FireCore working on updating Seas0nPass to support Apple TV 2 5.2 (iOS 6.1) jailbreak

by tomek on February 7, 2013

FireCorehas just announced on its forum that they are “hard at work” on a new version of Seas0nPassthat takes advantage of the evasi0n jailbreak. They expect to have it available “soon”.

aTV Flash (black) seems to be almost ready for 5.2 but there is still a lot of work ahead for the developers of other Apple TV software/plugins:

Please keep in mind that while the FireCore plugins will work on Apple TV 5.1, a few minor adjustments (which are currently in progress) are needed to ensure things continue to run smoothly on Apple TV 5.2. Things like Plex and XBMC do not yet work on Apple TV 5.1 and later, and will likely require A LOT of work by their respective developers in order to be compatible.

@thomashw, the developer of Plex client for Apple TV, has already confirmed on Plex forum that he will work on getting Plex working on the latest Apple TV software.

You can jailbreak your Apple TV 2 running software version 5.2 using recently updated Sn0wbreeze 2.9.8 but jailbreaking is a bit pointless at this moment as most of the plugins are still not combatible with the latest Apple TV firmware.

We will let you know once any of ATV tweaks/plugins is updated for iOS 6 and available.

  • Commodus

    Waiting 🙂

  • Ali

    what about apple tv 3 ???

  • Bekk

    Yes, what about apple tv 3? the whole wait was about apple tv 3?

  • Ted

    Have to agree, the no Apple TV 3 jailbreak and news coming out about the big players still focusing on ATV2 really shows they depend on other people’s hard work. ATV2 is old news the longer it takes to find an ATV3 jailbreak the more harm it will do to the Jailbreak community, ATV3+ will eventually do much more and without a jailbreak/update it will become stale. ATV2s will not last forever.

  • Don’t carry rubbish. Many people love their apple tv 2, and the lack of hacking to apple tv 3 should not depend on this. First of all you are a fool, if reliance on 100 % output of hacking on apple tv 3. No one promised with 100 % guarantee.

  • Arthur A

    any hackers in Russia that can JB ATV3?

  • Harry Hersbach Jr.

    I think Hacking Apple Tv 3 is Important, to slow down prices of the ATV2 i think 300-400 Bucks is Stupid. Hacking is Fun and Freedom, not Money.
    Also with the ATV4 with A5X comming up, the focus should be on ATV3.
    ATV2 works, so keep it that way.

  • Ted

    I wont get in to name calling as it really shows someones mentality, your totally missing my point where people love there AppleTV2 they will not be around forever, meaning one person who loves there AppleTV2 once it gives up there is no replacement in the form of AppleTV.

    People buying them for $150+ on ebay that wont last forever either. With focus on the AppleTV2 means less focus on the AppleTV3 and when I put a plus + in it I mean future ATVs to. So it means developers who jailbreak AppleTV3s in the jailbreak community can not master there software to work on it such as NitoTV, XMBC and any new software. Once your AppleTV2 gives up you be in the same boat and shouting for an AppleTV3+ jailbreak. Your english is not he best but when you say reliance on 100% output I don’t relay 100% for my media, but if jailbreaking is still going on, then I would rather the new products be jailbroken than discontinued products.

  • casperboo

    Firecore does not technically “make” jailbreaks, so you need to go complain with the jailbreak teams. The “wait” from FireCore had nothing to do with ATV3, as all they do is wait for the jailbreakers to release it so they can then encode it to work with their software on the ATV. Nobody said they are working on an ATV3 jailbreak, rather they are simply looking for exploits, and not very aggressively either, as most people don’t even HAVE an ATV, so iPhone/iPad is the primary motivation for jailbreakers and will be for the foreseeable future. It is not FireCores fault any more than it is the jailbreak teams fault. The fact of the matter is, they have not found any exploits that can be used on the ATV3, so quit whining and putting words in FireCore’s mouth by claiming the “wait” was for the ATV3. And for those moaning about why they are focusing on out dated models of the ATV, that is not even the case. They are not “focusing” on older models, it just so happens the exploits they have happen to work on older models, and as thousands of people own ATV2, against your superior judgement, it is a REAL benefit to a lot of people. The fact is, you purchased an ATV3 with the assumption that their would be a jailbreak released fairly quickly, and now you are just ticked off that they are going to come out with the ATV4 before their is a jailbreak for the ATV3, and that is most likely the case. And when ATV4 comes out, and you are still holding onto your “outdated” ATV3, I am sure you will be excited when they finally release a jailbreak for your precious ATV3! Then you can read about all the ATV4 owners complaining about you and your old model.

  • vitis


  • zaheer

    my nito is not add xbmc pls help

  • Jeff Chen

    I jail broke my itv2 5.2 iOS 6.1 with Firecore and then installed Nitotv and XMBC using this app.
    Everything works great now!

  • Alan Bill

    Apple strongly suggests you not to hack/jailbreak your device. Jailbreaking removes much of the security from your device and also you get locked out of OS updates. I guess there is no need to jailbreak or violate the terms and conditions of Apple, there is an application in the app store which fulfills all your demands and also provides you a huge bundle of features. It’s called PlayerXtreme Media Player. You can watch movies, video, music with your iPhone’s on Apple TV through its amazing chrome cast and airplay features. It works for everyone perfectly and doesn’t cost much.It can also play more then 40 formats. It will also help you to access data from other devices at your home by creating a local network and also gives Smooth HD 1080 playback.

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