Apple TV works fine with non-HDTV

by editor @ on March 23, 2007

A big problem people have with the Apple TV is that you ‘require an HDTV’ to use it with; and a lot of the reviews posted are repeating this statement.

We have had a couple of people write in asking if some combination of cables could be used to rectify this. We are here to report, there is nothing to rectify, all you need is a TV with component inputs. Several of the first photos and videos on the net showed a “480i”, which is standard ‘old TV’ resolution in the Apple TV settings menu.

To confirm, the people over at Rogue Amoeba Software hooked an Apple TV up to a ‘square’ TV, and have a photo of it working just fine:

appletv on old tv Apple TV works fine with non HDTV

XviD and SSH purportedly installed on Apple TV

by editor @ on March 23, 2007

A thread has been posted over at the forums over by a couple of people claiming to have installed the Perian Quicktime tool, and Dropbear SSH server on an Apple TV.

We, however, remain skeptical for now; they provide one fuzzy image and a ‘promise’ it is real, as well as the claim that they guessed the password.

Apple TV is in stock at Apple Store NY

by editor @ on March 23, 2007 has just spoken with an Apple Store representative for the Fifth Avenue, New York City store, who told us “I was told it just arrived”, and that yes, they would be available to people turning up at the store today.

After lots of promising, it seems the invasion of the Apple TV is well under way!

$100 Bounty on Apple TV Harddrive Upgrade

by editor @ on March 23, 2007

The clever peeps over at Techrestore have opened up the Apple TV and snapped some shots.

Among other notables is what looks like a standard IDE hard drive. We are offering up $100 bounty for the first person to submit to us the first, verifiable, previously unpublished hard drive upgrade for the Apple TV.

Your entry needs to include step by step instructions, photos of the process, and photos or a video demonstrating the increased capacity. Entries should be made by emailing with the subject line “Bounty Submission”.

Update: The bounty has been awarded to Jonathan Bare who successfully upgraded his Apple TV and provided a step by step guide.

PC Magazine review Apple TV

by editor @ on March 22, 2007 has posted and extensive review of the Apple TV. The awarded Apple’s latest toy 4 / 5 stars, and even took it head to head with an XBox 360.

Their main gripe isn’t with the hardware, but with the cost of content from iTunes:

I think Apple TV is a fantastic product—but I won’t be buying one until I can watch movies with it for less than the price of going to see one in the theaters.

It’s worth pointing out that there are alternatives to buying your Apple TV content on iTunes; and as time progresses we imagine there will be more and more sources for Apple TV content. We hope to keep track of these sources via our content category.

Apple TV Manual

by editor @ on March 22, 2007

The Apple TV Manual is now available online from the Apple site. It can give those unfortunate enough not to have an Apple TV of their own a glimpse of what they are missing.

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