Couch Surfer 0.2 now available

by editor @ on February 29, 2008

Version 0.2 of Couch Surfer brings you support for History and the ability to load “new window” links. Brandon has also made available custom webkit frameworks in a separate file.

Thanks, Brandon.

Let me know how it goes. Just got the files from Brandon. I haven’t even installed it yet.

  • TopsideAcid

    No problems here.

  • Joseph

    Is there a tutorial about how to install this? (Starting from a completely brand new AppleTV)

  • luck

    I’m putting one together. It should be this week or early next week before I finish it.

  • xCHUCKYx

    how to upload flash and divx plugin?!…is it possible already?…
    it’s gonna be hilarious to watch stuff from and or stage6 using couchsurfer!!!

  • TopsideAcid

    Copy the whole folder “/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/” (from your mac) to “/Users/frontrow/Library” (ATV).

  • TopsideAcid

    To get flash working copy the whole folder “/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/” to “/Users/frontrow/Library”.

  • TopsideAcid

    To get flash working copy the whole folder “/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/” (from your mac) to “/Users/frontrow/Library” (appletv).

  • Moose

    And after that,

    if it still doesn’t work


    ./System/Library/Frameworks/CoreAudioKit.framework from a 10.4.x environment into ./System/Library/Frameworks/

  • man

    id love to see zooming on this, so i could watch full screen

  • xCHUCKYx

    thanks!…already did it…works great except…hulu is kind of slow in 1080 and 720…and when you change your resolution to 480 couchsurfer cuts the screen…(

  • cal

    Does Couch Surfer work on an Apple TV 1.0? The install files suggest that it may be 1.1 only.

  • Mynx38

    Thank you for a great plugin. Love it already!

  • Wes

    Is there any chance that Couch Surfer could be built as a FrontRow plugin as well. I’d like a TV oriented browser for use with my Mac mini that’s hooked up to my TV.

  • Josh Wardell

    I’m still waiting for a simple tutorial or installer as well (for installing onto ATV2). It seems all instructions say “copy” which isn’t possible (without a long mess of hacks from what it seems).

  • MILE

    Josh: Any additional plugin will only be usable after hacking your ATV, and this here is no difference…! So if you want to add features to your ATV by using those plugins, you’ll have to cope with the “mess of hacks” unfirtunately… 😉

  • J

    is there instruction to hack ATV from a windows machine?

  • spids
  • cal

    Anyone? Bueller?

    Has anyone used this plugin on an ATV 1.0?


  • chris

    I have Couch Surfer running on ATV 2.0, but i tried installing internet plugins as shown above and it did not work.
    I copied /Library/Internet Plug-Ins from my Intel 10.4.9 install to
    /Users/frontrow/Library/Internet Plug-Ins

    now when i go to a page with flash it no longer says i need a plugin, but the little blue lego block icon appears and the program hangs. The same thing happened when i tried a page with quicktime. I have to ssh in and reboot. Permissions look right. Yet, people here have made this work…

    I also installed the CoreAudioKit.framework as suggested by Moose.

    ls -l of /Users/frontrow/Library/Internet Plug-Ins:
    drwxr-xr-x 3 frontrow frontrow 102 Mar 4 08:24 AdobePDFViewer.plugin
    drwxr-xr-x 3 frontrow frontrow 102 Mar 4 08:24 Flash Player.plugin
    drwxr-xr-x 3 frontrow frontrow 102 Mar 4 08:24 JavaPluginCocoa.bundle
    -rwxr-xr-x 1 frontrow frontrow 4752 Mar 4 08:24 NP-PPC-Dir-Shockwave
    drwxr-xr-x 3 frontrow frontrow 102 Mar 4 08:24 Quartz Composer.webplugin
    drwxr-xr-x 3 frontrow frontrow 102 Mar 4 08:24 QuickTime Plugin.plugin
    drwxr-xr-x 3 frontrow frontrow 102 Mar 4 08:24 QuickTime Plugin.webplugin
    drwxr-xr-x 3 frontrow frontrow 102 Mar 4 08:24 RhapsodyPlayerEngine.plugin
    drwxr-xr-x 3 frontrow frontrow 102 Mar 4 08:24 VerifiedDownloadPlugin.plugin
    -rw-r–r– 1 frontrow frontrow 856 Mar 4 08:24 flashplayer.xpt
    -rw-r–r– 1 frontrow frontrow 2394 Mar 4 08:24 nsIQTScriptablePlugin.xpt

    Any thoughts? Thanks.

  • Bill

    Same thing here, I moved the files but now all i get is a blue cube where the flash player would be, it also freezes the machine

  • Bill


    Check out these links they should help, ill try this when i get home from work tonight.

  • Chris

    Thanks for the info, but I think I’ve done everything exactly as it is laid out on AwkwardTV. I’ll try removing everything except the .plugin files.
    Also, my bookmarks don’t work either. I have the supplied Bookmarks.plist in frontrow/Documents/.

