Boxee Beta coming today

by tomek on December 7, 2009

NYC-BETA-Unveiling-09Boxee is having an unveiling event today at 7pm (ET) at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, NYC.  They will demo the new Beta, launch new applications from partners and start a 4-weeks early-access for users to test the Beta before they release it to the public at CES on Jan 7th. Boxee team say the Beta will look, feel and behave differently from the Alpha. It will feature new user interface, improved navigation, search TV Shows and Movies, a user controlled Queue, shortcuts and more.

There will be a live broadcast (by Livestream) on Boxee blog and via Boxee.

Three unveiling presenters – Missy Suicide of, Jim Lanzone from and Tom Kurz from The Escapist, will be talking about their new Boxee apps for the event.

Boxee will be sending Beta invites to people attending the event, people who sign up for early access and over time to all existing alpha users.

In case you want to get your name on the early-access list you can fill this form.

Source: Boxee blog

  • markomarkomarko

    I just hope that it runs faster on appletv. At the moment plain xbmc is a much better option because it does not slow down the interface to a halt! However, I very much doubt a beta will bring a faster interface, only a prettier one!

  • anon

    Apple is working hard to compress the electronics in to a sub $100 unit for release in 2010. To achieve this, it's utilising the iphone processor and limiting memory to 1GB. Sadly it's also sticking with just 720p as the hd output limit.

    You heard it hear first ;–)

  • You have much better options to install boxee on than the appletv.

    in fact why dont you just wait for the boxee box.

    save yourself the time an money and get a real piece of hardware for the same price that can do a whole lot more.

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