AirPlay Mirror your Mac’s screen to Apple TV with AirParrot (Update: AirParrot 1.1 with audio mirroring is out)

by tomek on February 23, 2012

AirParrot AirPlay Mirroring to Apple TV 2Just one day before Apple announced it will bring AirPlay Mirroring to Mountain Lion this summer, AirParrot, an app that does exactly the same thing ML will do – mirrors your Mac’s screen to your HDTV connected to the Apple TV 2 – has been released. So if you don’t want to wait six months until the new Apple’s OS is released or you don’t own a Mac with a second-generation Intel Core (it seems that AirPlay Mirroring in ML only works on the Macs with second-generation Intel Core, while AirParrot works fine on older macs), you can give AirParrot a try just now. And AirParrot’s developers promise they will be offering “features that Mountain Lion doesn’t currently have or advertise as coming.”

AirParrot does one simply thing – streams your computer’s display (the app works by encoding your display’s image as H.264 video) to your Apple TV 2 over AirPlay, in real time. And it does it pretty well: airplaying my Mac’s screen to Apple TV while surfing in Chrome, playing movies and watching photo slideshows worked quite seamlessly during my tests. Mirroring stopped only once, when I tried to play a video in QuickTime on full screen. However, on second attempt, it worked just as it should.

For now, you can’t AirPlay audio but the developers admit they are “dying” to add this in the next update. They will be also adding support for second monitor and higher video quality support in a future update.

UPDATE: AirParrot 1.1 has just been released with audio mirroring, external monitor support, password support and some performance enhancements. AirParrot 1.1 also supports trial versions.

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AirParrot is available from here and costs $9.99 for a single license or $29.99 for 5 licenses. You don’t need any hacking; AirParrot requires Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7 and a second-generation Apple TV running firmware 4.4.

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  • Ill wait for mountain lion

  • and pc?

  • wow so fast, audio support!

  • LeonardoMBorges

    I use Mountain Lion and AirPlay Mirroring works fine! But not in fullscreen.

  • Martyng

    Holy balls! Can we get a windows version?

  • VivD

    Damn. I thought external monitor support meant some kind of an Extended Desktop option. I so wish they come up with an extended desktop feature instead of just mirroring.

  • Nick

    This really works well full video and audio. Don’t extend desktop though as it reduces quality. Normal mirror is awesome.

  • Gcombas

    You have Mountain Lion and hasn’t even been released??????

  • Cancan

    How those of us with AppleTV V1? I have my ATV V1 hacked w/ boxee & HD Remote, streeming via iTunes is awesome for video content on iPhone and MacBook pro however, why does it all stop their for us ATV V1 users? I feel like we are being left behind. Anyone know how to mirror with original ATV V1? Please advise!
    Our ATV V1 is so superior with our hard drives and extra ports but we need new flash’s too!
    Help a brother out!


  • Trevar

    My Airplay keeps saying connection failed? same as the picture above in the tutorial. What am I doing wrong?

  • Lynnw3

    I just downloaded the 1.1.3 update and it won’t run.  I click on it and nothing happens.

  • Cool! AirParrot looks promising! Another addition to my musthave and musttry apps/firmware. Thanks for the share!

  • steve

    I found this extremely buggy. constantly dropped the mirroring and audio did not work at all

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  • where i can get the windows version?

  • Jojo

    Im sceptical of these things, but trial worked well.  No audio, but display was very good and very little lag time.  This will be very useful and not going to upgrade to mountain lion when I can purchase this.  Apple should be ashamed that they haven’t made this a feature on there existing OS’s.

  • same here.. maybe we must buy the original driver

  • exonico

    Just tried it, worked very well on my apple tv 3. This does not support 5.1 though

  • Anonymous

    AFAIK Mountain Lion mirroring only does 720p and stereo as well…

  • Pi gumon

    After updating the AppleTV2 to 5.0.1, the audio has a distinct lag.  =/

  • MrAkimbo10

    no this is one of the reasons why you should have a mac

  • Huh?  What are you talking about?  AirParrot has versions for OX X 10.6+ and also Windows XP or later.  I’m an Apple fan too, lifelong user, and there’s no need to spew falsehoods.

  • No, it now handles 1080p, but it only works on early-mid 2011 Macs and newer.  Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge processors.  No one else.  AirParrot fills the gap!

  • Dave

    having the same issue im using though a setupbox with airplay plugin that works fine with my mac or ios devices but connection failed with airparrot..

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