It’s here, it’s here!

by editor @ on February 12, 2008

Apple TV Take 2 update is finally available. Go get yours while it’s fresh. Apparently, it takes only about 5 minutes to download.

Let me know how it goes.

Oh and by the way, make sure you back up your Apple TV first.  There’s no telling what’s gonna happen to all your hacks.

  • Nick

    Does this kill ssh, or updated codecs?

  • Scott

    All the hype and anticipation and Apple completely missed the market IMO w/r/t the UI for files on an iTunes Computer. Clearly their intent is to make finding movies for rental easy, and finding those already purchased or otherwise already loaded into iTunes less so. Rather then providing the simple, elegant Cover based UI that they front the iTunes Store with, they left the single movie at a time, alphabetized list with no search or sorting options for local iTunes content. A real disappointment. Plus once downloaded, it’s possible to go back to the 1.0 factory load and then reinstall Sapphire, but, there does not appear to be a way to get the 1.1 release [hence with native YouTube] … I’ve not attempted to load anything on top of 2.0 but suspect it’ll be awhile before the plug-ins are compatible!

  • kevin

    I’m pretty sure it will kill ssh and all the hacks…
    I heard it’s 10.4 instead of 10.5…
    and 1080p output option! interesting..

    I hope hacks will be out for divx.. or I can’t update…

  • foolala

    After Update:
    $ ssh -l frontrow appletv
    ssh: connect to host appletv port 22: Connection refused

    Well update kills everything except your itunes content and appletv settings!

  • foolala

    can confrim of 1080p output support
    previews of rentals runs smooth but have low resolution (even the previews of hd films)

  • Er… 50 minutes here in the UK, not 5, according to the progress bar on the screen. And that’s on a fast broadband connection.

  • emagar74

    But is it possible to return to 1.0??

  • Giacy

    15 min in Italy with a 1Mbit Adsl

  • liam

    do the hacks for composite output still work?

  • Jan

    Anyone got the URL….? I want to get it downloaded to my Mac first…

  • apple TV User

    updated, didn’t like the way it handled streaming, went back to 1.1 via factory reset

  • Took 7 minutes here in London.

    Word of caution: You will lose everything outside of /mnt!

    I guessed that if I moved the Perian codec from /Libary/QuickTime/ to ~/Library/QuickTime/ that it would survive the upgrade, and it did. I use the AppleTVFooler applescript to get my TV shows in through iTunes, so I’m glad it worked.

  • dave

    Eeew! I’m so excited to “go get mine while its fresh” so I can come back here and tell you what it broke! Wheeeeeee! Not.

  • Anyone run the update with ATV with replaced HD? the software update wont run for me 🙁

  • JPowers

    OMG! This UI sucks, sucks, sucks! If you use AppleTV primarily to stream off your computer’s iTunes (vs. buying content on iTunes), you will HATE this update. Why? Well, to switch between content categories (i.e., to go from “TV” to “Film”), it takes three times as many clicks, and you have to reconnect to your iTunes library EACH time. In addition, TV shows are no longer categorized by show — all TV show videos are lumped together in a SINGLE SCREEN. So I now have to scroll through EVERY EPISODE of EVERY TV SHOW I have to find a single one, and the videos aren’t listed by the name of the episode (as they were before), but rather by the name of the TV show. So, the words “South Park” appears 150+ times. I had to do a factory restore, which means I lost the YouTube update and I will now no longer we able to update my AppleTV ever again. This is terrible! It’s a totally different product. The focus is now completely on buying iTunes content. They have completely abandoned people who want to stream content to AppleTV from their computer. For the first time in my life, I am furious at Apple!

  • Andy

    RE: last post. I agree, but I thought the reloading of streamed content per category, may sort of break it up… allowing you to more quickly load just the group that you currently after, instead of forcing you to wait to load it ALL, just to get at that portion of content – just a theory.

    —–Sync -OR- Stream—–
    What does suck is that you (apparently) no longer BOTH sync your selected items from your main itunes computer and ALSO stream the rest if your content from that same computer…
    setting up one turns off the other.

