Giveaway: Win the new, third-generation Apple TV

by tomek on March 8, 2012

Win the new Apple TV Contest GiveawayWell, the above title says it all: we are giving away a brand new, 1080p-capable Apple TV. Announced yesterday, Apple’s third-generation hockey puck comes with a redesigned, icon-based user interface and runs on Apple A5 chip. Users have now the ability to access purchased movies and TV shows right from iCloud on the Apple TV. With iCloud, users can buy movies and TV shows on Apple TV and watch them on their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC. Also, Netlfix users will be able to watch movies and TV streaming on Apple TV in 1080p and pay directly via an iTunes account.

So, if you want to get your hands on the Apple’s brand new set-top box without spending a buck, check out the following rules on how to enter our giveaway:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  • Philip

    Looking forward to 1080p!

  • lee


  • Boom goes the dynamite

  • boom goes the dynamite

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Great upgrades! Would love this!

  • Hope I won it!!

  • Arthur Zapparoli


  • Tania Alimzk

    Cant wait for this to be released!

  • Kareeka007

    Great giveaway – again!

  • Anonymous

    Really can’t wait for the new Apple TV 😀 iCloud- going to be great.

  • I want the 1080p Apple TV. It’s awesome!

  • Great

  • Theantics

    Good luck!

  • Rhammons

    Rad, count me in.

  • Tony B.

    You guys rock! Amazing Giveaway! Congratulations to the lucky winner 🙂

  • Curious to see the difference as I have the 2.

  • Jobespierre


  • would love to win this!!!

  • CapsLocke

    This would be cool!

  • b00sted

    I really hope I win, XBMC on this would be awesome!

  • PhantomPtII

    Awesome! Would love seeing this in my living room!

  • Baxmann


  • ikoukou

    I want it!

  • yay for xbmc! 🙂

  • TBB

    And what if you don’t use iCloud?

  • Giancarlo Joel

    Sweet! Hope I win! Great giveaway guys!

  • Sweet, Just needed a new TV!

  • Chris

    Wish me luck

  • Fro455

    Wow. This is a cool giveaway. Thanks guys.

  • Anonymous

    Come on blind luck!

  • JT

    Hope I win.

  • harpua

    Could use a new ATV

  • Can’t wait.

  • Elad Naim

    i like it

  • Stitt_j


  • Brigido


  • Stevedun

    Not the game changer I was hoping for, but hopefully with the new specs and “the new iPad”, they’ll build upon AirPlay and get us some cool apps running on the TV!

  • Hook me up! 🙂

  • sorin

    i already have apple tv 2g at home and I’m a little bit dissapointed about THE NEW APPLE TV…why?….I was pretty much sure that the folks from apple will give the Apps a go to the set-top-box….but no…after 2 years of “research and development” they came up with 1080p…just this…really if Steve Jobs would be alive, we would see another perspective of “shiny box of joy”. Greetings from Romania everybody…sorry for my bad english

  • Tshingonn_alex

    Thank you AppleTVHacks give us an opportunity to win a new AppleTV! Always check on ur website n learned new cool stuff! Hope I can get it!

  • Yoni Livne

    Great! Like this…

  • Great idea.

  • Anonymous

    Im in!

  • Jeff DeWolfe

    Yay 1080p!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonathan Falkor

    Im In, hope to win it… need to get away from connecting my laptop to my TV in order to watch movies!

  • Yoojin_kim

    I want oine.

  • Ben


  • Gorast

    I want two… but I can buy one 😀

  • themightyra

    Can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  • Alex

    Awesome, thanks guys!

  • stefano ricci

    i’m in!

  • Jesse Kaufman

    mmm atv3

  • Steve

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Tuan

    I want a third gen ATV

  • Fjgonzales88

    I want one

  • Would love the upgrade!

  • niceeeee

  • KW

    mememememe 😉

  • thanks

  • Saoron

    i want this!!

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  • Sp1

    Me want win apple tv.

  • pimme

    OH! I want it sooooo bad!

  • Alex

    Nice idea, I want!

  • Guest

    This looks sick

  • Desrochers34

    I have been waiting for this, very happy!

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  • Mark Harris

    I hope I win!

