Apple updates Apple TV 2 to version 4.4.3 (9A4051)

by tomek on November 18, 2011

Apple TV 2 software update 4.4.3
Apple has released Apple TV software update 4.4.3 (build 9A4051). The official release note says this minor update “ads support for Netflix in Mexico and addresses an issue in which audio may not play through the optical port when the TV is turned off.”

Users are reporting that the update has also made Netflix available in Brazil and Colombia (and maybe in other South American countries; anyone?). Some users that went from 4.4.2 to the new update report they have lost their settings. Also, after iTunes Match is turned on the Music menu just has one entry entitled “iCloud“.

As usual, keep away from the update if you don’t want to lose the jailbreak. nitoTV has already managed to jailbreak 4.4.3, so it won’t be long until the FireCore’s Seas0nPass is updated to tethered jailbreak 4.4.3. Stay tuned!

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  • really? i only thought this was for mexico only

  • prichards

    I can confirm that after the update, Netflix is availiable on Chile too

  • apacheco

    Netflix Costa Rica as well.

  • looks like amazon update their database, the new apple tv has a new version
    Apple TV MC572LL/A

  • elle yu

    sounds great

  • olly

    out of interest what is your NBA link in the image?

  • Olof Palme

    I´m searching for one little string of information but can´t seem to find it anywhere.

    Do I have to jailbreak my iPhone 4s to be able to run it with a jailbroken AppleTV2 device? 

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