use same syntax only with target its [email protected]:disqus .168.0.11:/etc…

  • Safmse

    It works!

  • Applesizzle1978

    I am having the same problem.  Were you able to resolve this issue? If so how?

  • Jeboy22

    How did you do it?

  • jimmity

    Anybody have a fix for the advervitisement and then Geo blocked.

  • Pottsy1664

    Can I not get this on my apple tv 2 in the UK I have the add on installed on my apple tv within xbmc but it only comes on for a secound as I am outside the US is there a way of getting it to work in the UK ?

  • jimmity

    Ditto I am from Canada.

  • tito

    me too!!!!!!!!!

  • RYO

    HULU works fine on my PCs/MAC… when I installed it on XBMC.. I only get commericals over and over again. Using latest version from BlueCop

    Other streaming apps liek Free Cable work fine

    Any suggestions?

  • Mf

    Works perfect, used Filezilla to SFTP and placed the zip file in the folder from the PC.

  • William

    After its installed, i’m able to browse but i’m not able to see commercials or content. I get the ” this content was brought to you by ___ Foxwoods, CW, Miramax” then back to the menu screen. Help!

  • jon

    Just use wget with your apple tv connected to the internet…simple 

  • Not2shaby2

    I am in canada and hulu is geo blocked on my apple tv is there a fix for me?

  • Pc Ford1

    I am a total newbie on this, but would love to see if you could walk me through how I get my Appletv2 so that I can access Netflix and Hulu outside the us (I’m an expat and love my Netflix).

  • Chrismackie1979

    Nice thank you

  • Mah

    Same, just commercials over and over.

  • Schusterm

    Safari would unzip.  Try Chrome.

  • Schusterm

    Installed.  At launch of Hulu get, “Script Failed: plugin:video:hulu” message.  Then quits.

  • Anonymous

    Does this works with the new Apple TV 5.0?

  • Rjill7475

    I was facing the similar problem and then google gave me solution. unodns is the service started by they provide 7 days free trial period to use their services. I am using it from last 6 months, as I m a U.S. channel freq…it become easy task for me to see any of those including hulu with the help of unodns. Try it and tell if you like.

  • Pijltje

    I also like to know how you did’t

  • Rodd.

    It worked, I’m abble to see, for example, the ABC Network logo, then I watch an AD, then it disconnects and goes back to the Hulu menu. What did I do wrong?

  • Rodd.

    Doesn’t work.

  • Rodd.

     I tried posting the problem here last week, but it must have been erased for some reason.

  • Me

     +1 please!

  • Mr. Onesytwosy

    Does nothing but show the same thing over and over and 1 commercial then resets time to 4 to 9 seconds (depending on how long the commercial was). Waste of TIME…

  • You need to use to watch Hulu, Netflix US outside US anywhere in world. You can also watch iPlayer (BBC UK) outside UK with this service.

  • Ed

    1st thing 1st, use or to get their access. Then turn on ur apple tv using ur US itune login and pass. You are good to go.

  • Jmhthefirst

    Works beautifully on atv2 5.0. Thank you!

  • [email protected]

    Same. Working good. with unblock-us

  • You need to use… to watch Hulu, Netflix US outside US anywhere in world. You can also watch iPlayer (BBC UK) outside UK with this service. And if you guys change settings with this service at router instead of ATV, then you can watch all geo restricted sites on all devices connected with that router.

  • Omy

    I just installed XBMC for the first time and found this info on getting HULU. I tried it and it works great for both HULU and HULU+. Awesome solution. Thanks.

  • Wan Halim Osman

     thanks bro I managed to get it work.

  • Fxparis

    yesssssss work perfectly you the only one that said something that work

  • vPaladin

    I have the same error, run “apt-get upgrade” and it resolved the problem..:)

  • Bderek99

    Celeberations for my appletvhacks fellows..I got a backdoor access for unlimited US channel watch through unotelly ( a service to get access netflix, hulu n rest of US channels outside USA). Just change your dns settings as below and you are in :
    Change the Primary DNS to
    Change the Secondry DNS to

  • 2731halim

    i can watch hulu with flying colors outside USA….need to remember have to change the DNS ….and wait until the whole scanning done.