  • It’d be awesome to win and really utilize my 1080p TV!

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  • Cdkd86

    I hope I win.

  • chose me.

  • Brandon Daniel

    oh i hope i get this!

  • Calen Kaneko


  • Vaultboy

    Forgot to give link to my tweet…!/glassdevaney/status/177798055393890305

  • Matt Zmuda

    Choose me! Just got ATV2 a month ago, would love to update to ATV3!

  • sarah


  • i can haz win?

  • Zeverton

    this would make an excellent birthday present for myself.

  • I would love an AppleTV3!!!

  • Anonymous

    AppleTV 3 – why yes please.

  • Kim Bram felber

    ATV 3 here I come 😉

  • I just got a new 1080p TV that needs a little friend.

  • Antoni Tzavelas

    Why thank you for being so generous… 😉

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  • Dan Tucker

    would be perfect with my new projector

  • Netrunner


  • Pivale

    I am sooooo buying one when it comes to Portugal… unless I could get one for free 😀

  • Joemadriz

    A ver si me toca!

  • lazaro

    hell yea I’m gonna win this one! 

  • Maarten

    Nice! I’m in..!

  • Andrelam

    Need to win….

  • Deleon460

    Please pick me to win

  • Gustaf Ekstrand

    Will be awsome..with xbmc

  • Skandalouz

    I can haz tv!

  • Wow another one!

  • Pristine Source

    I so want one!

  • vinodgs

    Giveaway is Just awesome, hope I could win at least once!

  • Joshua Terrill

    Pick me.

  • Nathanmalone

    Thanks for your genorosity! I hope I’m the lucky one! Good work on your Facebook page!

  • I would love one of these.

  • I’d love an appleTV 3, pleaaaaase!!!!

  • I feel like such a whore.  How much of the damage can I undo?

  • i would love to get this new apple tv 

  • Jbp210

    cant wait to see xbmc on this

  • Jamel

    Come to me.

  • mweiden

    Hoping xbmc runs even better on this!

  • I want, I want

  • Kelly

    Can’t wait to try this guy out!!

  • Christina Cannon

    Thanks for the giveaway

  • Shawnee Penkacik

    What a great giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win. 

  • Jeanna Johnson

    Great Giveaway!

  • Thanks for the opportunity to be a fanboy of an apple product

  • Elaine

    Super giveaway

  • Graceyellen

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Ed

    1080p greatness.

  • This looks amazing!

  • Nyeasia Pippin

    I think this is the best giveaway yet! What an awesome prize to win!! 😀

  • Anonymous

    nice giveaway!

  • tmoyer6980

    Thank you for the chance at a great prize!

  • Tina


  • Sweet…hope I win!

  • Vampyreprincess109

    Hi! I’ve been wondering about the AppleTV, I hope it’s a good product! (: 

  • David

    Awesome. Good luck, me.

  • Gebo0288

    Wow! Hope I win 🙂

  • Jeffrey Hewitt

    Cool idea.  Would like to play with an Apple TV.

  • Nate

    Thanks for this opportunity to win the new Apple TV!  Hope I win!

  • amysmith98

    Thanks for the chance to win!  I need a new tv.

    amysmith98 @

  • Hey, thanks for a chance to win!!!

  • good lord help me winning dis 1….:):):

  • Jacqgrif

    This would be another fun gadget that would bring hours of enjoyment to me and my family. Thank you so much!

  • Hope I win!! Awesome giveaway!

  • Ali_kazam2003

    i got my EYES on this prize 

  • Thank you so much !!! EEEEEEEE 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I would love to win this! Good luck to all entrants 🙂

  • Betty Baez

    Thank you for the chance how amazing!!!

  • Micahsmomma20102010

    great giveaway! i would love to win this!

  • blog post

  • Really hoping to win one

  • Crenberry2

    Yes, apple tv!

  • Bla

    ok, I’m in

  • Badmannie

    Without you lot ATV would be… Just average?!?

  • If I win an Apple TV then it will be goodbye Netflix.

  • Luvtorock

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  • Game on! On my new Apple TV of course!!!

  • Wow, thank you so much for the chance to win!! 😀
    DeAnna Schultz

  • George Ivanov

    Nice ;]

  • Cool!

