Apple TV Resources

by editor @ on August 9, 2007

appletv resources hacks Apple TV Resources

Last100 has compiled an extensive collection of Apple TV resources. The article covers reviews, hacks, blogs, wikis, podcasts and other resources about Steve Jobs’ favorite “hobby” product.

Both our sites, and are, of course, mentioned in the article. We couldn’t be more proud. With the iPhone getting all the attention nowadays, it is good to be recognized for our contributions.

If you don’t mind, go add some diggs to their article.

Meet my new Blogging Machine

by editor @ on August 8, 2007

new imac Meet my new Blogging Machine

Just got back from the Apple Store at South Coast Plaza to get my new iMac.  It’s a thing of beauty, my friends.  It’s thinner and sturdier.  I took some photos of it and posted on my other site, gadgetaholic.

The only thing I don’t like about it is the keyboard.  The feel is actually worst than the original IBM jr. chicklet keyboard (if you are even old enough to know what it is).

iTunes 7.3.2 Available

by editor @ on August 3, 2007

itunes 732 iTunes 7.3.2 Available

Apple is on a roll.  iTunes 7.3.1 just came out a month ago, now there is 7.3.2.  Man, you guys are hard at work, Apple.

It seems like there is no new functionality.  Just bug fixes to improve stability and performance.

Go get yours today!

Managing comments

by editor @ on August 2, 2007

managing comments Managing comments

As many of you know, we get tons of comments on our articles daily. Though we are flattered that people like commenting and linking to our articles, it makes loading pages much longer than it has to, not to mention trying to scroll through all those comments.

So, we resolved this by installing Keyvan Minoukadeh’s WordPress Paged Comments Plugin available at Now, only 10 comments are displayed at a time. You can even go to a specific page of comments. We like!

No, Keyvan didn’t pay us for this. We just really like his plugin. If you use WordPress and want to put those comments under control, you can’t go wrong with this.

So far so good?

by editor @ on July 30, 2007

We got a lot of people writing in about how the patch is NOT going to work for them.  We have already addressed that in the previous blog entry.

Now, we’d  like to hear from those who got the patch to work.  How do you like it?  Anybody got a 2TB drive plugged in yet?  Maybe you can send in a screen shot of the settings screen showing your USB drive size?

Come on.  Show some love.

USB Patch: 2 days later

by editor @ on July 29, 2007

We are aware that the USB Patch released on Friday night was pretty restrictive on the requirements:  Intel-Mac, OS X files, Apple TV Software 1.0, etc.

Now that the source code is out in the wild,  we would like the community to investigate these issues and submit improvements over the existing code.

We feel that the highest priority is to make the patch work with Apple TV software 1.1.  Reverting back your Apple TV software to the previous version is just a step backward.  One shouldn’t have to be forced to do this.

Next priority is to make the install script work on other environments:  Windows, PPC OS X, etc. Correct me if I’m wrong but if all of compilation takes place on the Apple TV, (which runs the Intel version of OS X) then there shouldn’t be any restrictions on the computer that remotes into it, right?  Or you can just tell me that I’m full of it.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to wrap the geeky stuff in a nice GUI, then we’ll all be happy.  Volunteers?

So what are you waiting for?  Help us out.  All lines are opened, operators are standing by.

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