IceFilms XBMC add-on for Apple TV is back, now supports RapidShare links

by tomek on January 27, 2012

IceFilms XBMC add-on for Appe TV

The devs of IceFilms XBMC plugin for Apple TV haven’t given up after FBI took down Megaupload, the source of the most of IceFilms links, and they just released a new IceFilms 1.0.24 beta that supports RapidShare links. 2Shared links are still an option too. Going forward links will be posted to both 2Shared and Rapidshare so users will continue to see both in the sources section.

According to the developers, the new beta isn’t perfect but “it’s a development build and updates will be pushed through quickly.” There seems to be a bug with the tvshownextaired script but this should be fixed quickly as well.

The devs have disabled the metadata install pack from 1.0.24 so if you are doing a fresh install of this release you won’t be able to get metadata until the beta testing is done 1.1.0.

Things to know about RapidShare:
– Time limit on files varies to what appears to be server load, busier they are the longer you wait;
– No download limits, you can download as much as you want per day;
– Files stream and download just like Megaupload – still high quality AVI and HD scene releases.

To update to version 1.0.24 open XBMC, go to Videos -> Add-Ons -> Get More ->Icefilms -> Update. Some users report this didn’t work and they had to reinstall IceFilms. Here is how to install the new repository:

  • Download IceFilms 1.0.24 zip
  • Open XBMC, go to Settings > Addons > Install from zip file, browse to your downloads and select it. Repository installed!
  • Now you can install from within XBMC, by navigating to Settings > Addons > Get Add-ons > anarchintosh add-ons.

Here is a video of the new IceFilms in action:

[via hd420p]

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  • Fingtxcwby2

    How did you get that cover like flow in the Video Add Ons where ICE Films was?

  • Fro455

    What theme are you guys using in this video?

  • DonJoe

    I remember reading somewhere that rapidshare also had legal issues and started filtering on copyrighted material or something. Or was that another provider?

  • Anonymous

    The Theme is aeon nox and the view is part of the skin 🙂

  • Rospond3

    Can’t get it to work…help. The zip is on the apple tv but says it has an error??

  • Alex Zeilinger

    first i dod the update to 1.0.24 and rapidshare links do work but 2shared link don’t. After reading this article i tried to uninstall the ice films and reinstall it. After uninstalling the package and installing from zip.. i went on Settings->add ons->getaddons->anarchintosh add ons ..but when i click on ice films.. it doesn’t have the option to install it.. it just says configure or uninstall… sum up.. it still doesn’t work..what can i do? Since nearly movie links are 2shared links, i can’t watch anything.. please help 🙁

  • Adkins05

    Can anyone help me PLEASE!
    Ok, I’m just going to say this now…I’m a Noob. I am having ALL kinds of problems. 
    What I want: To play .mkv files on my AppleTV
    What I tried: Successfully Jailbroke…Check 
                       Downloaded NitoTV…Check 
                       Downloaded XBMC…Check 
                       Made sure sharing was on for (SMB)…Check
    Problem: Error 2: Share not Available
                       Spent hours trying to figure it out…came to the conclusion…Impossible now 
                       Tried going through Zeroconf Browser…No .mkv files show up
                       Downloaded PlayBack…went to UPnP Devices… No .mkv files show up

    The only reason that I Jailbroke my ATV2 is to watch .mkv files without hours of converting. Please, Please, Please, help. And I hate to say it, but you will have to be painfully detailed when explaining. This is driving me crazy. 

  • Beeeeeebbo2300

    cant find the folder on apple tv

  • Pat

    me neither

  • Ricardo

    install firecore atv black 

  • emp

    2shared movies don’t work? Can ennybody help me?

  • nugie

    dont work on me too, after display working comes out, there no action. only stay on the menu file source

  • eqm

    connection refused when I try to SSH my box. WTF! any ideas?

  • Pri

    same here…

  • Tom10mcfc

    2shared movies not working for me any ideas y

  • R Whitcombe

    Rapid share just stops 1 min into the film any

  • alvaro a

    me to

  • denny

     think there is a general problem with rapidshare 2 shared works fine…

  • Mike


  • Eamonns

    If i have a rapidshare premium account and i want to add my username and password to xbmc how do i do it?

  • Static

    I have the same prob, can’t seem to login to rapidshare (for now it won’t work without premium account), I have a premium account, but don’t know how to login in xmbc

  • Static

    Ok I found it, goto icefilms config in xmbc, you can enter login info there.

  • Miniseema

    me 2… is there an alternative???

  • Sdfsdf

    Great post, loud too. Think the MPAA heard you? Luckily this wont get too many hipsters on XBMC posting in all the wrong sections; all asking for help with their illegal streaming. Great post lad.

  • Hortie

    Is there a similar option for 2shared. And does either premium account make it actually work better? Right now my atv2 is like a broken record…

  • Hortie

    No setting for icefilms in my apple tv 2

  • leetut

    cant install icecrap its broken, dependencies not met crap, can apparently fix it with wget update or some other terminal shite but im using cyberduck and theres nowhere in there to type wget so ive got a jailbroken atv2 that streams movies from the imac to tv, which it can do without the jailbreak lol, dont bother as unless you pay RS for a pro account your stream will stop after few mins lol

  • Neggy

    convert it, sure it will take awhile but its better than nothing

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