New Apple TV with iOS, App Store and AMD Fusion arrives in early 2011

by tomek on August 9, 2010

Hungry for a new Apple TV rumors? Sure you are! So, there is no other thing to do for you right now than dig deeply into the bunch of Apple hardware-related rumors Taiwanese DigiTimes brought to the Mac world today. The most interesting part for us says:

Apple is set to launch a new Apple TV using AMD’s Fusion solution and will not include a hard drive. The new device will adopt a user interface similar to the iPhone with support for social networking websites, network multimedia and the App Store. Mass production of the device will start in December.

Well, Engadget’s findings that came earlier this year seem to be (almost) fully confirmed: no HD (cloud storage instead), iOS, App Store. Ok, there will be no A4 CPU, but, hey, AMD Fusion knows how to do the job well. According to AMD, the chip offers the following:

CPU and GPU capabilities for HD, 3D and data-intensive workloads in a single-die processor called an APU. APUs combine high-performance serial and parallel processing cores with other special-purpose hardware accelerators, enabling breakthroughs in visual computing, security, performance-per-watt and device form factor. Software developers, utilizing AMD drivers, libraries and either the ATI Stream SDK2 or the Microsoft DirectCompute API, can enhance the user experience and speed application performance by developing applications that fully utilize the unique computer power of the AMD Fusion™ Family of APUs and AMD discrete GPUs.

Already started to look for a buyer for your old device? If only someone could confirm the rumored $99 price.

  • greg

    i smell bullshit

  • monte


  • squishy

    Eh I doubt the A4 cpu has enough H.P. to encode video, that's a lot different than decompressing for display. The Fusion CPU will still be x86 architecture and thus compatible with current OSX plus take into account rumors of merging iOS and OSX and there could be some validity there.

  • sounds like a waste of time and money, more horsepower + ios – hardrive = crap. no harddrive is a deal breaker and you can rest assured that the bulk of the current third party development community isnt going to waste their time with a POS cloud storage paperweight. and tbh if i didnt write nitoTV for the appletv i would have sold it 3 years ago.

  • slomb

    well that just does not cut it – no hard drive —

  • just happy we picked up a 120gb ATV cheaply recently. after hearing the rumours about cloud storage, etc., we decided to hunt down an older unit.

    thank you NitoTV and others for allowing us to open up our box and we even have a copy of EyeTV running on it (a wee bit flaky sometimes, but it's not too bad). It's only there for file playback (some recordings refuse to play in Nito/XBMC/Boxee, but others are fine) and i have to keep typing the admin password everytime i start it…pain in the backside that that is LOL

    so at the mo, we won't be rushing to buy the updated version, we can get much more use and value from our current ATV. sorry Apple, but you're not getting monery out of this long term user this time and you're not helping the situation by what might be crippling changes to the device.

    maybe their contract with Intel is up soon? always fancied giving AMD a shot at some hardware, let's see how it goes, but unless thare's a major compelling reason to update the ATV, we're happy where we are.

    keep up the good work guys on updating and improving our experience and enjoyment of our ATV

  • triangleman

    I am really amazed at the comments surrounding the lack of a hard drive. I haven't used my hard drive for the past year. I rip my DVDs with my desktop then have iTunes share across my whole home (this works with XBMC as well). I have an iMac for my kids, Asus Win 7 with iTunes in my game room, and a projector/Apple TV in my living room. Why would I duplicate my files five times when I don't have to? I did drop Ethernet everywhere since wireless proved useless for transferring video in my home. I did borrow an iPad from my work once and I found the iOS worked really well with video and I found myself using it for netflix streaming more than anything else.

  • So have you really thought this through to a logical conclusion? All the hacking that makes the AppleTV even remotely useful goes straight out the window. WIthout a hard drive you aren't going to be able to do any useful hacks. Where are all those extra system files going to go if there is no hard drive? Nowhere. Where is the AppleTV going to store its applications? in a cloud? You think ram or a small amount of flash memory is going to be sufficient? No

    On top of that iOS is touch based, how many people have touch screen TVs? its completely implausible for there to be the same OS, or run the same Apps / Games as iPad/iPod/iPhone.

  • triangleman

    Logically Apple will have to put some storage in place to hold the iOS and I would assume they would leave enough room for system updates. Taking into account that the current iOS takes around 300MB I would assume they would at least match their smallest iPod size for storage (2GB) that would still leave plenty of room for hacks.

    Plus… there are some great hackers out there… someone will find a way… someone always does…

    If you are going to follow the rumor that everything will be stored on a cloud-based system you should also follow the rumor that there will be an option to “utilize a Time Capsule as an external storage component” and in turn should be able to boot up and load information from that device for when the internet is down.

    As for Touch screen TVs: think more along the lines of the recently released magic trackpad or the iPhone remote. Since the remote recently disappeared from the store I would assume they are working on something like it for the new appleTV.

    One last note. Apple has seriously disrupted the mobile games market with the iTouch and iPod. With all of the current apps and games, I would love to see them do the same to the set top box market. I have developed games for 20 years and now I develop iOS games for a living. I will love to see what happens with the iOS on the TV.

  • Twister16th

    “On top of that iOS is touch based, how many people have touch screen TVs? its completely implausible for there to be the same OS, or run the same Apps / Games as iPad/iPod/iPhone. “

    but how many people control the tv from their tv.. it's all about a remote.i.e ipad, iphone

  • There's no chance that there'll be a firmware update for existing AppleTVs, huh?

  • speculatrix

    how badly wrong you were, quite funny in retrospect. the apple tv is now basically an ipod touch with HDMI and no screen or camera.

  • Erin

    Do you think the apple tv will display youtube? I have a canon D7 that shoots 1080p and want to upload to youtube and stream onto the tv via apple tv. plus i have seen craigslist tv's webseries and they use a D7 also, and it looks great. This is the article I found to test the footage from craigslist tv.

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