Apple TV 3 jailbreak: fake site going around

by tomek on June 11, 2012

Apple TV 3 jailbreak fake website

A jailbreak for Apple TV 3 has not been released yet, so watch out as there is a fake site going around claiming to offer Seas0nPass jailbreak for Apple TV 3. On the site you will only find a rewritten old post from FireCore’s blog. There are some fake videos on YouTube as well, claiming to offer tutorials on how to jailbreak Apple TV 3 with Seas0nPass. Don’t get caught! Remember: Seas0nPass is a jailbreaking tool for Apple TV developed by FireCore and you can be sure that when Seas0nPass is updated to support Apple TV 3 jailbreak, FireCore will be the first to announce it on its blog.

Additionally, according to nitoTV, “the appletv 3 jailbreak, whenever it happens will probably NOT be custom ipsw restores [the method Seas0nPass uses]. the UI will likely be different.”

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  •  Hopefully the real one is comming soon!

  • papalin4o

    Me too! :(((

  • Teknic111

    Has any progress been made with the jailbreak? I’m starting to lose hope!

  • Wert

    i doubt there will be a jailbreak for this

  • Dinh Khanh

    me too

  • bezzer1988

    Any news yet !! No one seems to be updating any info on the progress 🙁

  • Numnum
  • Holly

    I am a absolute newbe in Apple and jailbreaking. Just a short Question and sorry for the dump question.

    When I am right, the ATV3 Jailbreak Issue is, that ATV3 has no Browser as Entrypoint for Jailbreaking.
    So my idea is…
    Is it possible to modify an iOS for ATV3 (offline) and add an entrypoint like a browser?
    Or directly a modified jailbreaked iOS?
    If it works, the next step can be to build an Update Server like Apple´s in your local LAN with Ip Adresses or DNS Names from Apples Update Server and send from there the modified iOS with needed Entry Point.

    Is this possible?



  • Bro

    This technique was done back in 1.x.x day’s. the process was quite mess and caused more problems then it was worth. the only way to actually jailbreak the ATV 3 is if there is a A5 bootrom exploit is found. Even though 5.1.1 is jailbreakable there are things called vectors that the ATV 3 does not have compare to to its iDevice brothers.

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