  • Mathos

    Great update for the appleTV

  • Twinnj

    I would love to win this Apple TV Hacks giveaway!!! A brand new, 1080p-capable Apple TV!!!

  • Nice prize

  • Niamh

    Oooh I’d be happy with any Apple tv but the new one looks awesome!

  • redant_fr

    Me me please !

  • Εμένα 

  • Nathan

    I hope the add the app store to this.

  • Ann Parker
  • Erkandaban

    tv is mine…

  • Dbkroehr

    I would LOVE to win this & I need a TV bad! Thank You!

  • The new Apple TV looks soooooo awesome, I could die. Now if I got the Apple TV 3, my brother would be stuck with the Apple TV 2 lol

  • Stavasebff

    send it my way please

  • I want it!

  • Jimwendte

    I want to see Apple TV 3 in HD, 1080!

  • Dani Sánchez

    New appleTV 1080p? I don’t know how i’ve been living watching movies at 720p all my life xD

  • I would love to win this and I need a new T.V. so bad.

  • talamasca

    When I get? 😉

  • appletvwinna

    I’m going to win

  • Edwardlotz

    This would be great. I need to see what jailbreaking will gain for me.

  • Steve Kusters

    Omg this has to be awesome

  • Anonymous

    I want one

  • Gorkrb

    Atv3 awesome!

  • Michelle L.

    1080p I want it!

  • please please please let me win 😉

  • great giveaway

  • raf-63

    E’ MIO!!!

  • Spartiate

    One for me please, I need one!!! I’ve been waiting for the 1080p support for the last 15 months.

  • imgonnawin

    hope I win! 🙂

  • Dcgeorge95

    Want one!

  • Landaun

    ive been waiting so long for this

  • Anna G (A @ Monkey Tales)

    Thanks so much for the AWESOME giveaway ! Would love to win this one!

  • Odbz

    i want one!

  • Neo227

    Me please

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    Great prize. I would love one of these!

  • Jim

    I want!

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    I want it

  • Dayzeedawg

    I would like to have one, please.

  • Josh

    I would like the new AppleTV

  • Jwilsonwsu

    apple,always late to the game but always ahead on executing

  • marie chris

    nice giveaways.., hope to win one 🙂

  • I hope I am elected governor of California or win an AppleTV.  I will take either.

  • Peter Fry

    ATV3 Please!

  • Dan

    Definitely want one!

  • Wabread

    wouldnt mind one

  • daNNy

    GIVE ME ONE!!!!!!!!
    I want it!

  • Bmcclure

    No whammies!

  • SoyIman

    I want one now!!
    actually no i’m not

  • aa

    it’s mine 🙂

  • axinosgr

    Good luck to all!!!!

  • Anonymous

    1080p + XBMC + .3 amps = awesomeness

  • Becky Greene

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Skoodge

    Cool Contest!

  • Bighimey


  • Appie


  • AngeltornAdia

    Cool, i wsh me luck :p

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  • Jesse Menard

    Fingers crossed.

  • I really hope that mkv’s will be playable on the new apple-tv… HD 1080p mkv streaming + XBMC+appletv should be good.

  • John_98_22

    This is a very informative website about apple products and updates

  • I’d love an Apple TV!  HD 1080p sounds spectacular!

  • Dan Robinson

    Stream 1080p is for me

  • One here please!

  • Apa


  • Mark

    count me in

  • Jbohn

    Woo! I need an upgrade from my 1st gen!

  • GULLY21

    Already own a atv2 but it would be nice to receive the new one with 1080p

  • Aceedburn

    Would definitely love this new atv. Fingers crossed.

  • I have 2 gen but 1080p its grate.

  • Hadi Sharghi

    I love appletv

  • it’s mine, I deserve it !!!!!

  • Prathyks

    apple tv hacks rock!

  • So nice … i can’t wait to end the countdown 🙂

  • So nice … i can’t wait to end the countdown 🙂

  • Peach

    Apple TVs for EVERYONE!!

  • Ruben


  • Louis

    thanks for the chance

  • Tom

    Boom! I’m gonna win this!