    At this point, it seem that you are forced to CHOOSE – Sync -OR- Stream from a given mac… not allowed both, as you could before.

    So if you want any of the content you purchased from the appleTV to sync back to your mac.. ipod, iphone etc.. You CAN NOT use your ATV to stream content from that same mac… does not make sense!!!

    But if you are like so many ATV users and prefer to stream your content from your main mac for a larger library and more sort of freewill watching… then you are really forced to purchase your content ON that mac instead of using the slick new ATV interface.. otherwise that content will really only ever be ON the ATV… not synced back to the mac (cause you’re a streamer).

    For streamers – worthless ATV purchasing interface, if you use the content on ipod, iphone.
    Also internet radio playlists do not work.

    For syncers – limited library of what will fit in your ATV hard drive, less free will viewing.

    Anyone have any clues why Apple would force this?

    I may have to buy ANOTHER mac and set one for syncing and the other for streaming… whah!!

  • jogo

    I’m not sure about you guys but I’m able to both sync and stream from the same computer (as I only have a macbook). There is a new option in the iTunes interface under the ATV device on the summary page which lets you select automatic syncing, where iTunes automatically syncs things, or custom syncing, which works just like ATV syncing use to. If you select custom syncing, you can also select “Show only the synced items on my Apple TV” which will make it work identically to how ver 1.1 did. But if you deselect that option, your entire library is available on the ATV and it will stream whatever you don’t have synced to your ATV. Hope that helps.

  • jogo

    @ JPowers

    You are viewing them by date. If you hit right on the remote, it will organize them by show.

  • Not very impressed with the new apple TV UI.
    They need to make this thing more cost friendly everytime i turn this thing on i’m spending at least 5 dollars to use it. It makes me not even want to turn it on because it’s going to cost me money everytime. The only use friendly part of it is the part where i have to rent movies. It’s useless to archive my current content because they don’t make it easy to navigate my current collection. For this i’ll just stick with NetFlix it’s cheaper. This is a BS update and i’m a big Apple fan.

  • Not very impressed with the new apple TV UI.
    They need to make this thing more cost friendly everytime i turn this thing on i’m spending at least 5 dollars to use it. It makes me not even want to turn it on because it’s going to cost me money everytime. The only use friendly part of it is the part where i have to rent movies. It’s useless to archive my current content because they don’t make it easy to navigate my current collection. For this i’ll just stick with NetFlix it’s cheaper. This is a BS update and i’m a big Apple fan. Seems like apple stop listening to the people and are only following the might dollar.

  • Still no 4:3 TV support. 🙁

  • upgHDappleTV


    Same problem here: upgraded HD in AppleTV results in “update failed” message. We suspect it may be the fact that our partitions did not look exactly the same as when we started (partition numbers were mapped to different names). It worked for the upgrade of the drive, but failed for the update. Did you have a similar experience?

  • Johno

    Very disappointed. STILL NO 5.1 support for my mp4 movies.
    It seems the 5.1 is only for movies that you rent or buy from Apple.
    Someone please hack this Bull S^&^$%!

  • Josh G

    Is there any way to subscribe to a custom Podcast URL? I want my HTPC’s video podcast feed on my apple tv and from the announcement I thought I was going to be able to do that. Instead, it only looks like you can choose from feeds from the iTunes store library?!?!

  • Tim

    So has anyone been able to get ssh working with the update?

  • I am sorry that I updated. What the f**ks with the video rental covers on the home screen? Since when has Apple put advertising front and center on their products? I suppose the mini-store in iTunes, but that can be turned off…

    I *really* don’t like a lot of the cover art for movies– I have a 5 year-old son and it’s hard enough keeping violent imagery from creeping into our lives. And many video covers have aggressive or violent images that I don’t really want to look at. I don’t want to look at them regardless. There should absolutely be an option to turn the “video covers background” off. I’m quite appalled that now I have to look at those covers, now trying to lure me into a bogus 24-hour limited viewing contract.

    Not only that, but now you have many more clicks just to get to your *own media*, like your music and photos (as opposed to media you are clearly directed to purchase, which is of course front and center). And now you must use the > buttons on the remote which at least for me are funky. Stupid remote.

