How to Jailbreak Apple TV 2 on iOS 4.3 with Seas0nPass (untethered)

by tomek on April 6, 2011

FireCore’s Seas0nPass has been updated to provide an untethered jailbreak for the latest 4.2.1 (iOS 4.3) Apple TV2 software. Similar to PwnageTool, Seas0nPass allows you to jailbreak your atv2 by creating custom Apple TV IPSW files and restoring them in iTunes. It’s both mac and Windows and it works like a charm!

Here are the instructions on how to jailbreak your Apple TV 2 on iOS 4.3 (Apple TV 4.2.1) using Seas0nPass:

Pre-launch checklist

  1. Make sure you’re running the latest version of iTunes.
  2. Download Seas0nPass: Mac [10.6 or later] | Windows [XP or later]
  3. A micro USB cable will be required to complete the jailbreak.


Step 1: Launch Seas0nPass and select ‘Create IPSW’.

Step 2: The latest Apple TV software will be downloaded and used to create a custom jailbroken software file.

Step 3: When prompted, connect your Apple TV using a micro-USB cable (leave power disconnected), and hold both the ‘MENU’ and ‘PLAY/PAUSE’ buttons for 7 seven seconds. Apple TV will enter in DFU mode.

Step 4: A message will appear giving you further instructions.

Step 5: Open iTunes and restore your Apple TV (Shift + ‘Restore’ button) from the created custom IPSW file (located in My Documents -> Seas0nPass).


What to do next?
1. Install nitoTV or aTV Flash (black) to get the access to further enhancements.
2. Instal XBMC to watch Hulu.
3. Check out Remote HD app and atv2 plugin and control your Apple TV 2 with the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

  • Klavepatsfan

    Someone try this !! I am at work. I almost bricked mine yesterday , but I have a working jailbroken unit done with Pwnage . I cannot get XBMC to see my shared folder, and none of the other packages in Nitotv install… Hoping this is better way to go…

    Anyone? Bueler?

  • Queldorado

    I tried Seas0nPass on my Apple TV 2 yesterday and it worked fine (used the Mac version). After installing xbmc both sound and my shares worked fine. Also Plex streamed my files better.

  • Walkingjukebox

    im gonna give it a try and ill post my results 😀

  • Editor

    I would say it’s a bit slower than after jailbreaking with greenpoison but everything works fine, including XBMC

  • Do I need to update to the latest ios before jailbreaking?

  • Tkunsman

    confused by what the micro usb cable is for. do I copy the file on it? why do I need to connect it to ATV?

  • Aaronmac10

    WHERE DO YOU FIND OUT INSTALLING HULU!!!! Had JB my at2 and did it over again with 4.3 hack and promied hulu but cannot find instructions? help a dummy!

  • Mike

    doesn’t work for me windows 🙁

  • nivs123

    error codes 21, 1611 and now 1600, thanks i’ve got a f’ing brick sitting here at the moment – ideas anybody? won’t restore normally either.

  • K-Rock

    I lost my “ATV2 Remote” so can I use the “Remote App” for iPhone?

  • Brian3dee

    Love it! My ATV2 is running 4.3.1 iOS and jailbroken again! Bring on the freedom! 😀
    Thank you seas0npass developers and jailbrake devs!

  • minameismud

    didn’t work for me. restore looks like it worked (iTunes says so), but when i disconnect USB and plug into my TV i get the apple logo boot screen then blank screen. no “choose your language” screen or nothing. i can reboot it as many times as i want and same thing. i get the apple logo boot screen and then nothing. fail.

  • first time

    donne with Windows.
    all OK.

  • Walkingjukebox

    Finally got it to work after 2-3 attempts on Windows.
    At first it wouldn’t finish creating ipsw… then i got an error on iTunes when i finally got the ipsw and tried to restore. I re-downloaded seas0npass and tried everything over & over again and Finally everything is working fine.
    I ssh’d and installed nitotv Via Putty
    and then installed XBMC along with the bluecop and Icefilms Repositories 😀
    Thank you!

  • big_endian

    trying to install using OSX 10.6.7, can’t get it to enter DFU mode…

    Do i need to use windows? If yes, does iTunes have to be installed on windows?