  • Dantucker2010

    Wow! Can’t wait for this!

  • Oliver Langendijk

    Love to get my hands on one! 1080p is the feature that lacked.. Now it’s up to date. Hope some apps will be available soon.

  • Tomas

    Been waiting to get my hands on an ATV!

  • Love to have one of those

  • Toby

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to get one of these.

  • Freakster74

    I would love one of those 😀

  • Guest

    Yes please.

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    I like Apple TV.

  • Guest

    May I have a AppleTV please?

  • Domo

    new favorite site

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    Best ATV site on the web!

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    Me want, yum-yum! 🙂

  • rv

    cant wait

  • Xander Denke

    This has to be the one time I win a contest!!!!!!!

  • I have 5  TVs and they are all over 20 years old it would be so sweet to win this one.. I would finally know what it is all about have a real TV…

  • Michelle H.

    Fingers crossed for an Apple TV..thanks for the chance.

  • The new Apple TV is awesome! I hope I can finally own an apple product!!!! It would be so cool if i won.

  • Nvd

    how to ENSURE i get 😀

  • Eonuser

    i like new apple tv!!!

  • I need 1080 please.

  • Adam

    YES! Now running XBMC on my apple tv will actually be smooth!!

  • Dave

    Love me 2nd gen ATV, hoping I can score the 3rd gen one here.

  • Dave

    This isn’t a TV Jenny, it’s a media box, and you will need a new widescreen digital TV to even use the AppleTV. It does not work on old TVs at all.

  • Sam C.


  • Allie

    Thanks for the chance to win one. I would love to see how XBMC runs on this.

  • Jen S

    Thanks for the chance

  • Wiimo

    Thank you for the opportunity! This device looks sweet.

  • Freetobelee

    bring me 1080p!

  • Notgha

    Bring it on!



  • Dante19

    Need it

  • Andrew Elaschuk

    Bah. Seriously. I lOve apple but I hate the punie changes.

  • Laura V

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway, good luck everyone

  • Hey random! Choose me!

  • dhaval Thakur

    Choose me pls pls pls 🙂

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  • Jjhkmj

    The future

  • Pimp!

  • Done 🙂

  • Vladimir Medvedev

    Great prize! I’d love to win it!

  • Jesse V.


  • Anonymous

    an apple tv would be a nice update from my tube tv -that wants to retire

  • Really love ATV and!!!

  • Macgyver


  • Torn about the interface, but would like a complete 1080p viewing

  • Kelvinbahia

    I’ll win!!! Nice new ATV!

  • Csculb2

    Love apple and their products!

  • Tom K

    This will tide me over until they release their TV …

    Speaking of which — anyone else think that the new UI is indicative of what they may be doing with the “iTV”?

  • Emil Gruettner

    Apple TV, be my guest!

  • Valeriuturea

    Welcome! Now gimme, gimme, gimme 😀

  • smg

    Thanks for the hardware & hacks

  • Asalotto

    for realz! i’ll take one for free. i won’t buy one though. already have atv2

  • Mark

    Neat !

  • brandon crocker

    I will take on for free

  • Alsamuelson

    I would love this.

  • Rety1

    Omg i want it!!

  • Eric Murray

    I’d very much enjoy to win this.

  • Anonymous

    I want to stream my MLB in 1080p this should do the trick

  • ashley


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  • Good luck everyone

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    Nice deal

  • Gabe

    I want one!

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    I’d love to win an AppleTV!

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    Nice promo

  • awesome!!!!!

  • love it…..

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    This is amazing, good luck to everyone

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    Hope I win…Ben

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    I want to win.

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    Looking forward to trying Apple TV!!

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    i cant wait

  • Carrie M


  • Alright, alright, alright!! you gon learn today!

  • Sanderswendy

    I would so love to win this. How exciting. Thank you Apple for allowing all of us the opportunity for a chance to own such a wondeful thing:) You Rock!! Got my fingers crossed!:)

  • Sanderswendy

    I would so love to win this. How exciting. Thank you Apple for allowing all of us the opportunity for a chance to own such a wondeful thing:) You Rock!! Got my fingers crossed!:)

  • Anonymous

    What an awesome prize – thanks!

