Hot deal: Amazon selling Apple TV 3 for $89.99 + free shipping

by tomek on August 5, 2012

Amazon is selling the new 1080p Apple TV for $89.99 with free shipping. That’s the lowest price ever offered by Amazon for Apple TV 3.  Get the little hockey puck now, since this offer may not last long.

Although the jailbreak for Apple TV 3 is not available yet, the Apple TV community is working hard to bring it to you as soon as possible.

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  • Darren Blackley

    You have to ask does Amazon know something that other don’t – this is not the first time they have had the ATV3 on for this price and if you google about ATV3 you will find sales are a little flat vs people paying high prices for ATV2 if they can find them…

  • ATV v2 (not even jailbroken) have gone for as high as $250 US on ebay. I have watched these over the past year or so. Before v3 came out they could be had for under $100, and now they are almost 3x the price of v3. The AppleTV v3 has literally no jailbreak capability, so it may never be jailbroken in order to stream anything but iTunes video. XBMC may never be available on v3, so v3 is basically not jailbreakable device. Apple has figured out how to eliminate the possibility of a TV ever being jailbroken, and that’s their aim if they ever want to ship a TV or provide hardware/software for other TV makers — a non-jailbreakable TV is definitely a goal.

    In the meantime they’ve created tons of buzz for several million AppleTV owners who are happy. I’d get your AppleTV v2 while you can.

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