  • SuperSam

    What am I doing wrong???? I have now followed instructions atleast 5 times, get everything to work but then i turn apple tv on and there is nothing that indicates that its been jailbroken….. No nito tv or anything else for that matter. After i have put my ATV in dfu mode i restore in itunes with the Seapass ipsw, Dont get why its not jailbroken??

  • crcjetty

    any chance of getting instructions for installing XBMC & other apps. i am using Windows 7. i have jailbroken ok with Seas0nPass but having trouble with SSH. i can connect using WinSCP & i open a terminal but i get errors when i enter commands.
    Command ‘apt-get update’ failed with return code 100 & error message E:Type ‘”deb’ in not known on line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/xbmc.list

  • Walkingjukebox

    Nothing indicates that it has been jailbroken on the main appletv menu.
    Once its jailbroken, THEN u can continue to add jailbroken features like Nitotv which has to be done manually.

    I used this Tutorial to add Nitotv.


  • crcjetty

    just figured it out. thanks anyway

  • sirfender

    i did the same
    try different variations of powering off, powering on, holding the menu and play button on the remote in until it actually resets (for a long time) and plugging it back in. Try a couple of restarting itunes too. I just did the same, and i am back to factory settings. Im not sure which one actually got it to appear in itunes, but hope this helps

  • I’m on attempt no. 4 now. I’ve bricked it once, and had to mess around for about an hour. I’m on Mac OS 10.6.6 (on a hackintosh woot woot), Running iTunes 10.2.1 (latest) and no luck so far. Anyone in my boat? I get an error every time I make it to the actual restore part in iTunes. Anyone else finding it funky how the ATV connects to iTunes? For instance I get 2 of them showing up sometimes and sometimes none at all.

  • sirfedner

    Ok, so i think i got it. After getting error 1601 constantly from itunes, i just ALT+Clicked “restore” and selected the ipsw file from the finder. After that… it worked!

  • SuperDistortion

    I got mine to jailbreak on the first attempt. Follow this link to install XBMC:

  • big_endian

    tried on WinXP… same result

    DateTime: 06/04/2011 21:55:05 Message: Output received: Device must be in DFU mode to continue
    DateTime: 06/04/2011 21:55:05 Message: Output received: mobiledevice_connect+
    DateTime: 06/04/2011 21:55:05 Message: Output received: mobiledevice_openpipes+
    DateTime: 06/04/2011 21:55:05 Message: Output received: not iBoot mode (iBootPath = \?usb#vid_05ac&pid_1281#cpid:8930_cprv:20_cpfm:03_scep:01_bdid:10_ecid:97090d8d2f_ibfl:01_srnm:[c7rf9f6hddr5]#{ed82a167-11e52236c576}ib0000)

  • Per Ammekilde

    Aaaaaaagh I can´t get it into DFU, anyone got a link to a workink metode?

  • Lonnox

    When I connect the micro usb cable, the led on the front does NOT start flashing !
    Why not ??? I tryed it on a win xp pro & Win 7 pro system. Also tryed dif. Ports.
    Nothing :-((

    Any idee ????

  • MaudStar

    After I connect and hold the 2 buttons on the remote for 7 seconds it says:
    iTunes restore script failed!, selecting IPSW in Finder…

    What is the solution for this?

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  • SuperDistortion

    Someone mentioned on another forum that they were having the same problem on the last jailbreak. they tried a different micro USB cable and it worked. Might be worth a try here as well.

  • Colonica

    My main issue was DFU mode, so i just added something to the steps, power up the apple tv right before you try to enter dfu mode. It somehow woke up my apple tv and iTunes them popped up and wala! Jailbreak baby!

  • MaudStar

    Thank you for your reactions.

    The error message appears after the connection with iTunes is made, so I think my USB cable is OK and my AppleTV is awake …

    Any other suggestions?
    Is it possible that I have to boot my MacBook in 32bit mode in stead of 64bit mode?

  • to install Hulu inside XBMC. Unfortunately the plugin has been blocked by Hulu. But there are other cool plugins you can get for XBMC such as icefilms

  • volcanirazu

    Have a problem installing nito or any app, because my IP Adress is DHCP ?
    Cant connect in the terminal
    Please help

  • awesomo

    Just plug the atv2 into a power source, then unplug it. the light should start flashing.

