Checklist for the USB patch

by editor @ on July 27, 2007

Are you ready for it? I certainly am.

Anyhow, here’s the checklist for you to get ready for the patch.

  • An ssh-enabled Apple TV. If you don’t have that enabled yet, you can refer to this post to get it enabled.
  • An Intel-Mac or Intel-based *nix. This is needed to run the install script to patch the kernel on the Apple TV remotely. You can certainly try cygwin if you’re on Windows. However, we have not tested this.
  • An installed version of Mac OS X 10.4 Intel. Or a full copy of the contents of the “/System/Library/Extensions” folder from one.
  • An original, unmodified copy of the ‘mach_kernel.prelink’ file from the Apple TV. If the kernel on your Apple TV has not been modified yet, then the install script can just use the one from your Apple TV. Otherwise, you would need to supply one.
  • An external USB drive formatted using “Journaled HFS+”. This is the format the Apple TV expects.

One more important thing. We have only tried running the install script against Apple TV software 1.0 not the current version, which is 1.1.

Oh and if you haven’t backed up your Apple TV yet, please do so. As with all hacks, there is always that possibility of transforming your Apple TV into an expensive paperweight.

Later down the road, we or somebody from the community will probably make this process more user friendly. As for now, this is how it is.


Before this gets out hand, let me explain.

Regarding enabling ssh on your Apple TV, you can definitely do it without opening the case to void the warranty. You can follow this wiki on

The hack requires a copy of boot.efi from Apple TV. This, of couse, was impossible without opening the case and getting the boot.efi out of the drive. However, since the release of the Apple TV software 1.1, you can obtain this file from there. You can obtain the update here.

About requiring an Intel Mac, I can try running the install script under cygwin to see what happens.

Lastly, about the submission not being valid. We think that it definitely qualifies. The patch can be applied without opening the case. Also, there is no mention that the patch or the install script should work on one environment or another.

As previously mentioned, the process will get easier over time. We will refine it. This just the first version of many revisions to come.

What’s better than a non-working USB patch?

by editor @ on July 26, 2007

A working one, of course.  Our very own Tom Anthony managed to fix the USB patch.  He is still testing it and is working on an “undo” script.

He promised to have it wrapped up by tomorrow night after doing some aggressive testing.  So look for the patch Friday night.

I’m as excited as a little girl on a sugar high!

Forums page

by editor @ on July 23, 2007

OK, let’s not talk about the patch for a moment. I actually stopped updating the site waiting for the permission to publish it. Last I heard is that it will be approved any day now.

I realized a few weeks back that this site does not a forums page. The only way of communication for the readers is via comments. This is far from efficient. Luckily, I do have a forums page on the other site,

I would like some suggestions as to what topics I should put on that page to better suit the crowd. Leave me some messages.

You can access appletvsouce’s page via .

Thanks a bunch.

Bad news, good news…

by editor @ on July 16, 2007

Yes, we knew you were expecting this. So, we’ll just going to come out and tell you.

The bad news is that the submitter of the USB patch no longer has time to work on it. We do understand since he actually has more exciting projects to work on (like iPhone hacking and stuff). Good luck, by the way.

Now comes the good news part. We know that it was no small feat working on such a patch. So we’re working on awarding the submitter anyway. With that, we are also working with him on releasing the code to the public (yes, that’s you!) so that more work can be done on it. Then, we can finally hook up that 1TB drive to our Apple TV.  Not to mention the possibility of hooking other USB devices to it like a DVD, Blu-ray or HD-DVD drive.  Sweet!

iPhoneInterface lets you tweak your iPhone

by editor @ on July 6, 2007

iphone appletv iPhoneInterface lets you tweak your iPhone

By this time, we assume that some of you are already using your iPhone as an iPod without activating it using DVD Jon’s hack.

Wait, it gets better. The folks over at iPhone Dev Wiki has released an application called “iPhoneInterface” that allows you do things like browse the file system, manipulate iPhone state, start/stop services, etc.

So, maybe this might be just the start for getting the iPhone to talk to the Apple TV. As our readers suggested, it will be way cool to stream media from the iPhone directly to Apple TV and vice versa. Imagine being able to share your family photos on your iPhone on a big 52″ LCD screen or maybe watching an episode of Lost stored on your Apple TV on your iPhone while you’re in the bathroom.

Hmm, maybe time for another bounty…

How ’bout them iPhones?

by editor @ on July 3, 2007

promoactivation20070626 How bout them iPhones?

Were you one of the those waiting in the iLine to spend your iMoney on the iPhone? How do you like it? Tell us, is it worth $500 – $600 + 2-year contract? And why is it that people are paying so much for it on Ebay when they can still get one from the Apple Store and Cingular Store?

On a different note, somebody suggested a hack that would allow the Apple TV to play the media on the iPhone when they’re connected and vice versa. Would that be of interest to anyone?

Apple did file a patent for a device that can be used to control other media devices and computers. We think the patent is for the iPhone to be used as a remote controller for the Apple TV.

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