  • Katy M

    thanks so much for the great giveaway!

  • Stefan S

    Really nice giveaway! Thanks!

  • evan

    Fingers and Toes (Crossed)!

  • Arif

    so much excited of ATV3… hopefully there will be a lot of smart apps available soon

  • Nathan

    About time Apple released the ATV with 1080p output

  • Goodluck!

  • Boo

    Good luck! 😉

  • LiLing

    Cool giveaway.

  • Bulge4024


  • It looks good, anyone know if it has a 3.5mm Jack out, or is it still only optical and HDMI?

  • Amanda hoffman

    would be nice to win this.

  • This would be fantastic! Thanks for the opportunity to win! 

  • Caleb Benoit 1988

    Would be a nice addition to complete the apple tv experience, adding a 3rd gen to the last tv. So be awesome to win! 

  • mn

    hm 4.4.4 jailbreak on my atv2 isn’t working 🙁

  • Cool!!

  • awesome!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take one please.

  • Tiffany

    Would love to win this!

  • Arnoldvanosch

    I hope i win!!!

  • Anonymous

    I want to win!

  • Tyler9coolgirl

    PLease please please I want to win! Im unable to have a regular tv in my room because there are no cables leading into it so i need something else and this will do the trick perfectly! also – IM BROKE!! 🙁 WIN WIN WIN

  • 5q25g5bdrs

    I wish this raffle thing would tell you it wants you to like/add/etc. before you give it an email address. 🙁

  • Brit Painting

    Time for me to win

  • NeuralBlade

    Bring it on, 1080p apple tv box

  • Johno Crawford

    Gotta get me one of those!

  • waiting… waiting… waiting… when will I win?  Did I win!?

  • trumpet444

    itd be nice to have something to go with my hackintosh

  • LTH2009

    I would like to add the functionality of the new apple tv to my set up. Nothing would pair better with my iPhone 4s and new iPad!!

  • Mergedown

    Love my current ATV2, but an upgrade is better!!

  • I am extremely excited about the 1080p. It’s all part of my whole tech overhaul of my house

  • Let me win, please.

  • lukeismighty

    Thanks for the heads up.

  • Simon

    I hav the apple tv2 and need the new apple tv 3 for the 1080p 

  • My husband is in love with the Apple TV and I admit, I’m heading that direction.  Thanks for the chance!

  • Skull Skull

    I Want it!

  • Want it. Hope a jailbreak is released soon!

  • guest

    way to go!

  • Rrmohr

    I now have an 2 iPods, an iMac, 2 iPhones and am looking at the new iPad.  I really need a  new Apple TV too!!

  • Brianhino805

    fingers crossed.

  • MemphisBen

    This is awesome.  Thanks for the update!  Looking forward to the Seas0nPass with the new IOS.

  • Djhhaagen

    Nice action

  • John R

    I think the new IOS look is much needed for ATV! Great comp too.

  • brostbeef

    Yahoo!  Free AppleTV!

  • Michael B. Stuart

    Enter me please


    Love my apple tv.  Would love to try out the new 1080p.

  • Kelly Burroughs Crowell

    Thank you so much for this AMAZING giveaway 🙂 It would be an amazing gift for myself because I’ve wanted one since they came out but my budget hasn’t allowed the purchase yet!! 

    Oh and my Google+ name is : Kelly Crowell

    Kelly Burroughs Crowell – kjb1977 at live dot com

  • Matt

     thanks for this!

  • Jesper

    Want this one plz plz plz!!!

  • would love to win one of these bad boys!

  • Trinklet

    I love my 2nd gen appleTV, would love the newest!

  • I have the original Apple TV still new in the box.. I’d love to win the new Apple TV 2 and try my skills at re-purposing the original Apple TV

    That is how I found this website and contest .. looking for a way to hack my original.. not winning a new Apple TV, but that would be a bonus for the wife. Sure wold put a smile on her face

  • Nir Sagiv

    I really wanna get the new apple TV!!!

  • Amramazon280

    thanks for the giveaway

  • Need an apple tv 3rd gen to fulfil my lifes dream of being awsome!!!! u guys rock!

  • really great giveaway, I hope I win!