    I feel ripped off, like I bought into a product that’s less and less my own and more an more a vehicle for iTunes store sales. And I really like Apple products. I own lots of Apple stock. I think they do most things right. I could very rightly be called an “Apple loyalist” (groan!). But this… this proves how one little software update can turn a relatively cool product into a blatant advertising and sales vehicle — poorly done, Apple. Who were the marketing wizards behind that one?

    On a positive note, I did use the Podcast feature to watch some HD video podcasts (the HD dive video one), which was pretty cool. But I could’ve done that with iTunes anyway, so that’s a minor improvement.

  • Matt

    OMG people, listen to yourselves…. I am finally glad they came out with an update period…. I am sorry to say but the You Tube function in ver.1.1 sucked and it still sucks, I am sorry but watching streaming content on 50″ screen looks like ass, if I want to view You Tube I’ll walk over to my iMac and view it there. What about the positives, Flickr, .Mac photo slide shows. I hear you people about the streaming from your base iTunes library, but now finally Apple has joined the bandwagon and they are providing users the ability to view HD “like” content in our Living rooms. I own an Xbox360 and I do have to say that the quality of the HD trailers is better than the quality of the full 4 to 6Gb movies that I have downloaded which took over 7 hours to download onto my 360 console. I plan on testing out an HD rental tonight to compare download times and quality between the two systems.

    I am curious why it costs someone $5 everytime they turn on their AppleTV??? I don’t understand? Alos why would Apple consider support for a 4:3 platform?? I think the last time I was at Best Buy or Circuit City there was only 2 maybe 3 4:3 type tubes left. Why would Apple go backwards??? Think people the future move forward and just be happy they didn’t charge for the update….

  • tomynoker

    Hi, just a question… if the Hack of “old Tv” (composite connexion) work again with the Take 2 version and if it was possible to downgrade with factory settings to version 1?

    Thanks for answers


  • maz

    I’ve been considering an appletv. Only thing is I guess I have to wait until someone confirms the USB hack so I can connect a USB hub to it and attach a bunch of drives. I really just want this thing to store all of my media and be able to stream off of it to computers if needed.

    Is there a DAAP server out there? What would it take for me to convince someone to write a cbr/cbz (comic format) reader for the ATV? I may be a unix admin, but I’m no coder 😉

  • ian

    After 5 minutes with the new update, I pretty much hate it.

    Pros: Parental controls look better, but (afik) there’s not way to set the rating for material back in iTunes, so it’s not actually going to work.
    You can set most features to hide/show or ask – except the purchasing, which is show/ask. Why can’t I hide it too? Oops sorry that’s a con (literally).
    erm – thats it…

    Cons: New UI is WAY clunky.
    That stupid box us UGLY – what where they thinking????
    There seems to be a bug/timing glitch scrolling through movies – if you’re quick you can scroll through, but if you pause for a fraction of a second the preview kicks in, which hangs the UI for what seems like an age to show you a random frame of a movie you probably just wanted to scroll past.
    It’s picked up the wrong filename/title tag for one of my movies, even though it was right previously, and is correct in iTunes.

    It’s basically turned a perfectly good streaming system into an advert for the iTunes store. I want MY device back!!! iTunes doesn’t ram the store in your face consantly, and works well. ATV is totally crippled by the constant hard sell.

    Worst of all, as I’m in the UK, we don’t even get rentals, so we’re getting the hard sell for something we can’t buy.


  • SSH hack does work. Copy sshd to the internal drive. Modify a few files and it works using the hack on this site. If you’ve previously done the hack, you’ll have to do it again after the upgrade. Appears the upgrade overwrites the OSBoot partition.

  • nycbjr

    so ssh is working.. how about usb/divix/xvid? ordered a new 160gb drive to upgrade the 40gb so I have a “backup” so I will try it and see if I can get the hacks I need to work 🙂

  • Dave

    Thanks folks – enough info here to see that I don’t want to lose ssh and divx/avi capability with this foolish “upgrade”.

