ATVDigiframe plugin to use AppleTV as a DigitalFrame (updated)

by editor @ on January 23, 2009

Based on comments made by the company behind the product to

Our plugin allows to setup any period of time between 2 slides in the “Slideshow” screensaver mode of AppleTV. The time can be set up in 1 second steps from 1 second to 9999 hours. The standard Apple TV application cripples the slideshow mode and only allows 2,3,5,10 or 20 seconds of time between 2 slides, which is not really usable for displaying digital art. Our ATVDigiframe plugin integrates seamlessly and matches the minimalist style of the AppleTV UI.

Set Time Unit Screenshoot

They idea came from a photographer willing to have a nice solution to display photos, non satisfied with the current solutions

I’am a huge AppleTV fan and I am a photographer myself. Before buying an AppleTV, I had looked into digital picture frames to display my own photographs. But they were either too small or they were really expensive when they had a nice size.
Also using an iMac mounted on the wall is a rather expensive solution. So I came up with the idea to use AppleTV as my own digital picture frame. However there are limitations on the AppleTV software that do not allow to use the slideshow function in a practical way.
So I decided that a piece of software has to do the job and allow people to share their photographs with their loved ones without having to be crammed in front of a computer screen. These days many people have nice Plasma and LCD TV’s so why not use their already existing “picture frames”? This is how the idea was born.

The company is base in Montreal Canada, and is providing the installation as a service for $78.91 or you can purchase an appleTV with the plugin already installed. They also allow you to download trial version (here) of the software. Cost for registering the plugin is $59.99

You can download the plugin for free and use it as long as you want. The trial version has the same features as the full version, but has a limitation regarding the time between the slides. The trial version is restricted to durations of up to 2 minutes between two slides. To remove this limitation, you need to purchase a registration key.

It looks like a simple feature, but it could be quite useful.

What do you think ?

More info at:


We have received an email from ATVDigiframe developers, informing us that after the feedback of the comunity about the price, they have decided to reduce the price. Here you have the message.

We received quite a few emails from prospects who felt that the price point of 59.99 USD for the downloadable plugin is too high, especially in these rather harsh economic conditions.
Therefore we adjusted our prices for the download as well as for the on-site installation.
The registration code for the download version is now only 29.99 USD and the installation on an AppleTV device is only 59.99 USD (plus shipping costs) !

  • You had me until the price. $60 for what amounts to a preferences tweak?!

  • The Dude

    This price is just rude. Besides, which normal consumer would be interested in leaving his or her Plasma/LCD switched on 24/7 just to use it as a picture frame?

    The power consumtion is enormous and with an average lifespan of a plasma or LCD of 40.000 hours you will have wrecked your TV in about 4 and a half years.

    On the upside, you probably won’t have to turn on the heater in winter anymore, since you got your radiator mounted to the wall.

  • Babbe

    I like the plugin and considering it can save you several hundred up to a thousand dollars, I don’t think the product is overpriced. I’ll check it out and report back.

  • So, I got an email from the plugin developers, asking me what price I think would be reasonable. Since they seem so intent on selling overpriced solutions to trivial problems, I’ll just repost what I told them here:

    Their email:

    we read your comment on appletvhacks regarding the in your opinion high price for our plugin.
    We are confident we can satisfy our customers and we want them to feel good about the atvdigiframe plugin purchase.

    So we ask you, what price would you consider reasonable?
    Please let us know – we are sure, we will come to an agreement regarding the price.

    My response:

    I don’t know, $free? It’s not like the cost of producing a “digital picture frame” plugin for someone else’s platform is at all comparable to producing a physical digital picture frame product. Look at how many excellent *free* plugins exist for AppleTV that do far more.

    I think the likelihood is that if someone else cares enough about producing that functionality, they’ll be coming up with a much cheaper alternative. Especially if it’s possible to just do it by hacking the preferences to the “slide show” screensaver, which is what the writeup led me to believe is all you did.

    The fact that you assume that anyone using a plugin would be a “customer” is pretty telling where your mindset is.

    Good luck with your business venture.

    Of course their updated price of “only” $30 is still ridiculous.

  • Also, I might add that their “value proposition” is a bit off, seeing as how they’re not including the cost of the TV (which, as The Dude points out, will be ruined pretty quickly) in the total cost when they compare it to e.g. using an iMac. Also, quite a few TVs come with built-in “digital picture frame” functionality anyway (I know pretty much all Samsungs and Sonys do, and I think a lot of the cheaper ones do as well).

  • TB

    This has got to be a joke… It’s just a matter of time before it’s included in the free atv-bootloader and similar enterprises.
    Look at the iPhone, until there was a legit way of installing apps on the iPhone (App Store), there was hardly anybody to buy the few hacks being sold through Installer/Cydia.

    Now, some dimwits might think that $70 won’t buy you a digital picture frame so this has got to be a good deal but that’s what my grandma thinks when she sees the infomercial about those awesome knives that cost you not $99, not $69 but $49!! Great deal! Until you realize you’ve just bought a couple of knives…

  • Babbe

    I bought the registration code and can now use the full version.
    It looks like a simple plugin, but it does the job exactly as I want. I really love it.
    Looking forward to use it this weekend on our housewarming party to show off my work 😉

  • Ask and ye shall receive: nitoTV 0.7.0 has this preference tweak added in its settings section, looks like we struck a nerve with the other “developers” pity.

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