Giveaway: Win an Apple Tray – a beautiful Apple TV holder

by tomek on February 12, 2014

apple-tray-tv-holderLast week we reviewed the Apple Tray, an elegant looking Apple TV holder made by Chicago-based Tinsel & Timber, and we called it one of the best Apple TV holders we’ve ever seen. Available in your choice of sustainably harvested American Walnut or Maple, this functional piece keeps your Apple TV and remote organized and looking great. Partnering with Tinsel & Timber, we’re giving away two brand new pieces of Apple Tray!


Here is how to enter the giveaway:

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  • lanedobler

    did he died?

  • Alex Abraham


  • Jerrilynn Atherton

    It would be wonderful not to lose that remote…it’s so tiny, it disappears fast!

  • Cristhian

    Would be nice

  • Ken Xia

    100% nice

  • Gus =)

    Awesome giveway!! =)

  • jerry

    OMG that wood be nice to win!

  • DieJoeBu

    This is all I’ve ever wanted. My ATV2 will finally have the throne it so richly deserves.

  • OlDirty

    Great! Would love to win this product and give my TV table a nicer look.

  • B Glasgow

    I’ve been lusting over one of these.

  • Gene Baker

    Thanks for the contest, it would be a nice prize….TY

  • Lemon Cupid

    yes – it would be nice… since my remote currently seems to be missing. probably between the sofa cushions, as usual! Grrrr…..

  • wins4me

    Great giveaway, I am always losing my remote. Thank you

  • macbooker

    This will be perfect for me, beautiful way to keep the remote with the apple tv. Thanks

  • alexxxmk

    I want it :D!!

  • Giel Konink

    YEEEYYAAAA !!! it wil look so sexy

  • Riffat Saeed

    Wow really want to win one. Lovely remote 🙂 thanks for giveaway 🙂

  • ut666

    Would to win this, look very nice.

  • exso

    Yes, this would really help knowing where the remote is at all times.

  • Bill

    I could certainly go for this.

  • Larysa

    Yes, very nice! Thank you!

  • dor

    Yes, it would be nice to always know where it is 🙂
    DOREEN LAMOUREUX on the form

  • Kevin

    Yes it would be great!!! I HATE looking for that dang thing lol.. always on the floor beside my bed against the darn wall 🙂

  • Tina F

    remotes are a touchy subject in our house as they always go missing Then we buy a new one and a week later find the old one ugggg THIS would be so gteat in our house a dn oh so needed Thank you for the opportunity

  • it would be nice if I never misplaced that little thing again! kellythompson747 @

  • Maegan Morin

    These are great and this would be nice to have!

  • andie

    That would be the innovation of the year in our family.

  • ronkane

    would be great

  • Debbie Petch

    I spent half of my life looking for the darn thing!

  • Dawid

    The best

  • Ben

    Looks like a pretty slick set up for one of my two AppleTV’s

  • Very attractive add on for the ATV.

  • Nicole Vosburgh

    Yes! Our apple tv remote is always getting lost.

  • Nam

    This would compliment the Apple TV on my entertainment table nicely. I hope I win one. Thanks on advance !!! -Nam

  • Emelyn Trevino

    Yesssss it’s so small

  • Joe Blegi

    a very nice gadget

  • iMactouch

    It looks very good!

  • Lorie Sanders

    with 2 kid and a hubby yes

  • Tanmay Jadhav

    Its on table.

  • Vik


  • Myrilla Myrilla

    Hell yeah! 🙂

  • Azedine

    lovely tray

  • Kumar

    I lost my Apple TV Remote the other night while laying in bed. The next morning I could’t find that little ass remote anywhere. Later on that day I ate me some White Castle Sliders. Wouldn’t you know it, 10 minutes later I had to take me one hell of a shit and out came that gosh darn remote. I am glad to have found my shitty Apple TV remote!

  • Dor Avidan

    beautiful tray

  • Luca Mirabella

    I want an apple tv 🙁

  • Francois Beaupre

    I want this beautiful tray for my brand new ATV3

  • Frank Lazar

    I just got my own apple tv after repeating borrowing my friends. This would be an accellent accessory!

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