Infuse brings some of the most wanted features in 2.2.2 update

by Roshan on March 6, 2014

Infuse 2.2.2 update

Infuse never fails to amaze us. If you’ve gone through my first review of this awesome video player, you might remember that we concluded it as one of the finest in its class. Supporting almost all known formats on Earth, smooth streaming from network devices, a plain flat iOS 7 based design and an elegant solution to the subtitle problem, we thought Infuse had reached as far as a media player could. But with the latest update Infuse 2.2.2, FireCore raises that bar still higher.

Here are some of the major highlights:

  • New gestures for easy control of videoplay: similar to Android phones, you can now scroll vertically on left side to change the brightness and on right side to control the volume. Two finger tap to play/pause and swipe horizontally for fast forward / rewind 30 seconds.
  • Orientation lock for those movie-on-the-bed times.
  • Import subtitles from other apps. I generally use to search them directly within the app. But importing them from Skydrive or other apps will be useful if you’re a cloud person or are using other srt sources. Infuse 2.2.2 also lets you choose from a list of subtitles, instead of automatically pulling the one with the same name. Now THAT, I like!


In addition, they’re bringing a handful of other improvements and bug fixes too.

  • Added retina artwork for browser upload screen
  • Improved handling of Metadata Fetching setting for remote TV Shows
  • Improved performance for Dolby Audio (AC3) when passthrough is disabled
  • Improved AirPlay stability
  • Resolved issues with lock screen images for videos with embedded thumbnails
  • Resolved issues with resume position after connecting or disconnecting HDMI adapter
  • Resolved issue where device wouldn’t enter sleep mode while a movie was opening
  • Resolved floating crash when disconnecting HDMI cable
  • Added option to clear all metadata
  • AirPlay in background now works correctly for local files after pausing or resuming playback
  • Higher resolution for posters on iPad in landscape
  • Numerous localization improvements
  • Other performance and stability improvements

Infuse 2.2.2 is available as a free download from the App Store, but the premium pack needs a worthy $4.99 in-app purchase. As usual, for previous owners, this will of course be a free update.

Read our review of  Infuse 2.

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