  • volcanirazu

    I think my jailbroke worked fine because when i started seasonpass again it shows me “The AppleTV2,1_4.3_8F202 firmware is untethered and does not require this process!”, does that means that my JB is OK??
    Now I can’t install any app because my atv ip add is DHCP and it seems it was not recognised??
    Maybe my JB doe not work propertly? Should I pass the process agian?

  • volcanirazu

    If JB is OK, should I have to see any ‘new’ app on my atv2 inmediatly?

  • Gryphon

    Been trying this for days – latest software on itunes and ATV2, yet itunes will not show my apple tv under the device menu… how can I get this to show so I can load the IPSW?

  • itworks!

    worked third time for me… first two failed because I was trying to follow the instructions that stated I had to ‘shift’ restore and select the modded file – but I noticed the error on seas0npass was about a failed itunes script – the third time I just started iTunes and waited while it ran the script asking for the modded file, I selected it from the finder windows that the script had opened and the rest ran automatically; and worked fine. Installed xbmc without any issues.

  • Matthewpetela

    When I do it gets stuck on preparing apple tv for restore and iTunes says error 1600 or 21

  • kyledesignsthings

    Any Help?! I get to the DFU/restore screen, another quick popup comes in, restores through iTunes and my ATV is not jailbroken? Anyone else have this happen / using a macbook???

  • Nope, and can’t use the remote from ATV1 or old Macs either- need both a Menu button, and a Play/Pause button to enter DFU.

  • K-Rock


  • Max

    same problem…have you found a solution?? i have done this twice.

  • Saevik1985

    i have tried 10 times to get it into DFU mode! and im about to give up 🙁 i have all the latest versions! what to do?

  • Saevik1985

    and when i plug in the mini usb when im not in seas0npass i dont find the apple tv on my mac! i am using a sationary mac.

  • Saevik1985

    Can anyone help me with this? i have the latest updates on everything. When i plug in the apple tv it doesent appears in itunes. And i have tried to do the seas0npass for 20 times and no go. The light is flashing so there are connection. It seems like i have to give up to hack my apple tv 🙁 i hope someone kan help a guy from norway 🙂

  • Dmjewald

    Hey so I had the EXACT same problem, I tried everything that every article had to say and I know my way around programs and how to jailbreak devices as all my Apple devices have been jailbroke multiple times. I had got so frustrated that I decided to just buy a new usb cable as my last hope and who knew it would then show up in iTunes!! Before with the old cable it would flash but never show up, I even used that same cable to hook other things into my computer and it had worked perfectly but I guess the Apple TV was picky but it is a very cheap easy way to avoid a huge headache

  • I had the same problem and this is what I wrote to someone else:

    Dmjewald 0 minutes ago in reply to Saevik1985
    Hey so I had the EXACT same problem, I tried everything that every article had to say and I know my way around programs and how to jailbreak devices as all my Apple devices have been jailbroke multiple times. I had got so frustrated that I decided to just buy a new usb cable as my last hope and who knew it would then show up in iTunes!! Before with the old cable it would flash but never show up, I even used that same cable to hook other things into my computer and it had worked perfectly but I guess the Apple TV was picky but it is a very cheap easy way to avoid a huge headache

  • yes you should see the nitro TV app

  • City_rj

    everything was fine until my apple tv device did not appear on the tunes, why? anyone ?

  • City_rj

    i unplugged my apple tv from the itunes and plugged again. it showed on the itunes after that however later itunes showed it cannot be restored

  • City_rj

    it says apple tv cannot be restored unknown error occurred (21)

  • City_rj

    ok it worked when i selected the other file from seasonpass. one without the letters SP

  • City_rj

    i disconnected the apple tv from my computer and connected again, after that it appeared in itunes

  • City_rj

    i don’t understand, i did jail break my apple tv using seasonpass on my PC. and i looked for further instructions to install ninotv , xbmc etc but they all require Mac. can anyone help me on this?

