Patchstick 3.0 from AppleTV & More, available from now

by editor @ on February 16, 2009

AppleTV&More, the Montreal based specialist for Apple TV enhancements, has released the version 3.0 of their “patchstick”.

patchstick 3.0

From their press-release:

Patchstick 3.0 provides a flexible software solution that is customized to take the hassle out of the patching process.

The Patchstick 3.0 comes with an online update process, is fully reversible, retains standard functionality, adds remote access and support for all available codecs (wmv, mpg, avi, divx, xvid, …) and enables access to networks shares and more.

Patchstick 3.0 comes with 2 custom plugins, the LaucnhMore! and atvdigiframe plugin, and it allow to manage the installation of ATVFiles 1.2.0, Sapphire 6.5, XBMC, Boxee, HotSpot Shield and other available plugins for firmware version 2.3.

There is a Free version of the Patchstick, that can be found at google code.

The Paid solution contains all future updates and allows to install and deinstall the software plugins, and can be found here.

We did not had time to test it yet, if you have been playing with it, send us your impressions in the comments.

  • fernando

    What a scam!!! People, don’t pay for this non sense. They are selling software they don’t own! Ridiculous!

  • Pedro

    I like to hack my own stuff…

    But, I can understand that for some people, having a boxed solution it’s more easy.

    I do not agree that this is scam, they are providing a service, and did an effort to package everything,…

    I know that can’t be compared to Redhat ,-), but I see in the same logic, I use the Whitebox linux distribution, but for some people paying the Redhat package it’s the best option.

    I’m not a customer for them, but for some people, I think it will be useful.

  • kevin

    the real question is why pay for something when you can get it for free in a vastly superior solution?

  • Alex

    This is a joke. They offer nothing original or unique. The owner uses the sn atvpatch, which I believe was the same guy who was distributing malicious patchsticks. I would steer clear of them.

  • tom

    how is the atvusbcreator superiior to their product ?
    The offer online updates, no one else does.

    They are not related at all with Cisco who is a professional scammer.

    And unlike atvflash who really did not develop anything on their own, these guys provide additional plugins with some nice features.

    Why not try the free version before bashing them ?

    It seems whenever there is something new, someone offers a service, peoeple come out of their hole to bash them.

  • Ashok

    ‘tom’ (the above poster) is the proprietor of said site, and in an act of self promotion is attempting to appear as a neutral third party. Don’t waste your time.

  • kevin

    Why would you need online updates? Once you are patched you don’t need any “updates” to the patchstick because it’s already served it’s purpose. It’s a good indicator when the only person giving a positive review is the owner of the site that there is nothing new or good to offer, and it’s just a waste of money when a free solution that offers everything necessary is available.

  • Frank

    I bought the Patchstick and I love it. I don’t have time to search the web for bits and pieces.
    The registration was quick and easyand the update process works fine.
    @kevin: You need updates when there are new versions of plugins available. Of course I could do this all by myself, but I rather spend my free time with my familiy.
    @Ashok: you seem to know a lot more than we all do…a psychic medium that can recognize persons all over the world just by looking at a name in a blog…..

  • kevin

    we just so happen to see “tom” posting all over the place in defense of their “work” and happen to know “tom” runs this “company” so i think its a pretty amazing coincidence to see a shill for this company who just so happens to have the same name as the “companies” operator. This is too much of a coincidence for them not to be one in the same, especially with his indignant insulting tone he takes in other comments, makes himself completely transparent. So he finally realizes how transparent, petty and unprofessional this looks so he decides to send a “customer” in to do his commenting now, pretty predictable.

  • Like I said before, SCAM! They’re taking people money away for things they do not own.

    BTW, atv-usb has online update for all it’s content. And indeed Tom is one of the “devs”.

  • mpm

    Actually, atvusb only has online updates for Boxee/XBMC, whereas patchstick does a lot more, including online installs and de-installs for a bunch of other plugins and codecs.

    Sure it’s just a bunch of scripts, but it’s a hell of a lot more convenient than atvusb, which is great for what it does, if all you want it Boxee/XBMC.

    If you don’t want to pay for it, don’t. It’s not like anyone’s forcing you. I personally think it’s been worth the price, and though it’s had a few issues, the “company” has been pretty good and helpful about working through them.

  • Mark T.

    Apparently it does not include nitoTV or Couch Surfer. Those you have to do on your own.

    So what is the point here again. $65 for Sapphire and XBMC…what a deal.

    @MPM glad you’re happy with it. It just seems a lot of the ‘features’ they list, need to be added manually which defeats the entire purpose of a commercial solution like this.

  • Gilmour

    I’m a big fan of Boxee / Hulu but live outside the US, so I of course was interested to read on their website that they have Hotspot Shield running on ATV. Finally! Boxee offerings to Canadian IP addresses are limited to CNN news clips and little else of interest.

    So I installed their patchstick and figured out that if offers absolutely nothing. There is no way in hell I am paying $65 to get free software¬†running on my ATV. Back to atvusb…

    Have any other developers worked on Hotspot Shield for ATV??

  • andy

    @Gilmour – I installed the full version and it works like a charm.
    The free version does not provide the full functionality. You need to buy the full version

  • kevin

    looks like more “customers” to shill for this shoddy product don’t waste your time with the free or commercial product, bunch of clueless script kiddies charging for stuff that isnt even worth it for free.

  • john

    ok, i am one of those idiots that tried this. Paid the $25 just to find out that you need to pay another $5 for the usb port support. Yes I am an idiot. So I took a perfectly hacked atv and updated to 2.31. Is there a way I can go back and use the older patchstick and get my xbmc working again.

  • Nathan

    The people whinging about these people selling this product really need to stop and think before they spout off. I do not have time to do it myself, I have other things to do. I am quite capable of installing the free version but my time is worth more than $69.95 per hour. I just want to download something, install it and it works. None of this mubo jumbo – copy this, delete that, cross your fingers, then wash and repeat. Don't bag someone out for providing a service to people like me.

  • jkm

    Just paid for my membership. I've been hacking/patching my ATV since 1.0 and honestly i cringe every time there's a major update to anything because my time is valuable and I don't want to spend an entire evening fucking around in a shell updating binaries. I have the hope that it's worth $60 or whatever over the next year to have a process do this for me automatically.

  • Yolandagarcia4389

    What’s up with this guy? $69.95 an hour, had some time to write about his disgust on how hard it is to install a free software that allows him to spend time in front of a tv? What an idiot!

  • Alficomi

    I made a terrible mistake last year buying something called “” I now own an appletv

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