Giveaway: Win AirParrot screen mirroring app for Windows

by tomek on June 29, 2012

Giveaway: AirParrot for Windows

Windows version of AirParrot, an app that streams your computer’s screen to your Apple TV 2 or Apple TV 3 over AirPlay, has been released a few weeks ago but if you haven’t grabbed your own copy yet, here is a chance to get it for free.

AirParrot works by encoding your display’s image as H.264 video and sending it to your Apple TV in real time. Since it also features audio mirroring, AirParrot seems like a perfect solution to watch your movies and videos on the big screen, and, especially, to bring web pages based on Flash content, like Hulu, to your HDTV.

Initially, AirParrot for Windows is not as full featured as the Mac version but the developers expect to release the improved Windows version of the app this summer.

AirParrot for Windows requires Windows XP or later and works with Apple TV 2 and Apple TV 3 running firmware 4.4.x or 5.0.x; no hacking/jailbreaking needed.

We are giving away 10 free copies of AirParrot for Windows. Here is how to enter the contest:

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  • Jeff D

    AirParrot! YES PLEASE! Would absolutely love to win this!

  • Excellent!

  • Excellent!

  • I love the icon of AirParrot!

  • StephenD

    Sweet!! AirParrot FTW!!!

  • nwcurt

    Looks great! Works sort of like Plex without the in between??

  • Want one!

  • Khrizcore

    I already crack that prog !!! Hahaha LOL, just look in youtube airparrot cracked by khrizcore

  • Cesar Orozco

    I want a Copy

  • Roestje

    I’d like to have a licensed copy of Airparrot

  • sofoust

    Must win!

  • I wanna win copy of Airparrot

  • Ikiki325

    I want to win

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  • Tom

    Pick me.

  • Flin


  • look sweet

  • 18singhu

    The looks like an awesome app.

  • hocus86

    I want to WIN!

  • Nice giveaway. Hope to win! Thanks

  • Awesome! hope to win it!

  • Would love to win

  • Deleon460

    Really need this

  • Really need this

  • Really need this

  • Xuave

    lets win this thing!

  • Chefrine

    would love to have this!

  • Nice! I want it!

  • Dark948

    I want it too 🙂

  • Oli

    AirPlay ftw!

  • pedrotaquelim

    Not worth it. Just try the trial (on their site) and see for yourself how well it performs.

  • thanks 

  • 3pencel

    yo dudes!!

  • tehxtex

    Great giveaway…

  • guest


  • Johan Brännmar

    Awsome guys that you do this!

  • Looking good guys…. wish me luck for winning !!! 🙂

  • Kalligoddess

    Airparrot… Exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  • wox37

    i want win !

  • Tha

    Cant wait for the contest to end!

  • William Neal

    I want to win! pick me! lol

  • Adam
  • Do need!!

  • i need it.

  • I could really use this

  • Nice raffle for a nice application!

  • Aj Mancuso92

    What a great program!

  • Ziloinc

    This is so cOol thanks

  • Iachmed


  • Łukasz Krawczyk

    Ohhh… I ilke AirParrot but I think I never win…

  • krblgc


  • good luck to… me 😉

  • Moubark_89

    good luck

  • onesky

    Great app!

  • Ronald


  • Amirpars

    Nice contest 🙂

  • Baucellst

    Sounds like a great idea and a good way of maximising the use of an Apple TV.

  • Gabriel Olson

    i hope iWin

  • Codvisp

    thanks for this great giveaway!

  • Ali

    I love Apple Tv Hacks !

  • Thanks!

  • Thanks

  • Hope to win!

  • Wessller

    I NEED this. Ohhh, and have fun.

  • king

    Can’t wait to use it on my brand new laptop 🙂

  • congrats for the winner.!

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