aTV Flash 4.2 Brings to Apple TV

by tomek on September 21, 2010

Remember that little shiny box called Apple TV buried deep in your closet since the announcement of the NEW Apple TV? You may now want to dig it back up: FireCore team didn’t waste time wondering whether the new device will be hackable/jailbreakable or not and how and today released new update to their fantastic old atv enhancement – aTV Flash.

The 4.2 version brings to your old Apple TV. “ for AppleTV is a new, rich, visually engaging way to experience your favorite music like never before.  It provides access to radio, artist bios, artist slideshows and allows you to ‘scrobble’ plays (including plays from the built-in music player) back to your account,” FireCore said on their blog.

Current users with aTV Flash installed can updated to version 4.2 through the Maintenance –> Manage Plugins menu.  Once updated, will appear as an option in the Manage Plugins menu.

Other aTV Flash 4.2 features and updates include:

  • Improved weather forecast layout and icons
  • Multiple performance improvements
  • Sapphire ( – Improved metadata importing + bug fixes
  • nitoTV (0.9.5) – Improved DVD file playback + bug fixes
  • Maintenance (4.2) – Improved download/update process + Minor bug fixes
  • Other minor bug fixes

FireCore is giving away 50 subscriptions. Check out their Twitter page for details.

And stay tuned, we will have a few aTV Flash licenses to give away soon!

Note: Current radio streaming is only available to users in the US and UK.  A subscription will be required to stream radio.

  • Cohen

    What is ment by “current only in the US/ UK”? Will there be a change or is it possible to get around this limitation?

  • Currently radio streaming is only available in the US and UK. We're hoping to add more countries soon.

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  • Agrajax

    Nice device, this new 2nd Gen. Apple TV. But: what to do with your 1st Gen Apple TV now?

    I would like to use the good old 1st Gen Apple TV as an network attached file server to provide files, especially photos, via WLAN to my iPhone and iPad. Some got an idea how to get this running?

  • Hi,
    I am new to the Apple TV. In your screenshot you have “Browser”. I want that, how do I do that? My Apple TV is fresh out of the box and I no hacking knowledge. While I am asking anyway, will it be able to play DVDs from the Mac, too?

  • Superjkstr

    Would this allow a change of ATV settings? Currently the sampling output thru optical audio to my DAC and home stereo system for high res music files is only 16bit/44.1khz. I’m trying to find a way to allow the apple tv to output much higher bit rate for high res music.

  • Becky Rich

    Jailbreak or unblocking might not be a solution and it is also discouraged by Apple too. So, I use PlayerXtreme for casting my screens to watch movies and video on the big screen through its chrome cast and Airplay features. It also provides 1080p backup along with Dolby Digital and True HD support. It also enhances the audio 3times without compromising the quality. You can also sync your library and put on password encryption.

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