  • Pingback: How to jailbreak Apple TV 2 5.0.1 (iOS 5.1.1) using Seas0nPass (untethered)()

  • DancingBear

    if you right click the link and choose “download linked file…” when using safari it’ll download no problem. 

  • Maybe you are trying to play Hulu Plus shows without an account? I believe they show up even if you don’t login with a Plus account, this was my issue is why I suggest. Otherwise shows in my queue just start when I click on them without asking about quality…

  • Wasn’t working at first either, said “Script Failed etc”I was sad until I saw vPaladin say: ”
    I have the same error, run “apt-get upgrade” and it resolved the problem..:)   And it WORKED! make sure you run that command after done copying file over and running other commands. I am making a tutorial on how to install the hulu add-on on my YouTube channel so anyone that needs a video tutorial come check me out. I also made one showing how to First jailbreak the ATV2.


  • Hulu was working for me before. but now I am not able to access it. The guide that you have given has all the details. I am going to try this out and see if it works. If so I will get back to you.

  • I get a script error. I have installed and configured the plug-in as well as left it default…script error still….any ideas? I have installed the updated code as well as the reopo, restarted atv and then tried to launch hulu from the video add-on in xbmc. any advice? I already did a re-install as well.

    Thanks a million for any replies! or pls email @ [email protected]

  • I’m getting script error. Any ideas? Much appreciated

  • I’m getting a script error still….any ideas? Thans so much!! 🙂

  • SheSaidSam

    yep I’m getting that script error too.  I havn’t tried the “fix” browndog suggested yet.  have you?

  • adubber

    Hey guys, if your in Canada or outside of the states and want to get Hulu working, I know a good service I just setup with my xbmc+atv2 and its working pretty sweet. . I set it up in about 5 minutes all you need is a prepaid Visa to  pay for Hulu and use these guys and your set. 

  • Halim2731

    those are still struggling to watch hulu on apple tv2 outsite US, need Unblockus DNS, as i prefer this as no hassle around, reg with Hulu site, change setting on Hulu Cofig to… select akamai for the default CDN, uncheck network pre-roll, set pre roll ads and trailing ads to 0, uncheck Enable commercial breaks, follows by replacing librtmp.0 dyllib as can be download as in….….dont forget to install open SSH…replacing librtmp to…./private/var/stash/Applications.m7LFCH/…restart your deck….enjoy Hulu..

  • Andy Ferrel

    If you need it working in Canada or UK you should give Blockless ( a try.

  • Fastrip

    I’m in U.S. I reinstalled the repo etc and everything working now. Thanks to all who’ve emailed. I greatly appreciate your time. Thank you.

  • Vtatv2

    Can I get Hulu without connecting to a pc or Mac? My pc is not working right now.I have an atv2 with jailbreak .

  • 05gtiguy

    How does one accomplish step three?

  • comes native on Apple TV now just go to the main screen

  • aloma

    I highly recommend to get around the Hulu blog because it is faster and easier to use than any VPN

  • Laurence Tech

    If you want to watch Hulu on Apple TV 2, you may use a free VPN from Kepard. They have a super offer. I had just to create an account through a link which was provided by a friend of mine. So far I’m satisfied with it. In case you get interested just register through this link: tinyurl(dot)com/c85uhnu and get 15 days of free VPN, then if you like it just invite another friends of yours and get 30 days of free usage per invite. Just give it a shot. 🙂

  • Reyhaneh

    Regardless of following all the steps, I don’t see Hulu in the list of my add ons. Can you help me please?

  • Alfonso M. Rodriguez

    Apple TV can work with system it has a set up on it, and you can watch all program and movies wherever you are. Its also support Fire TV. Trickbyte has a low monthly payment for only $2.99 you can now enjoy watching movie

  • Joe Gomes

    I highly recommend PureVPN to watch Hulu or any geo-restricted channels online from any location

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