Creating Patchstick for Apple TV Take 2 under Windows

by editor @ on March 4, 2008


Good news for you Windows folks. Now, you, too, can create Patchsticks for modding your Apple TV without the need of an Intel Mac.

The guys at ATV4Windows have finally figured what thought to be impossible only a few weeks back: a way to create Patchsticks under Windows. Not only that, they even have a video to prove it.

Congratulations, ATV4Windows team.

  • bill

    Just did it, works awesome GJ!

  • CiscoTM

    Congrats! Hope more try it out!

  • sambo

    it try it and it runs perfect on appletv 1.0 upgraded to 2.0.
    But, after patchstick, The firmware return to 1.x version. Is it usual?
    Thanks. Great job!!!!

  • CiscoTM

    No that is not normal. I would try again.

  • ben

    Super easy – can’t thank you enough

  • spids

    someone should put this on the wiki?

  • J. Canal

    Awesome. Easiest ATV fix I’ve done. Nice work and excellent guide.

    I had an ATV 1.0 which I updated to 2.0 just before the patch stick. Doing a factory restore, will reset the ATV back to 1.0. I suspect that what’s happened to the poster above — as it happened to me.

  • CiscoTM

    Spids: I have been in talks with the awkwardtv admin but he has been really busy lately. He said he would do a post soon on it. I hope so! He was actually the person that gave me the idea to open

  • Amterdam


    Anybody a mirror of dd for windows? Seems like the host is down..


  • Mikhail

    Thanx, works great!

  • chiperman

    Did this a couple of months ago.
    Used a ready Patchstick img file.
    And put it on my USB stick with WinImage (

  • sambo

    hi j.canal. i had the same problem, today i try to patchstick it, and works fine.
    now we have 2.0 firmware unlocked

  • TGS

    Just did a factory reset om my ATV1.1, updated to 2.0 and tried to patch it – but it just reboots with no patch installing. What am i missing?

  • Gavroche from Belgium

    @TGS … I tried myself with three different usb memory sticks before success… the two first never booted my ATV (brands are not common) but the third one did it well (a black 4Gb sandisk cruzer mini)…

  • daniella

    the video is gone if someone could please help me do this id be reall greatful i always wanted to run a web browser on my apple tv im running windows vista

    if someone could send me a step by step guide dumbed down a bit thatd be cool

    please please please help

  • Pedro

    Can some one provide a working link or can some one email me the files and instructions. Im running windows Vista ultimate. My email is

  • brandon

    Can any one who has done this email me the files, or the correct links, none of them work and the video does not work, ive been looking for days with no luck i would really appreciate it.

    thanks in advance, brandon

  • AlfaTangoCharlie

    I can easily install it and it also shows in the menu I can even type in the adress but when loading the page – it craches – just start atv again. Any one knows whats wrong?

  • Free iPhone 3GS

    nice post, thanks!

  • jim

    how did u do it

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