    Besides, I wasn’t really looking forward to giving a dime to the RIAA or MPAA via Apple’s capitulation with them. But it sure seems like Apple are losing touch with how and why people use their products and what features *customers* (rather than business partners) value. The revenue hungry marketers at Apple must enjoy killing great products with deals with eg. recording/film industry labels and AT&T which strangle capabilities of some great engineering. There are some attractive looking alternatives now appearing on the market for this as well as the iphone and they’re dropping the ball – they’re also complicit in AT&T backbone spying imho – another reason I’ll only use a hacked iphone.

    So it seem that Apple product launches into new markets are consistently only of value when hacked – amazing that a company with such myopia could have such success !

  • John

    It is time to realize that Apple is everything that people say M$ is.
    The shear notion of releasing a patch that deletes some of your content on the apple tv is appalling. And they just keep on doing it! 🙁

  • Daniel

    Absolutely crap… like alot of people I think the new UI is just ugly, its clunky and slow and the syncing ever time you go to a new section just sucks if you have a big library…

    Im in the process of a factory reset – hoping it takes me back to the previous version.

  • Daniel

    Does anyone know if there is a way to get back to 1.1 easily ? Ive just factory reset, after trying the appauling new update… and it goes back to 1.0 … apparently if i go to update it jumps directly to 2 again.

    any suggestions would be appreciated (by the way my atv wasnt hacked, just out of the box)

  • Tony

    When did Apple ever call Take 2 a “patch”? It’s a major upgrade.

    I don’t understand why people are so amazed that the hacks disappear after taking the upgrade. The upgrade file is a .dmg (disk image), and the update process is simply reimaging the partition. No nefarious agendas, just the simplest solution.

    As for erasing content, what are you calling content? Hacks are not content, audio/video/pictures are. The “content” is stored on a partition that doesn’t get wiped in the reimage, so that “content” isn’t lost.

  • Daniel

    Ive just done a factory reset after realising how bad the UI is for 2.0, but the factory reset went back to 1.0 does anyone have any ideas how to get back to 1.1 (or whatever the laterst version before 2.0 was)

    Im so angry i even bothered updating …

    anyway any help would be appreaciated. !

    (by the way mine was not hacked it was straight out of the box… and im in Australia)

  • Ross

    If you love your apple tv I implore you NOT to update. Yes, for the first few seconds it looks like a shiny new toy as the new welcome video comes on, but then… Agh! Is that supposed to be the new menu???

    Your content from iTunes suddenly takes a back seat in this annoying and ugly UI system. It is much more difficult to find your content in the menu, and really appears to be geared towards buying content from iTunes.

    OK, so you can now buy stuff from the ATV, but what was wrong with doing it from your computer and syncing? You Tube remains the same, and unless you are in the US (I’m in the UK) you cannot rent the shiny new HD movies.

    Pros: Buy Content, View Podcasts, Rent Movies IF in USA
    Cons: YOUR content not as accessible, streaming not as friendly a system, DAMN, That is one ugly menu!

    I don’t tend to buy much from iTunes, so, in my opinion, apple have ruined my ATV’s beautiful looks and functionality. I am so happy my factory restore went back to 1.1 I feel sorry for those of you with older units who will have to make do with 1.0.

    Update 2.0 is for apple to make more money via iTunes and takes away the beautiful system we know and love. By the way, did I mention the new menu/UI sucks!?

  • Bmoney

    I know us Apple product users have a ton of loyal programmers out there looking for an opportunity to make a name for themselves. Here is an opportunity. Apple is losing its vision. I want to begin of list of hacks that we as AppleTV owners would like create in order to make the AppleTV what it needs to be to gain real world exposure.

    #1 What the hell is going to happen to all the movie I already own am i suppose to dump them and buy new ones from the apple store – to that i say, FU Apple.

    – We need to be able to manage our current content
    – Include PG-13 – R system so we can tie the parental feature in with our current content.
    – Current content needs to be categories so UI doesn’t load 300 MPG4 in one instance

    #2. NetFlix rental content – It would be freaking awesome if i could connect my Netflix subscription to watch movies on AppleTV or apple needs to come up with a similar solution.