  • Saevik1985

    Have you found the problem? i have te same issue! Script failed when its trying to restore in itunes! Anyone know how to fix this?

  • Saevik1985

    iTunes restore script failed, selecting IPSW in finder ! anyone know what to do? im on a MAC and it should start automaticly 🙁

  • Kweksma

    I have tried it on two computers (W7 and XP) and both fail in the “itunes restore phase”. Itunes wants to perform “verifying apple tv” and fails. I asume this is because the ATV was already jailbroken to 4.1. Do you need to bring the apple TV back to factory defaults? Help would be appreciated.

    something i have discoverd : if i connect my Apple TV to USB nothing happens. I than add a little juice via the powercable, and once it starts flashing i do the “press menu/play for 7 seconds. It than starts flashing quickly and DFU mode gets enabled.

  • Editor

    are you sure you’re using the latest version of Seas0nPass? restore in iTunes should not start automatically in this version. what message do you get?

  • Editor

    try another USB cable

  • Editor

    this should work even on already jailbroken device but it’s always better to restore to factory settings first

  • Klimkot

    are you on mac? I used windows version and it iTunes didn’t start automatically, had to do it manually. but it’s just what the above instructions say;)

  • Editor

    you can do it on windows, just use Putty
    instead of terminal app (mac) to ssh in to your apple tv

    Let me know if you need further instructions

  • Editor

    try another USB cable

  • Editor

    what message did you get?

  • Editor

    what message did you get?

  • Editor

    try another USB cable

  • Martikon

    exactly! I have 3 usb cables, two of them don’t work and the third one just works perfectly, I haven’t got any problem restoring in iTunes since I bought this one!

  • Sakram76

    nitoTV doesn’t install automatically with Seas0nPass. I didn’t get any app after jailbreaking, had to ssh to check if my atv2 was actually jailbroken;)

  • MacUser

    I’d like to point out that shift + restore does not work on mac! You have to press ALT-button instead.

  • kyledesignsthings

    No real message except restoring software from apple. Too quick of a flash to see what file it is choosing, and won’t wait long enough for me to choose the ipsw. ?? Being a pain in the ass, the last seaonpass worked perfect first try.

  • Dj_bowhunter

    •Launch iTunes

    •Connect the Apple TV 2 to your computer

    •Using the Apple TV aluminum remote, hold down both the Menu and Down buttons for about 6 seconds until the device reboots

    •After reboot, release both of the buttons, and then immediately press and hold the Menu and Play button together

    •Continue holding until you see a message in iTunes saying an Apple TV in recovery mode has been detected



    I have had the following issues:

    Seas0npass not installing

    ATV for 4.3 not installing after jailbreak: Installer can not find device

    After 2 days I have just got it to work.

    1) Use Sn0wbreeze not Seas0npass to Jailbreak: This started out fairly easy but I had issues identifying the IPSW file. But got there in the end. Updated nitoTV. Installed openssh.

    2) atvflash install did not connect to the device, although the correct ip address was being shown. So, and bear with me here, I thought I would try and install via ssh. Installed Cyberduck. Followed instructions on this site to gain connection. Tried conecting with device ip address – connection denied. Used appleTV.local and connected.

    Whilst Cyberduck still had connection – Thought, Hang on, just maybe, just…. that gaining connection might now allow atvflash installer to work. AND IT DID!!!!!!!!



  • CA

    I am having the same problem. Latest seasonpass, latest itunes on mac with itv2.
    Had trouble getting into dfu but when i did using power cable etc (see elsewhere). Itunes automaticall opened, it installed the software patch then quick as you like it restored the original software and verified it with apple over my wifi connection. I tried disconnecting my wifi connection during the install but patch failed to install.In the end I had a non jailbroken itv2 even though seasonpass says the break was successful.

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  • themarxx

    hi there. I had to disconnect the power cable before DFU will kick in. 🙂

  • Hedvat

     unable to install on my mac as it comes back with:”Unable to install with this version of Mac OS X”.Any clues?

  • Gotnoone

    try to connect the power, it worked for me!

  • Dustinmorris

    my ATV2 is in DFU mode, i know this because the LED is flashing rapidly and also because iTunes has recognized the device.  Seasonpass has downloaded the patch but it stuck on the window waiting for device to enter DFU mode?! what do i do?

