Apple TV software update with new user interface available today for Apple TV 2

by tomek on March 7, 2012

New Apple TVAt the event held today in San Francisco, Apple announced the new, third-generation Apple TV with a brand new user interface. According to Apple’s press release, second generation Apple TV users can install the new Apple TV UI via a free software update, available today. Third generation Apple TV hardware is required to play 1080p video.

At today’s event, Apple unveiled the new Apple TV that supports full 1080p video playback and allows to stream movie purchases from iCloud.

The new model will be available next week (Friday, March 16th) for $99. Pre-orders start today.

New 1080p Apple TV Giveaway

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  • Steamboater

    Let’s get to hacking!

  • Brian

    Am I the only underwhelmed by this announcement? 1080p was expected and all good…but what else? A revamped UI?

  • Alex Davies

    Unbelievable, how long are firecore going to take to launch atvflash black for 5.1. Lazy….

  • Hi, can you provide a source link for this? Haven’t seen anything about it besides your page here.

  • Anonymous

    Will the update kill the jailbreak?

  • Troy Olney

    This is very disappointing. No new features for ATV 2 users. : (

  • Soulsaver

    I had an AppleTV2 on order from Apple due to arrive this week but now they’ve cancelled it so they can ship the new 2012 model. Sorry for being a noob but if I get the new model will I be able to jailbreak that straight away or have to wait for it to be cracked? If so how long does it usually take. I’m not sure whether to cancel the order and wait a while now.

  • Anonymous

    I sincerely hope this is sarcasm.

  • 10MacsInDaHouse

    It’s a waste of time to update, all it does for the AppleTV2 is pull all of the menu items out into icons on the main screen. Big disappointment for me and definitely not enough to constitute upgrading to an iPad3 even with the 1080p. Apple needs to do a lot more with the AppleTV like adding HULU, VooDoo, and other services besides NetFlix or create their own subscription service.Unfortunately Apple has skin in the game with Netflix so that’s not likely to happen. I cancelled Netflix months ago and to be honest for the convenience RedBox is a better alternative.

  • Ricard

    Hi, for the jailbreak users. Can update de ATV2 and then jailbreak again? I can’t lost my plex!
     A reader from spain!

  • James

    It seems that “Movie”, “Purchase” only works in the USA.  It’s not working in Australia.  🙁

  • Visit the fireCore site for more details, but it appears they think they’ll be able to crack this revision as well.  Given that this software update works on aTV2 it is highly likely that they’ll have a jailbreak for aTV3.

  • yes

  • TBB

    OK, so how do you access the Paul McCartney live stream concert now from the new interface? Can’t see a reference to it anywhere. Also, how do you delete photos from the photo stream on the Apple TV. Deleting them from an iPhone or iPad only deletes them from that device, not the stream – annoying!
    Does anyone else think the new interface is just UGLY and awkward? Wish I could revert to the previous one.

  • deviceguru

    Where did you get the firmware update? My atv gen 2 box keeps saying there’s no update available when I try to do an update. Is there a download link?

  • Sdlkfjslj

    Is 1080p the only reason to upgrade to ATV3 from ATV2?

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