Redsn0w getting a little Apple TV 2 love

by umOuch on August 16, 2012

Redsn0w for Apple TV Finally! Apple TV 2 is getting some support inside of the next redsn0w release. Though it is still in the works, and there is only a developers version available, Twitter has begun to buzz with the sound of well known jailbreaking, iOS, and Apple TV devs talking Apple TV support in redsn0w. At the moment it is not entirely clear what the end product will be regarding its functionality and features offered to the Apple TV 2.

The fact is that for years I have hated having to go from one jailbreaking software to another depending on my device. For me, I used redsn0w for all of my iOS devices (until the iPad 2). It is not to say that the work of the developers around the world has not been appreciated… because IT HAS, but I look forward to getting all of the things I need in one comfortable little bundle.

Read the conversational highlights:

umOuch (Andrew Brasher)

  • Derrick Senela

    Why reinvent the wheel? Firecore solution works fine for ATV2. How about concentrating on ATV3? I am not trying to be unappreciative but I believe finding a jailbreak for ATV3 is
    more worthwhile.

  • When do you jailbreak?! «Apple Tv 3»

  • SlyRobber

    Yes definately ATV3 jailbreak!! Get your best minds on that tough nut ppl.

  • I have to agree with you there. Perhaps this will lead to more involvement in the aTV 3. More devs the better.

  • wow I love the Logo… so refreshing 🙂

  • I agree with you Jerry…Nice one

  • yeah right dude. cool.

  • Yeah, it easy to appreciate this.

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  • is that really the new logo or what?


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