    #3. Bring movie out of the theatre quicker than DVD and put them on my AppleTV or skip the theatre all together

    #4. when are going to allow people to freely write code for IPhone, AppleTV and etc.

    #5. Takes to long to connect to my shared Apple Library

    #6. I want to play games on it. – emulators would be nice

    #7. USB should be able to be used for – keyboards, cameras, etc..

    #8. I want to browse the internet, google maps or earth would be nice

    #9. Basically i want to make this a product i want to use everyday instead of now and then.

    If you are out there listen apple we are talking are you listening?
    Don’t be another Microsoft or Vista failure.

  • Nick

    Bmoney I have great news for you. That product already exists. It’s called a Mac Mini.

  • Tim

    For those whose factory restore takes you back to version 1.0. Take the following steps to get back to 1.1:

    1. Factory reset to version 1.0
    2. Run ssh patch
    3. Install NitoTV plugin.
    4. Run the NitoTV smart installer, after running the plugin. You will need to download the OS X 10.4.9 update and place it in ~/Documents of your ATV. Here is the link:
    5. Using the plugin, follow the instructions for safe update to 1.1. You will have to download the 1.1 update first:

    Here is the wiki page for NitoTV. Use it; it’s a great resource:

  • khead

    A few observations…

    1) This was a major software upgrade, even Apple said it. If you didn’t want the new software, why did you upgrade?

    2) There were pictures, details, and even a guided video tour posted on the website. I even watched the guided tour on my TV. Did you not look at the product you were installing?

    3) I am not surprised people on a hacks site do not like the packaged software from the manufacturer. But, this site is about hacks, if you don’t like the software… hack it.

    Myself, I like the upgrade. I looked at it and made the decision that I wanted it. I love getting my podcasts straight from my TV and not even having to download them. I like subscribing to friends picture galleries when they are far away and posting pictures. I like the ability to rent movies, if I wanted too. I love the fact that it has AirTunes features now. Hands down, it is a better product than it was before.

    ***Hack request. Someone find a way to use the MacBook Air Super Drive with it to watch DVDs. I don’t think I can make that one happen.

  • Dave

    I’m glad the upgrade works for you khead. btw, you can “subscribe” to podcasts on your mac and they automatically download and sync – I know, you have to walk over to your computer and that’s very stressful. There’s even a new fangled thingumabob called a “dvd player” that lets you watch all that lovely region-locked mpaa/riaa content directly on your tv! About $39 now and you’d save the pain of someone having to hack a rather unique requirement. Regarding suggesting people redo hacks since this is major update, Apple could have *very* easily have made this upgrade without clobering ssh at least.

    Heck, if they *really* gave a damn, maybe the “upgrade” could have *come with* ssh access? Gasp no, that would be facilitating copyright infringement (maybe they should similarly lockdown connectivity to the rest of their computing products and see those products die too)

    No, they gave into the movie moguls and said “screw-you” to those who are more passionate about pushing the capabilities of their products. It makes me want to say screw you Apple and pull the plug on AppleTV forsake of an obsolete G4 mini that I have laying around. I’ll certainly never recommend this to anyone in this state – it may be the start of a slow death for this product imho.

    The only way Apple could recover this product in my books is if they forthwith made an update available which turned-on ssh/scp while allowed syncing/playing of avi’s.

    I doubt it and I’ll be sticking with hacked 1.1 till this hotplate fries itself to death – I reckon the mtbf will be around 3 years at those temperatures.

  • MILE

    Wow, all that whining and complaining and blaming Apple…jeez, people, grow up…! As much as I love Apple products, I so hate what they are doing with their consumer products…first (and now again) the ATV, then the iPhone…! Yes, it sucks…and still I wouldn’t want to miss either one…!

    Instead of just rushing into the update and then complaining about it, you could have gathered some information first…!? At least I did and I decided that as much as I would enjoy the new features I just can’t live without being able to view my own content, without additional codecs and plugins…and so I decided to wait…! I’ll wait until some genius comes up with a solution (either a new Patchstick or a working Safe Update), so that I then can have the bost of both worlds…

    And as for some of the demands in here — get realistic…!!!

