Apple activates, pulls TV shows streaming on Apple TV 2 in UK, Canada and Australia

by tomek on December 9, 2011

Looks like Apple has temporarily turned on streaming of purchased TV shows on the Apple TV for customers in the UK, Canada and Australia on Wednesday. Users from these countries have been able to purchase the episodes directly on Apple TV 2 and stream it to the device. These were actual purchases, not rentals, and cost between free and $2.49 in Canada and about $2.99 AUD in Australia. According to GigaOM, only Aardman Studios, A&E, History Channel, PBS, PBS Kids, Vivendi Entertainment and Viz Media appear to have made their content available as of yet.

Yesterday, users started reporting that TV Show menu has disappeared from the Apple TV, so it looks like Apple removed this feature again. According to iPhoneinCanada, Apple did it because “the update was mistakenly sent out early, or the fact it wasn’t working properly.”

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  • Guest

    When I first saw this on my ATV2 I thought I was in XBMC and wondered why the theme was different – lol

  • Anonymous

    Well, I have bot gen ATV. On ATV 1, I have always been able to buy TV shows (I live in Canada), but not on ATV 2 (was only movie rentals, internet and computer). Yesterday, I didn’t have Search, Favorite, etc under “TV Shows” menu, just “My TV Shows” , this on my ATV 1. So I went to the other one, and I saw the same not thinking that TV Shows should have not been there to start with! Still trying to figure how to get ATV 1 to work properly. Tonight, I will try to have a new IPs allocated to the ATVs, maybe that will help.

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