New Apple TV OS to be unveiled at WWDC

by tomek on May 31, 2012

New Apple TV OS

According to BGR, Apple is planning to unveil a brand new version of the Apple TV operating system next week at WWDC. A “trusted source” has told BGR that the new OS will be much more feature-complete than the current Apple TV OS and that it’s apparently the one that the long rumored Apple TV set will run.

The new Apple TV operating system is supposed to make use of the new  “control out” API:

We’ve heard Apple is actively trying to court manufacturers to use a new “control out” API in order for third-party manufacturers to make accessories that are compatible with the new Apple TV OS and the upcoming “iTV.” It’s said that by using the API, it will be possible to control any connected components all from the Apple remote (and the Apple remote iOS app as well, we’re assuming). The control out API is said to work with all aspects of various popular components, even allowing control over things like program guides on a cable operators’ set top boxes and other hardware components.

BGR’s source believes Apple won’t actually show its physical TV at WWDC, “but it’s certainly possible.”

Apple will kick off WWDC with its keynote presentation at 10 a.m. PST on June 11TH .

China Business News reported on Monday that Foxconn has already started a pilot production of the new Apple “smart TV”. According to Canaccord Genuity analyst Michael Walkley, Apple will launch a 50-plus inch LCD-TV by the end of the year. However, JP Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz claims Apple TV set is unlikely to arrive in 2012.

Back in January Globe and Mail reported that Canada’s largest telecommunications companies – Rogers and Bell – were in talks with Apple to become Canadian launch partners for its Apple HDTV. Another source said Rogers and Bell already had the product in their labs.

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  • Michael

    So I guess the question is, will the new OS run on the current hardware?

  • Max

    Let’s hope this new OS will finally allow the ATV3 to be jailbroken.

  • HS

    My question is whether it is inadvisable to update ATV3 to the new OS if you plan to jailbrake it later.

  • Zwabbit

    The only innovation that I see the new OS can bring (if your device is not jail-broken) is the ability to play your local media directly from your shared drives.  Otherwise what else is there?  One other thing that I would consider innovation if they remove the need to have the device jail-broken to install apps like XBMC.  I guess ppl can dream. 🙂

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  • ColinPoly

    Zwabbit, I dont think that should be a dream and I picked up an apple tv 3 yesterday and I am bringing it right back today.  

    I believe Apple’s demise will be marked by the decision to try and maximize profits by retailing media and devices that just help them sell said media.  Im totally sick of their attitude, I bought into Apple because they built a damn good laptop computer, not because I like getting ripped off in the iTunes store.  By denying me the true potential of every device, especially the apple tv, your essentially telling me that I should look elsewhere because for what I need, your product is obsolete.  Ha the mere thought of converting everything I wanna watch to H.264, just so I can put a double copy in itunes, just so that I can watch it without adjustable audio from the remote, is hilarious.  

    Fact of the matter is, you can go on western digital’s community forum and receive tips on how to root it and even before rooting it it can play AVI, MKV, and everything else that apple tv refuses to play without the jailbreak.  Stifling innovation, limiting the use and power of devices, and making everything unnecessarily difficult is not what I look for when I buy computer stuff.  Apple is slowly pushing me away and if they keep pace in the same direction, Ill rid myself of all my apple products within a few years.

  • ColinPoly

    Oops, by “it” i meant WD’s competitive product similar to the apple tv.

  • controlling other devices would be good. That is one feature of the Google TV that was better than ATV. I would want it to be set up easier, though. More intuitive. it required very little on the part of the consumer to control the receiver, DVD player, TV, etc and worked nicely from the Logitech keyboard. I’m not so sure that would be possible from the ATV remote.

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