    Netflix support…?!? Why on earth would Apple want to do that, when they want you to rent their own media…?!?

    SSH support…?! The average user has no clue what SSH or even FTP is…and they don’t need it either…! They unbox their ATV, plug it in and use it as is…

    And this goes for so many other demands and complaints…Apple has a vision of where they want this to go and they are not going to change that — whether we like it or not…!

  • Newlook

    The only hack I need is support for Perian…

    Everything else is just fine… Keep it simple or buy a Mac Mini, you get a remote and front row too…

  • Dave

    yeah we’re all whiners and then you whine about some of the exact same flaws in the upgrade. So I didn’t upgrade either for the same reasons and I believe our mutual objective in “whining” is to warn others. You’re right – most people don’t know what ssh or scp or perian is, and they shouldn’t have to ! This thing should play and sync avi’s out the box at this point in it’s revision history – sshd would have added just 600k to the download if a divx codec is really too much to ask for.

    Today if I were shopping for a media player, I’d likely opt for the ArchosTV which is about the size of AppleTV – in addition to adding web browser(yup, including flash&youtube)/avi and even protected wmv support, this also replaces the functionality of a TiVo box:

    Apple have dropped the ball and the idiots in marketing who led this upgrade effort should be given one chance to fix it before being fired.

  • GLF

    I want to be able to keep all content I buy on the apple TV and then only sync (or stream?) only content I want to sync to my ipod for viewing there. This is my 1st priority. What is best hack for this?

    After that I would like to be able to still stream an/ or sync specified content from itunes on mac or external HD with/out losing my 1st priority. Is there a hack that will take care of both of these?

    I thought when I bought the Apple TV a few days ago that it would be able to do these things with the new upgrade. Especially when apple is selling a 160gb storage area in Apple tv. What is the purpose of such a large storage device if can only use temporary ? Thanks for the help.

  • ML67-F

    Something perhaps that went unnoticed with “take 2” : when viewing a movie (my library is h264-encoded on separate NAS and distributed as iTunes aliases), fast advance or “rewind” works far smoother than with 1.1 ; the movie starts more quickly – less than 2 sec in most instances – , and general operation is also smoother and quicker.

    Im not interested in renting movies for 24h and 3 dollars when you can find even recent DVDs at this price (I pay – legal!), rip them “top-quality” and see them as many time as you wish, and when you wish.

    I was mainly interested in the “media center” aspect of ATV (not the “I want to make money with you every month” S.Jobs aspect), and from my point of view, this release improves the “media center”.

    Give us movie playlists and I promise to buy a third ATV.

  • Dave

    The wonderful folks at awkward TV have posted instructions for an initial “safe” update ie. to preserve content and ssh/scp access etc. It will break plugins and 1080i, but backs-up 1.1 files (unknown whether perian still works in this configuration):

  • Sean

    Does anyone know if take II is an all or nothing kind of deal when it comes to streaming?

    I don’t own an apple tv (yet) but I was thinking of buying the 160g ver which I would store my music, and photo’s local on the unit. However my movie collection is 700gig which I would have to obviously stream. Soooooo, am I able to have some content local and others stream? Anyone?

    Thanks in advance!

  • jogo

    You are able to have some content local while streaming other content. You just have to make sure that after you update you select “Custom Update” and deselect “Show only the synced items on my Apple TV” from the Apple TV Summary Page in iTunes. It’s actually better than the old way because it integrates your streaming with your synced items so you no longer have to switch sources to access your streamed items.

  • tom

    has anyboby been able to update and then instal perian and plugins? Is it possible to rip out the HD and copy the files to the drive? Do the plugins even work or is it a new structure of files? I have a 10GB HD I could use to install the AppleTV partitions on. The problem is, that i don’t know how to get the files to the 10GB HD because the standard HD is 40GB and copying with copycat is not possible because the app wants to have a 40GB HD for duplication. Any idea. I could test all plugins then.

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