Seas0nPass for Windows Released

by tomek on March 16, 2011

You’re on Winows and there is no mac around to help you do the job of jailbraking your Apple TV 2 accidentally updated to 4.3? The solution has just arrived: recently released Firecore’s Seas0nPass for Windows can jailbreak your little box running latest firmware and easily go through the tethered boot process if needed. Seas0nPass is free and open source. The application and user guides can be found at

Firecore has also shared the news that they plan to have a preview ‘alpha’ version of their video player (with NAS streaming support) available next week.

Here is a preview of the video player in action.

(Firecore: In the demo a full DVD (VIDEO_TS) movie is being streamed from a remote AFP based NAS drive over wifi. Playback is handled entirely on the AppleTV, and requires no server-side transcoding. Full 5.1 sound is also supported.)

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  • Cooper505

    Going to give it a go now 🙂

  • Atuner

    do you have to pay for the player? If so not for me.

  • @rtigs

    Should be free, otherwise install XBMC on your aTV2 and you can achieve the same thing (and definitely for free).

  • jwman

    “Boot tethered” option is grayed out? Anybody else getting that on win7 64-bit?

  • Emuhack

    XBMC is Amazing…. Installed and everything streams great!!!!

  • Frushtuk

    Does not work. Plugging both USB and power doesn’t work for the DFU. Only USB must be plugged, but then no Wifi. Other solution is to follow the Greenpoison DFU: USB 7s, then power 3 s and then menu + pause for 7s. Reboot OK, but no application to install, only the default things….

  • Nikolai Tonev

    Exactly the same situation with me… After manage to do everything successfully – the box run with default iOS things.

  • Guest

    The same to me . Everything goes right, and no apps was installed on it, but for the default settings. Now I had to boot with pc.Please check it.

  • Guest

    Same with me. Everything goes right, but still default atv menu

  • DFU Mode Problem

    It took some doing but I finally go this to work.

    My problem was that I could not get my unit to enter DFU mode when it was plugged into just the USB. Here is how I solved that problem.

    I plugged it into the power, entered DFU mode, the program sensed this and tried to continue. It opened iTunes and attempted it update, which of course failed.

    I then unplugged the unit from power, but kept it plugged into the USB. The unit was STILL in DFU mode. I closed iTunes and Seas0nPass, then started all over again, but kept the unit plugged into the USB. It sensed it was in DFU mode already and proceeded accordingly. Everything worked as it should after that.

    If you are having trouble entering DFU mode, I suggest you try this.

  • Have you people got ANY idea how INSANELY complicated your product is? SSH-blobs, version numbers, tethered boots, DFU mode, … what the fuck are you talking about? I have 2 Apple TV’s and, surprise surprise, they are nowhere NEAR a PC. This is a great passtime for people who have fuck else to do, but until you get me a turnkey solution… suck my big hairy balls, Seas0npass. It’s bad enough I had to order a fucking micro-usb cable to do all this.

    (To their credit, I did get a refund without any hassle when I discovered this fucktarded ‘tethered boot’ business. That’s nice.)

  • SPDY11

    Me too, don’t understand…

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