Use your USB keyboard and mouse

by editor @ on March 30, 2007

A hacker named Turbo has posted instructions on enabling USB keyboard and mouse to work with the Apple TV. To do so, you need to download the patch he has written, and then apply it to your mach_kernel.prelink file with this command:

bspatch mach_kernel.prelink mach_kernel.patched turbo-disable-usb-whitelist-20070330.bsdiff

You can then use this tip from AwkwardTV to enable your mouse pointer (which you won’t see otherwise), and you are away!

  • Here’s another way to patch your kernel (to enable USB): download/run “prelink_tool” (which patches your own kernel to enable this feature).

    Here’s a link:

    I hope that this utility can be used in the future for more hacks (not just the simple USB hack). This “prelink_tool” is a *generic* patching utility (with source code) that should open up more options as far as hacks/mods goes.

    – Paul Bartholomew ([email protected])

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  • what about getting a Wii wand/nunchuck to work with it?

  • Patchsmyle

    Wii remote means you need bluetooth. Get that setup, then you can work on using the Wii.

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  • Steve K.

    If you have the full OS X running on an AppleTV, wouldn’t a simple bluetooth “dongle” enable the use of wireless bluetooth keyobards and mice?

  • Ronnie

    new to all this but had an idea.i would like to use the usb to allow control from a touchscreen. is this possible.

  • Ken

    hello this is ken from ULTIMATE PC & Mac Gallery apple reseller all the way in Hong kong

    HEY I NEED YOUR HELP HERE IF POSSIBLE i recently try to upgrade the HDD of
    a apple tv in our shop so i open it up i remove the small 40 GB hdd with out doin any thing
    expect that i plug it in to a mac pro as a Firewire drive to restore it to a 60GB HDD
    then i screw it all up… it doest work 60GB after i plug the power back on it appear there is no drive at all
    and even i swap the 40 GB back in it still dont work… is there any thing i can do here =.=……

  • Kurt Theurer

    YEs, check the IDE PARA cable. maybe it is unplug or broken somewhere, use a new one anda try.

  • Summoner

    Is it possible to add the USB version of the IR Trans ( to turn the Apple TV into the provider of your home automation remote controller. Be able to zap your TV, change input for sound, etc…

  • Elisabeth Bourriague

    My laptop has been hacked for 2 yrs.

    Not only does he have my mouse but keyboard and has put my Laptop on multi boot, it boots up from the mouse in DOS.

    Ive reformatted but its usless Ive tried everything.

    Hes created internet charges on my visa at AOL & MSN.

    Hes a wicked man and this will come back to him.

    He also has my remote.

    Elisabeth Bourriague

  • Nick D

    Hello, I just recently did the safe upgrade to 1.1. Awkward Tv and Nito still worked. Now i finally got firefox working but Usb is not working. I did the Ktext loader from i think it was Nito, but it doesn’t work.

    Wondering if anyone has usb enabled on the safe update 1.1. and what ktext or process did you use.
    if you got it to work, do experience any reboot issues. and is it a permanent fix meaning do you have to load the ktext terminal code every time.

    I’m sooo close…. Firefox actually shows up… but i can’t use it because no usb . Please help. Just reply here if possible.


    Nick D!!!

    Also i noticed that there has been someone out there trying to enable the Xbox 360 HD player, to work with apple TV…. !!!! that is awesome !!! you rock!! Good luck!!

  • xupi

    does it work for 2.0.2 software in a new appletv???

    i want to connect a usb mouse and use it.

  • Excellent clause. Many thanks!


    Is it just me, or does any else think that Elisabeth Bourriague is a gifted genius?

    p.s. I talked to the cat. _She_ took the remote.

  • Demetry

    OK, so i ran the smart installer it installed everything successfully. I plugged my Apple keyboard into the system booted it up & went into couch surfer, no success. What am I missing or not doing right?

  • good

  • Pete

    Where does the patch file go?

  • check the IDE PARA cable. maybe it is unplug or broken somewhere,

  • maybe it is unplug or broken somewhere, you can try it !

  • unixkid

    Is there anyway you can use a apple wireless mouse and keyboard on the apple TV

  • mkchina


  • electronics

    Excellent clause. Many thanks!

  • i want to connect a usb mouse and use it.

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