Sn0wbreeze Updated to Jailbreak Apple TV 2 on iOS 4.3.1 (updated)

by tomek on April 4, 2011

And here it comes, another untethered jailbreak for Apple TV 2 on iOS 4.3.1. Snowbreeze has been updated to version 2.5 and can now jailbreak your atv2 on the newest 4.2.1 software. Sn0wbreeze is considered as the unofficial PwnageTool for Windows. It works with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and can be downloaded from here. A tutorial on how to jailbreak Apple TV 2 on iOS 4.3.1 using Sn0wbreeze 2.5 will be posted shortly.

Update: As you all noticed, Sn0wbreeze 2.5 didn’t really bring the support for Apple TV 2; for the last two days we’ve been trying hard to jailbreak our atv2 on the latest 4.2.1 firmware (iOS 4.3) using Sn0wbreez but we didn’t succeed (famous error 14). Good news is that the software has just been updated to version 2.5.1., which is said to provide “full Apple TV 2 support”. DFU instructions for atv have also been added. You can download Sn0wbreez 2.5.1 from ih8sn0w website and give it a try.

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  • Thanks… a guide will be great. I still cant get the thing to jailbreak,
    iv done my ipad and my iphone4 to 4.3.1 but the appletv just will
    not work. i need help. thanks appletvhacks 🙂 Il be waiting on ur
    tutorial 😀

  • Same here, getting 1600, 21, 12 and 14 errors – nothing seems to work..

  • waitingJBAppleTV

    The same to you guys…

  • Im not a dev and dont pretend 2 be one but all thew jailbreaks iv had to do going back since my
    1st iphone 3g have been easy enough most of the time, and if u had a problem it could be found
    on the net how to sort it but sn0wbreeze is just LAME lol it has nothing in the ui showing a appletv (well once) and i just cant get it to jb my atv. looks like im not the only one either, hope the tutorial
    is up soon, or rds0w gets appletv support

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  • hiya

    Same for me.

  • Yvan Lamontagne

    Same here, it won’t get in DFU mode

  • The problem is not being able to getting into DFU mode, the problem is that itunes injects the firmware and fails with numerous different error messages midway through.

  • Yvan Lamontagne

    Why is this jailbreak released if If Apple interferes and prevents it from doing its work?

  • Jimvodka

    glad im not the only one then

  • Brian3dee

    Getting ATV2 into UDF mode, no issue, plug in USB, then power, then press and hold the menu and play button for 7 seconds! Timing of pressing the buttons, right after plugging USB & A/C is a little tricky, but it works! Still once iTunes starts it’s restore, I get error 21, and then on retry I get 1600! I’m at a lose on this! Are we certain that this version of the jailbreak actually works on the ATV2? Has any one gotten it to work yet?

  • hxclos

    Mother f^$*^# #&#`~ @^!&%! And that’s just me complaining about not having a power button!

  • Fastfizzy

    I’m guessing there is no tutorial yet because it doesn’t work.

  • ckeenan

    got this working, the itunes errors were from my net blocker disabled my internet security apps and re-did the ipsw re-opened itunes loaded the ipsw and it worked fine

  • Pat

    This! It is exactly what is happening. I tried about a dozen times to no avail. I think there is no tut like someone else said, simply because it does not work!

  • Bertt

    same problem, itunes error 16 and 21 try with power cable and without power cable and on my laptop (xp) and home PC (xp:-,every process killed on the background like virus firewall etc. ) try 4 times but does not work , what i doing wrong ?

  • Whats the stori with the tutorial appletvhacks? Been checking the site every now and then since yesterday for it heh… shortly?!?! wats dat mean :@ messin lads 🙂 plz try get one up do. Thanks.

  • Any fix for this yet? As Stephen Rice mentioned below, I have done my iPad and iPhone 4 but for my ATV2 I keep getting Error 14 back…. If one of you guys can get it running please give us a shot.

  • Well, seems like it is confirmed that sn0wbreeze for ATV2 is broken. I just downloaded the ISPW from the discription in this youtube vid and restore worked like a charm. Error 14 seems to be related with CRC errors. Follow instructions from this guy:

  • watingJBAppleTV

    doesn’t work either. Only use iREB-r4

  • waitingJBAppleTV

    Actually, I installed Mac OS X in VirtualBox. However, when I JB Apple TV in that system, iTunes required re-recognizing it for several times. Of course, I couldn’t do that in an virtual system, and thus I failed again…WTF

  • Microfud

    No sound for xmbc with this jailbreak

  • Bertt

    I have jailbreak it with THE video from YouTube , thanks Thomas for THE link but after installing xbmc with nitotv i have no sound and no share 🙁

  • Yes that is the problem for everyone with the new jailbreak, we will have to wait for a fix either through nitotv-installer or a new nigthly build from xbmc..

  • Johan

    It worked for me. You should not have the power-cable plugged in at all. Other than that everything is the same as before with Seas0npass. Plug in USB and wait until light starts flashing faster, then press and hold Menu+Play for 7 seconds. You should then be in DFU.

  • hxclos

    THANK YOU! And the guy who actually made the IPSW file of course 🙂

    Damn you Sn0wbreeze! No wonder AppleTVHacks could never get a video up. It doesn’t work!

  • TiredofSnowBreeze

    use seas0npass to jailbreak ATV2 instead, it now supports untethered jailbreak.

  • Iphone

    well, all of the Snowbreez users who have errors like 14,21,1600 or any should use Seas0nPass jailbreak. i also had errors with Snowbreez but Seas0nPass jailbreak my APT2 in one attempt.

  • Iphone

    here is the link
    just follow it step by step and it wont take more than 15 min to jailbreak ur APT2. I said 15 min coz that’s what it took on my laptop. good luck to all.

  • Fastfizzy

    I can verify the latest update for SnObreeze (2.5.1) works properly on the ATV2. I haven’t tried installing XBMC yet, so I can’t verify if that is working properly, but the jailbreak definitely works.

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  • Colonica

    Anyone having issues with Xbmc crashing?

  • waoo gooood ……. thnx ………

  • Anonymous

    If your Apple TV runs software version 4.2.1(2100) on iOS 4.3 and you want XBMC on it. This won’t work! XMBC will give you errors like “Audio Device Error” and it won’t play MKV files. I tried SnowBreeze, PwngeTool, Seas0nPass and XBMC was giving me the same errors as the latest official release of XBMC doesn’t support h.264 decoding and AC3/DTS pass thru. So forget for now XBMC with iOS 4.3

    But I managed to restore it to previous firmware without SHSH blobs and use GreenPois0n to jailbreak and install XBMC again. Follow this tutorial:

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