  • Melanism

    I can’t wait to use AirPlay on my TV

  • thank you for the chance 

  • Ahume12

    Thanks for running the competition 

  • Kulaga


  • Anonymous

    Gazinga! 😉

  • Travis

    The new Apple TV does look pretty sweet.

  • Benjami

    Oh yes, Applease me!!

  • Anonymous

    i want!

  • Thanou Thammavongsa

    awesome contest!! i want it!! pick me!! lol

  • Brandon Brown

    Looks like a pretty sweet contest, the Apple TV when hacked is pretty cool too

  • Charlie

    Hope I Win !

  • /nina

    OF COURSE I want to win 🙂

  • Soranzo Nicolò

    Hope I Win 🙂

  • good luck

  • Anonymous

    I never won.

  • Thanks for the opportunity to win the New Ipad… 

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait till Mountain Lion landed for Mac to AppleTV 1080p AirPlay.

  • Nandor690

    Love appletv

  • Imactouch

    This is a really great prize!

  • Iain

    This is great, full 1080p is a great addition 🙂

  • Butterfly022880

    I wanna be a winner!!

  • Sergeyarkarchmit

    i want to win…… i need it

  • Corygreenwell

    Would love an aTV

  • Giveitatryster


  • Taz1967

    Would love to have one!

  • Brevoort29

    Looking forward to winning 😀

  • w000t

  • Alexander Tsiplakov


  • ER

    Excellent prize… I hope I have lucky!

  • Cyclon5005


  • I want a new apple TV, but don’t find it worth it to buy the 3 when I have 2 2’s.. a free one would be superb.  Also, I check this site every day for new advances in Jailbreak, XBMC, Plex, etc.

  • Thanks for giveaway nice prize

  • really Hope I win this. Been contemplating buying an Apple TV for about 18 months now and the 3rd generation looks amazing, 

  • Julie Douglas

    Be nice to have 3rd Gen ATV!

  • Frishack

    I haven’t tried an Apple TV yet, so would really like to win.

  • 1080p 1080p

  • Umm, yes please. 

  • Anonymous

    yes I want

  • Vicantrell


  • Wayne Cierkowski

    Just got my first apple TV gen 2 and I owuld love to sse what the Apple TV Gen 3 can do..

  • Todd

    Thanks for offering this!

  • Michael Leth

    would love this.

  • rcrh

    step one – win this thing,
    step two – wait for a jailbreak,
    step three – install xbmc,
    step four – enjoy.

    I can’t wait.

  • Doiron77

    It would be nice to win this because I know alot of friends that have this and like it.

  • Want. Need. Must have.

  • Andigator

    Hope to win! 🙂

  • Corey Trautman

    Good luck everyone!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait for XBMC on this.

  • Christopher

    Daddy needs a new Apple TV!

  • Anonymous

    This is great

  • Baceves908


  • Sign me up

  • Rossano Sanna

    Great blog!! Good job guys!!

  • Gilberto Alves

    Yeaaah i want it, so much….

  • Always play,never win….story of my life 🙂

  • rad!

  • Евгений Палехов

    I live in Russia. When I win, then write a review with photos and video.Like this:

  • Greg Granger

    Apple TV rocks, and I would love to win it!

  • Rob Tomas

    i want to win

  • brots

    Cool Idea

  • carlitomarron8

    Apple TV 1080p with XMBC hack is my dream!!
    This is the first step to make it real!!

  • Hghg

    Apple TV – u gotta luv it

  • Sakis Chatziathanasiou

    love apple tv

  • hi

  • Bopu88

    love the new device

  • Mkratz01

    This would be great for my Mom! The ol’ TV just isnt good on her eyes anymore!

  • Apple TV, eh? Sounds pretty awesome to me. I’ll give it a go!

  • kbm

    I have always wanted an Apple TV!

  • Andrea Milazzo

    i wanna winit!

  • Dedlyie2003

    I want it!! 🙂

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  • Oz—-turk

    Good luck to all of wining the apple tv 3!

  • Anonymous

    Want this!

  • Justin Ritsche

    This would go great with my other Apple devices. Can’t wait to get my airplay on!

