Apple TV 2.1 is now available

by editor @ on July 10, 2008


So you’ve been dying to use your iPhone/iPod Touch to control your Apple TV?  The previous hacks were just way too hard to follow?  Well, wait no more.  Go do yourself a favor and download the latest software.

Apple TV 2.1 not only supports the newly-launched MobileMe service (well, actually just the Gallery feature), you can now use your iPhone/iPod Touch to control your Apple TV.  To do this, you need the latest iTunes (version 7.7) and download the latest iPhone Remote app for use with your Apple TV.

Another exciting feature is photo thumbnails. No more boring slideshows.  Not just slideshows. You can now go directly to the photos you would like to view by browsing through thumbnails.  However, this feature does not work for “Shared Photos”.  What’s up with that, Apple?

Anyhow, go download yours now.

  • Boring slideshows?!?! You really said “boring” slideshows?!?!
    I installed the new ATV software few hours ago but I didn’t test the local photos interface. Please don’t tell me they removed the chance to add slideshows from iPhoto (along with the specific music you choose in iPhoto)! That was one of the most used features ATV had (haS, please, haS). Every single person who came to my home got astonished by wonderful ken burns enabled slideshows in hi-def on my lcd tv with nice music in the background… They can’t have removed this feature!

  • luck

    You are too funny, mac4windiots. OK, my fault. I shouldn’t have said “boring slideshows”. The reason why I wrote that was because it just bugged me so much that there was no way to go to a specific photo with the previous version of the software.

    Apple didn’t take away the slideshow feature. There is now a button that you can press to run slideshows just like that way it was in the previous version.

    I have updated the post slightly to correctly reflect the new feature.

    Thanks for your input.

  • Will this update break any of the hacks?

  • Tom

    Yes, it will break your hacks, but there are new patchsticks available already.

  • Tom

    yes, but there are new patchsticks already available.

  • TopsideAcid

    True true, but nitoTV is crashing. I’d recommend you wait…

  • Vudo

    Where can I find the new patchsticks that will work with this update. TIA

  • Fabri

    Anyone have the AppleTV 2.1 DMG download link ?? thanks in advance

  • Tom

    Check http://***** (link removed for inappropriateness)

  • bubba

    Please take the above post off. Selling the hard work of others isn’t anything that should be advertised here.

  • Newlook

    internet radio works nice this time

  • Pleeeeeeeeeaseee!! patchstick, patchstick!!

  • Chris

    Can you tell us if you have volume control when using the iPhone Remote App with Apple TV ?

  • ATV4mac 2.1.0 is almost ready !

    In the meantime, check out my screenshots :

  • musicman

    Hi all,
    I have an upgraded HDD (250 ig) – running version 2.0.2.
    No other hack applied.

    When I download update 2.1, it dowloads, askes me to install.

    When I select immediate install, nothing happens, but goes back to system menue where it has the ‘update’ menue.

    as soon as I click it it downloads the update again and so on.

    Any hint on what is wrong? thanks

  • JJ

    volume doesn’t work after updating, so before patching wait for a apple fix

  • TopsideAcid

    There is no volume control when using the

    The “old” take two patchstick still enables sshd. If you accidentally installed nitoTV and messed up the menue (rebooting loop, only apple logo is showing) you can delete the nitoTV plugin and then just reboot it:

    sudo rm -rf /System/Library/CoreServices/

    sudo reboot

    No need to restore.

  • nitoTV 0.4.7 is out with 2.1 support

  • TopsideAcid

    Wow, thank you for this update and your quick response.

    Up and running…

  • tom

    nitoTV 0.4.8 is out, with the correct code for ATV v 2.1

  • marko

    Thank you nito!

  • I did the update to 2.1 and my iPhone works fine controlling it, but now my normal IR remote is not able to do anything, like reset the dang thing to factory defaults. So this now sucks.

  • Robbel

    @Musicman – if you get your issue solved please post. I have the same set-up and cannot load v2.1. Unlike you I get a Update error and the offer to start over again. 🙁

  • sen

    thanks man !

  • Rimsky

    Same as Robbel and @Musicman. I have apple tv with upgraded hard disk and 2.0., no other hacks. 2.1 Software Update fails. I think that I had to update to 2.0 by downloading the dmg, placing it in a “restore” partition and selecting software factory reset option. Don’t know if that will take care of firmware update too. Please help.


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