to Release Installer for Apple TV 2

by editor @ on February 7, 2011, a creator of Patchstick – software enhancement for the first generation Apple TV, has just announced that their first product for Apple TV 2Installer – is currently being tested and will be released very soon (“no later than February 15th, possibly a few days earlier”). Installer will allow you to install and maintain 3rd party plugins (such as Overflow, XBMC, Groovy, Exposed, Plex, BT Stack and others) with the click of your remote.

You will need to have your atv2 already jailbroken and an active AppleTV 2G account at in order to make use of this new software. Installer is already available for pre-order at the special price of $19.99 which also includes lifetime updates.

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  • mari0

    nice to read this but when i pay 19.99 this is include all the plugins and updates for lifetime … no more cost extra to it …
    please let me now if this is correct

  • Thas Yuwaraj

    Will this require the 2nd gen device to boot in tethered mode (every time)? All the jailbreaking tools out there seem to allow rebooting ONLY in tethered mode. This will be a show stopper for general use.

  • marco

    let’s wait for the official release…

  • Eye2eye673

    will it allow you to get addons for xbmc when it is installed on atv2?

  • zingbat

    NiTo TV already has this feature and it is free.

  • Guest

    nitotv will not allow to install their own plugins.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, “Have to atv2 already jailbroken”, I have jailbroken my Atv2 followed the guide on this site:
    Hope the 3rd party plugins including my iFunia DVD Ripper Pro, as I use it to make my Atv to be a home Media Centre.
    Just waiting the releasing…

  • Blackdog

    I’ve got a question… I’ve already got the Synology 110j NAS server. If I buy an Atv2 and run the installer and connect it to my stereo via the analog audio output.

    Will I be able to use my Remote App on my iPhone to get my Atv2 (with patchstick) to play my music on the Synology Nas Server?

    As you can see, I am MUCH more interested in the apple tv2 as a music server/bridge (or whatever you call it) than it’s original purpose (internet tv)

  • Blackdog

    sorry, of course i mean optical audio output on the Atv2 and not analog audio output

  • eric

    why do they have to charge… seems like this should be open source dev… waste

  • If they put Boxee on it I’ll pay them 20 bucks. Nito tv can do most of that already, and if it can’t you can do it via SSH. NO THANKS PATCHSTICK!

  • kuban89

    Save your money, it’s just packaging for other people’s work. Shameless. NitoTV plugin gives you all this automatically when you jailbreak with greenpois0n.

  • Mick

    Not true, read the description of their wiki page. I like their free product better than nitotv.

  • Josh

    Does it keep iTunes functionality?

  • Mohamedhabaka

    can i use it with my ATV2 now?

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