Hulu Plus officially arrives on Apple TV

by tomek on August 1, 2012

Until now only available on jailbroken devices, Hulu Plus official app has finally arrived on Apple TV. Hulu icon now shows up on the Apple TV home screen (no update needed, just reboot your device) giving you instant access to all the shows, series and movies available on Hulu Plus. The monthly subscription is $7.99 and there is a one week free trial for new users. If you are new to the service you can sign-up through Apple TV using an Apple ID.

How to sign up

If you are a Hulu Plus subscriber, simply enter your username and password to start streaming last night’s episode of your favoirite show.

If you do not have a Hulu Plus account, you can easily sign-up two ways:

1. Go to and register online. Launch Hulu Plus on your Apple TV, log in with your new credentials and start streaming.

2. Create a Hulu Plus account directly through Apple TV by using your existing iTunes account and following the sign up instructions on the screen. If you sign up for Hulu Plus through Apple TV, you will be emailed instructions on how to complete your registration so you can use Hulu Plus on all other supported devices. After your free 1-week trial ends, your iTunes Account will be charged $7.99 per month as a recurring transaction.

Check out this video to find out how to set up Hulu Plus on your Apple TV:


Hulu Plus is an online video subscription that streams current and classic TV programming on demand from hundreds of content partners, including top broadcast networks ABC, NBC, FOX, The CW and Univision. For many popular shows, Hulu Plus offers every episode of the current season. Hulu Plus subscribers also have access to back seasons and full runs of some of TV’s greatest shows, including many that were not available online before, in HD whenever possible.

  • BuntuFreak

    Can i watch the free hulu content without paying / registering using this plugin?

  • 3Matt

    Am I correct in assuming that this is USA only?
    When will the rest of the world get this type of service?

  • Henrik Koch

    That is not correct. Hulu plus on Apple TV is very limited. It does not have access to all the content that normally is on Hulu plus. I can’t see any of my favourite shows 🙁

  • Henrik Koch

    Yes it is US only. I guess it may be 2-3 years before it spreads out. Meanwhile you can use another DNS service to get access to Hulu plus and Netflix.

  • Rey Sanchez

    Those of you interested can get a TWO week trial right here.

  • Eric Walker

     I came in here to say that.  For example, I (my wife) can’t watch “Drop Dead Diva” on the official app or on the iPhone app.

    She can watch it on jailbreak version or on

  • Applechappell

     Yes if your apple tv is jailbroken,

  • Holbrook

    This is not an Apple TV problem. It is the producers of the show who only want you to be able to watch it from the web and the web only.

  • Guspvt

    Is there any jailbreak that allows Hulu Plus web-only content to be played on Apple TV? It sucks that some Hulu Plus videos are only available on computers…

  • Mieszko

    I can highly recommend unblock-us for it. Works splendidly from Sweden.

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