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  • Akpswiss

    Jailbreaking the ATV 2 now

  • 4web 2web

    This is a very good point and really should be included in the original article. Alt+Restore is for MAC

  • nhk

    it stopped at wrapping…. does not do anything. did anyone have same problem?

  • KT00040

    I’m working off a Mac and after the IPSW step finishes it gets “stuck” on “Unzipping IPSW” screen.  I looked it up on other forums and they said to change the file name so there is a comma, but isn’t that how it downloads automatically?? Please help!!!

  • A Norwegian Blue

    That worked for me, too. Connecting the power cord got the process rolling.

  • Joerg Peters
  • Dacaconstruct

    The last step base me f###ed. Please help me i get it in dfu mode and open iTunes i hold shift and restore then go to my docs and open the ispw and nothing happens it just restores the apple tv with no redsnow. HELP PLEASE !!!!!!!!

  • Dacaconstruct

    All good jail breaking the apple tv.
    To HARD to install XBMC i need some basic step by step instructions. Might sound stupid but i have not had much experience accessing ssh. 
    Can i install XBMC without hooking up to my lap top?
    Thanks would appreciate all help

  • Stef Vlottes

    i have n mpb with lion osx and and jailbreaked apple tv 2ng gen, on both devices is homesharing on and logged in but my apple tv cant see my computer ?? does somebody knows whats wrong ??


    if you still get errors try connecting the electric cable after the usb and press both button and it will go into the DFU mode

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  • Anchipeace

    i tried just now but got stuck when i’m trying to get it into DFU mode…  why?

  • lolWATnow

    thanks mate! i’ve been stuck with the dfu mode, tho i’ve got all the latest must-have-dled-to-work majiggies. 

  • lolWATnow

    It says error 2? I have to shut down firewall?…I shut it but still wont work!?!?!!

  • Guest

    Does Recboot work? Works great on iphones.

  • alpop

    i Jailbroke my first ApplTV from the first attempt, but for the second box it took half-a-day! First couldn’t get it in DFU mode for seas0npass to see it, finally did it but got error 21, then 1600, 1601.
    I reboot the PC, cleaned previous seas0npass download folder, startet the process all over, but…
    when it asked to connect the ApplTV via usb, I connected power cord and USB, then held menu and play together for few seconds, released it, here seas0npass found my devise in DFU mode and finished the process. When it asked me to automatically restore, I clicked “NO”. Then disconnected power cable and then turned on the iTunes. In iTunes held “shift” and click, browesed for the restore file and bum! I got it!

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  • Ernie F444

    hello need help, ive installed seasonpass, all good, but i think i need sum other file, it tells me i have too pay or enter id ####


  • abbe

    If you can’t get into DFU mode try to put your power cable into apple tv.
    And when iTunes shows up disconnect it.

    worked for me 🙂

  • DixonTooFar

    try changing you micro usb cable. some of them have 4 pins, others have 5.  I changed mine and was able to DFU my apple tv instantly

  • young29

    so i have all the proper tools, everything checked but yet i still cant get itunes to recognize my apple tv (dfu mode) please help!

  • Captwilbur610

    i have the FC logo on my tv screen..but the menu options are the same as the orignal appletv….help

  • Felix Emuze

    I have been trying for the two days to instalt seas0npass on my apple tv 2 but Can’t get pass please connect your apple tv via USB to continue. Please help. 

  • Denz

    I have atv2 4.3. when using seasonpass it says “This AppleTV is not eligible for this version.”
    pls help. thanks

  • Jsroland81

    Can you explain (please) how to use Putty to install Hulu?

  • Az_dcb

    I just bought new apple tv2 running 4.4.4 firmware. I got it for XBMC and it is a must. Do these directions apply to this old firmware? XBMC does not run untethered on iOS5. That being said, newest version being downloaded says 5.0 and the instructions is 4.3. Do I need to find a older version of the apple update to jailbreak without losing XBMC. Thanks in advance

  • I am stuck in ” Restoring in Itunes , Please wait while script is running ”
    what i need to do

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