WWDC 2008 – what about Apple TV SDK?

by editor @ AppleTVHacks.net on June 9, 2008

iPhone, blah, blah, iPhone, GPS,  3G, iPhone, blah blah.. , Enterprise support, push email, games, blah blah blah.  iPhone…

OK, we get it.

Jealous?  Yep.

  • tore

    Seems like there will be an new version of the apple tv to support the mobileme.


    About 3/4 out in the film, they mentions appletv

  • ArnoJan

    What about media sharing MobielMe and ATV ………
    Nothing ……..

  • TC

    couldn’t agree more. where’s the love steve?

  • riddler

    what about updates of the most loving apps like nitoTV or ATV files with new features? What about eyetv on the ATV as a working PVR? Hasn’t been alot the last month.

  • Zarkoff

    I wish they would just open it up for 3rd party plugins, so we wouldn’t have to go to the trouble of hacking it… 😛

    It would be nice if they allowed plugins for different online video services like netflix instead of forcing us to use their services exclusively.

    I didn’t buy the box to access iTunes. I bought the box to simplify my media access. The box should be open to all comers as a portal to play online media and not as an itunes store in you livingroom.

    I think apple would sell more of them if they made it open. It would make it unneccessary for companies like netflix to have their own proprietary box to access their services.

  • http://www.brandon-holland.com Brandon Holland

    Heh, the Apple TV should be expecting the Mobile Me update soon. That will be exciting + hopefully won’t killall any of out plugins :)

  • Tinpanharry

    Does anyone know of the EyeTV actually working with Apple TV? I read an article at http://wiki.awkwardtv.org/wiki/EyeTV, but it sounds about a year ago, it was working on version 1.1, and no intructions or verification of it running on Take 2.

    BTW, Brandon, phenomenal job on CouchSurfer. It rocks.

  • http://nitosoft.com nito

    eyetv maybe a easier / simple / possible reality with a pending nitoTV update, first app launcher support and some watchdog sedition for 2.x+. aiming to have it out this week, we’ll see.



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