  • Sur4die

    perfect for time share with my second monitor!

  • Robin B

    New apple tv Rocks. Cant wait to jailbreak it!

  • Not a big apple fan, but this would go nice with my new Samsung TV

  • Tournesol2000

    very cool. This little black box is looking very enticing indeed!

  • Friend just picked one up & said he loves it. I would too!

  • Would love to try out Apple TV and then tweet about it…

  • Frederic Salort

    I’d love to have it 🙂

  • Count me in! 

  • Ali

    cool giveaway

  • Deb K

    This would be Awesome to win!!

  • Claudia

    Great giveaway ,!

  • Anonymous

    When I win, I will write on all the forums about your site.
    The details and photographs, like this:

  • Thanks for the awesome chance! Love it! 

  • sam

    I hope that we can jailbreak tv3 as soon as possible  

  • Howwedoitmods

    This would be an awesome step up from an apple tv 1!

  • Amie Heckman

    Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win

  • Whelchelc

    I am an apple fan, would love to try the Apple TV

  • Ricky Heyer

    I want to win this so bad! So many HD files to make pretty on my flat screen TV:D

  • German Morales

    Ready to win my appletv 3

  • Fstamper

    Hope I win

  • robert luther

    be cool to win it,,i never really win anything,i did win a 3ft party sub from subway once!…

  • DJ

    Damn, my dad would love this. 

  • Severin


  • Super Dave

    Can’t wait to cut my cable!!! When will JB for apple TV 3 be coming?

  • Susan Moseley

    Yes, Apple TV is for me!

  • Going to buy one at the first of the month but I need new tires too. This could save me some money. 🙂

  • 260384


  • Gcl07221992

    I hope I get to win this! This would be great for my family!

  • Great. I’d like to win.

  • Elad

    The new Apple TV looks like it has some real potential with the 1080p display.

  • Anonymous

    My gift to
    Yours, Evgeny.

  • Keen to have a good look around this new iteration of the ATV iDevice.

  • Marco M.

    I hope to win

  • Mike


  • Anonymous

    It would be awesome to win!

  • Ibanez903

    please . my ex took my 2nd gen apple tv when we broke up.

  • Giuseppe Puliafito


  • Jake

    I’m thinking to buy, but hope to win one!

  • Jason R

    Excited to see the difference in quality between the 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TVs.

  • Kmalhotra17

    Looking forward to this! Thanks!

  • Awesome

  • Wareaglewalt

    I must have this.

  • Hmm… The new Apple TV would force me to update my television :3 
    I still have a crappy 720p haha

  • Benjoeg

    Let’s see what happens

  • Joffrey

    6 steps?…

  • Sky Keshav

    wow fantastic !!

  • Thanks for the opportunity!

  • This would be great!  Looks really interesting.
    **My FB user ID is Kathleen Conner, not Kathy Conner
    klconn7 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  • Rodolfo Griffith

    Rodolfo Griffith ▶ Apple TV Hacks
    non-matinee movie ticket = $12
    Popcorn = $6
    Drinks = $4
    Thus, the average expense at a theater is about $20
    Take a family of four to the movie = $60-80
    Having a apple tv jail breaking it and installing Icefilms = PRICELESS

  • Thanks for the giveaway

  • Ryan Young

    A free Apple TV would be sweet

  • Can’t wait to start testing Apple TV 3!

  • The Apple TV gets better with each release

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    Cool site especially for use ATV JBers

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    Yours, Evgeny

  • Matt

    Looking forward to 1080p

  • be cool to win it,,i never really win anything.

  • Dunkstar

    I have an ATV2. Would love the new ATV3!!!

  • i would love to try the new appletv

  • Soupy49

    Would love to have an Apple TV so I can get comfy watching missed TV shows instead of sitting at my pc.

  • Jack

    Looking forward to owning an Apple TV 3G 😀

  • Matthew Tolic

    Need this

  • Tommydoe78ca

    This is so fake too good to be true

  • Rene123451

    I would really like to win i wanted one for a long time but could not afford it this is my chance

  • I need a new TV, PLEASE pick me for your winner.

  • Frank Lazar

    I’d love to hook one of these to my new 1080p HDMI monitor.

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