    I’ll post back after more tinkering.

  • Chris

    I guess I could have a different version of the CoreAudioKit framework, or the plugins. I’ll have to check the output of md5 to see if the signatures match those on AwkwardTV.

  • Chris

    I just checked the digital signatures with md5, I have the correct plugin versions, but the incorrect CoreAudioKit framework.

    i have: 8bd0c9469aa10938c17d68531f9e41f2
    awkTV: 47410bdc321b62e7a1d6bc61f8d545

    He says that one comes from 10.4.10. Maybe i grabbed it from Leopard by accident. I’ll check when I get home.

  • Bill

    Make sure its from the install disk….

    “Locate the proper CoreAudioKit Framework. I used the one off of my OSX 10.4.10 install disk”

  • Chris

    Per the Awkward TV instructions i placed the plugins in /Library/Internet Plug-Ins, instead of /Users/frontrow/Library/Internet Plug-Ins. I have the 10.4.9 CoreAudioKit.framework, it has a different signature from the one on Awkward TV which is from the 10.4.10 install disk, but it seems to work now.

    There is however another problem. Maybe this is known already, but playing flash videos in fullscreen does not work, it crashes CouchSurfer. I get the apple logo on the screen and then the main menu pops up. Playing flash videos in window at youtube and hulu works fine.

    Does anyone here have fullscreen video working?


  • cal

    I bit the bullet and performed a Safe Update to 1.1 as per AwkwardTV. CouchSurfer works fine (haven’t tried flash though). So, to answer my own question: it seems that CouchSurfer does not work with ATV 1.0, but does with an ATV updated to 1.1.


  • whityini

    I cannot move CoreAudioKit.framework into /System/Library/Frameworks folder. May be for a permission problem.

    Does anyone could help me?



  • Chris


    the apple TV file system defaults to read-only on boot up, so you first need to change it to read-write:

    >sudo mount -uw /

    then you need to use sudo to copy anything outside of your user folder:

    >sudo cp -r CoreAudioKit.framework /System/Library/Frameworks/

    *** note the lack of forward slash after framework, this will copy the folder, not just the contents. I’ve noticed that when copying or moving things out of the frontrow home folder leaving the trailing / on the the folder you are copying causes only the contents and not the folder to be copied. I’ve never seen that in Unix/linux before.

    Can anyone explain this behaviour?

    once you are done you can go back to read only:

    >sudo mount -ur /

    or reboot

    >sudo reboot

  • travis


    I’ve been trying to get Flash to work on Couch Surfer .2 on Take2. I think my problem is that I have a PPC Mac so my plugins (I’m guessing here) are not in the right format.

    Is that why it isn’t working? If so, Can someone bundle together the Flash Plugin for me so I can enjoy the web?

    Otherwise, help is appreciated.

    This is my MD5 for the file I have on my MAC –
    MD5 (Flash Player) = 0f20b63824014279a2072c58ec37e00a

    My System is 10.4.11


  • idem travis
  • robin

    necesito couch surfer con flash .
    para poder acceder a paginas veoh.
    no se como hacer funcional el flash. tengo instalado pero no hay manera de ver paginas con flash .
    ayudarme porfavor.

  • robin

    AYUDAAAA please.

  • I finally got Flash working (thanks to all the tips here), but I am having issues with the screen being cut off on the left. Is there a way to control the couchsurfer resolution? I think part of the trouble is that I run on a 480i standard 4:3 TV and not a 16:9. I do use a 16;9 mode. For sites like Hulu it means I can’t even see the “login” or full screen buttons.

  • ju


  • ttupper

    Now what would be great is if one could install Couch Surfer AND silverlight. This would then allow an AppleTV to display NetFlix instant access content, a huge plus.

  • Michael

    I tried to install Couch however I managed to destroy safari. I haven’t up graded to Leopard would this be an issue?

  • I have been trying to get Couch Surfer to run on my new Apple TV. I have upgraded to version 2.3.1 of the Apple TV software, then created the patch stick to get SSH to work (it does). I then copied the files over and ran the installer. It appeared to work OK.

    So I rebooted the Apple TV, go to the Couch Surfer menu icon and select Google Search. I type in a simple search phrase “abc” to test things out and one of two things happens every time. I get a little couch logo at the bottom left and at the top it does say Google Search…but the screen is black and never loads anything. I can let it sit there for hours, no luck. OR after a few seconds, the Apple TV appears to reboot itself. It goes to the silver apple logo and then loads into the regular menu.

    My Boxee install works fine, thankfully, but I REALLY need to get a browser to work with flash support so I can stream Live.Twit.TV

    Any help or suggestions would be rad. Thanks everyone. -Corby-

  • Tony

    go to the software menu and then 3rd party plugins…scroll down to couch surfer and update it.. that worked for me

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