It’s time for AppleTV revamp ?

by editor @ on January 23, 2009

Apple reaffirmed support for AppleTV after announcing first quarter sales of the digital media receiver were three times higher than for the same period last year.

When asked about AppleTV, acting CEO Tim Cook was fairly emphatic about the device’s future.

“We still consider this a hobby, however, it is clear the movie rental business has helped AppleTV and there are more and more customers who want to try it,” he said.

“We fundamentally believe there is something here for us in the future. We will continue to invest in it.”

Strong video sales also helped the iTunes store to a record quarter.


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  • Bix

    YES, it desperately needs a revamp. Apple TV should support web browsing & video conferencing. Right now it’s not worth the money because it doesnt do much. Many people with cable or satellite just don’t care about renting movies!

    We have seen OS X running on Apple TV. Why won’t Apple do something like that? This hardware platform is just going to waste because it’s been artificially crippled by the software. What a shame. Steve Jobs always said that “genius is next to insanity.” What they do with Apple TV is closer to the latter. This is just one of many ways that Apple prevents progress by keeping affordable technology out of the hands of the masses. I would buy an Apple TV for a video conferencing terminal and web browser… but I would never buy a Mac Mini just to get that because I could buy a more powerful notebook PC for less.

    God, sometimes Apple is just so stupid. They obviously dont want to sell many computers, and all that stuff about “changing the world” was just a lot of hot air.

  • Nice

    Nothing like hearing this right after mine got delivered. Ah the joy of being behind the curve.

  • dirtboy

    Give it the ability to have a tuner card, or USB tuner, and this thing would be killer. I could care less about the integration with iTunes. i want TiVo-like recording functionality, playing my ripped movies over an SMB share, and Netflix! All of this can be accomplished on other platforms with 3rd party software.

  • zarkoff

    I agree, netflix (and any other 3rd party vieo services) would be a big selling point. Also the ability to link directly to an smb or afp share on the home network, especially if you can do it with a NAS and not have to have a computer running (itunes or any other media software) somewhere in the house. The whole reason I bought mine was so I wouldn’t have to use a computer to play my media in the livingroom.

  • marko

    Stop wining, and install Boxeee/XBMC and you get what you’ve paid for. It is a shame it has to be done this way, but the fact that it can be done makes it almost all right in my mind!

  • zarkoff

    I do have Boxee and XBMC installed. Apple should have had this stuff in its own software from the get-go.

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