Install XBMC Media Center on Apple TV

by editor @ on October 1, 2008

XBMC Media CenterXBMC, an open source, cross-platform media center is no installable on Apple TV. XBMC supports a very complete spectrum of of audio and video multimedia file formats and codecs right out-of-the-box.

With the built in features and third party plugins, this really is a flexible media center. You can find out more on how to install XBMC on your Apple TV at this thread on their website.

A USB installer is in the works, but is currently not quite ready. For now you have to do the installation manually.

Apple TV + iPhone = Ultimate geeky car audio system

by editor @ on August 30, 2008

If you ever wanted to prove your geek-cred to your friends what could be better than using your iPhone as a graphical remote for your car stereo.

Nels Johnson has done exactly that, and has posted the details for how to do it yourself at his site

We’d point out that you should probably have someone else controlling the tunes, whilst you pay attention to the road!

Boxee to launch Linux version today

by editor @ on July 22, 2008


Andrew Kippen of Boxee has just informed me that the long-awaited Ubuntu Linux version of Boxee will finally be made available for download today at

Like the OS X version of Boxee, the software will be released as an alpha version.  So please keep that in mind.

By the way, if you are working on porting Boxee to Apple TV, I would love to hear your progress on how the port is going.   Can’t wait to see it running on the Apple TV.

Today Remote app, tomorrow…

by editor @ on July 18, 2008


By now, you are probably having fun using your iPhone/iPod Touch to control and view media on your the Apple TV with the help of the Remote app. And what a neat app it is.

Now that Apple has shown us what could be done with the iPhone SDK and the new Apple TV 2.1 firmware, I am very excited at the possibilities of other apps to follow (either from Apple or 3rd party).

I wrote a post at AppleTVSource a few days back about what this can lead to: two-way control, video support and maybe even screen sharing.

Apple may have published an extensive documentation on the iPhone SDK but none on how to control the Apple TV. But then again that’s why we hack.

Currently, I am trying to figure out how the iPhone-Apple TV communication works. I haven’t had much time to look into this though. I suspect that the Apple TV exposes a set of web services to be consumed by the client. These web services are used to control and retrieve the media data.

I sent an email to the iPhone SDK support team at Apple but I doubt if I will get anything back from them.

Has anybody looked into this? I would love to hear from you.

New Jaman Movies will not work on JamanTV player

by editor @ on July 15, 2008

Jamie Odell of Jaman just informed me that some new movies from the service will not work with the current JamanTV player on the Apple TV.  These movies fall under the license policy of 30 days to click play and 24 hours to watch after you click play.  (Sounds familiar?)

Anyway, they are working on a fix but don’t have a schedule for its release yet.  Of course, you will be first to know once the patch is released.

Apple TV 2.1 is now available

by editor @ on July 10, 2008


So you’ve been dying to use your iPhone/iPod Touch to control your Apple TV?  The previous hacks were just way too hard to follow?  Well, wait no more.  Go do yourself a favor and download the latest software.

Apple TV 2.1 not only supports the newly-launched MobileMe service (well, actually just the Gallery feature), you can now use your iPhone/iPod Touch to control your Apple TV.  To do this, you need the latest iTunes (version 7.7) and download the latest iPhone Remote app for use with your Apple TV.

Another exciting feature is photo thumbnails. No more boring slideshows.  Not just slideshows. You can now go directly to the photos you would like to view by browsing through thumbnails.  However, this feature does not work for “Shared Photos”.  What’s up with that, Apple?

Anyhow, go download yours now.

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