Couch Surfer 0.3 Released

by editor @ on April 11, 2008


Good news. Brandon has just released Couch Surfer 0.3. Just in time for us to relax and surf the net on our big screen TV getting ready for the weekend.

Here are some new features of Couch Surfer 0.3

  • accelerated scrolling holds up and downi
  • improved Bookmark support now with support for adding current page
  • History support
  • Back menu
  • USB keyboard support for text entry dialogs.

The best part is that once Couch Surfer 0.3 is installed, USB keyboard feature is available to all other plugins.

Thanks again, Brandon. You da man!

You can get the new software update from Brian’s software page here.

  • Jam

    So do I just plug in a USB keyboard and hey presto?

    What about a USB key board…?

    What about…

  • Alex

    Is there a download link? Would love to try this out.


  • Dave

    Installed it so far as it shows up in my main menu, and I can access the submenus. Some problems (I’m using ATV 2.0.1):

    – Pages render a little strange. looks fine until the last moment when the page is suddenly replaced by an ad and I don’t know how to bypass it.
    – Dropdown widgets aren’t rendering, at least on the one page I’ve tried.
    – Keyboard/mouse support doesn’t appear to be working. My USB keyboard doesn’t do anything.
    – Bookmarks.plist seems to be going someplace other than /Users/frontrow/Library/Application Support/CouchSurfer/ directory. I forgot to move my custom file there before accessing the Bookmarks menu in CouchSurfer, and noticed afterward there was no default Bookmarks.plist there like there was supposed to be. Copied mine over anyway, and I still get an empty bookmark list in CouchSurfer.

    Anyone else?

  • Dave

    Second try at and the ad doesn’t show up this time. Of course, I have no idea how to click any of the links on the page.

  • Dave

    All right, you press Play/Pause to get a cursor that lets you move around and click links. Is there a help page around anywhere, or do we just learn this stuff by trial and error?

  • Maraklov

    updated to 0.3 via NitoTV’s software installer.

    – usb support not evident. plugged in, rebooted. still no control of browser interface or text entry. can’t control frontrow interface or text entry in other plugins either.
    – same situation as Dave above with the page rendering. most pages work fine, cnn is my go-to first try since it’s relatively easy to enter with the remote, but it renders in a box about 3/4 the size of the screen and oriented slightly down from center at the very last second of loading with about 35 errors. maybe they changed their site or ads since the last time i used couchsurfer 0.2 though.
    – haven’t tried bookmarks, just copied mine over and i’ll see how it goes.

  • neverlift

    the keyboard doesn’t work

  • The keyboard support only works if you have a usb hacked kernel. If it still doesn’t work if your kernel is hacked for usb and kext loading, then I’m not sure.

  • download it from “brians” page? dont you mean Brandon’s?

    Can’t wait to install this. Wonder if it will work with an Apple Wireless Keyboard? (with all the bluetooth kext’s installed, etc..)

    excellent work!

  • Just wrote about this in my blog:

    Internet and Keyboard would rock on the Apple TV!

  • Chas

    Just installed it. Runs really well on my Apple TV Take 2 (2.0). Love the fact that my USB keyboard now works.

    Keep up the good work!

  • ajh

    This has always crashed on me. Tried going to gmail again with this version and it crashed again going into the username textbox.

  • Craig

    Wow… amazing! Works as advertised on my Take2 ATV. With some work, Quicktime and Flash plugins work. If only I could scroll left and right…

    Brandon is definitely _the man_ when it comes to ATV…

  • Chris

    or anyone for that matter,

    does full screen flash work yet?

    full screen would be a great asset to the ATV

    also i could never get the Rhapsody plugin to work, that too would be awesome

  • Ted

    anyone used this with sites that stream tv shows such as,, any issues at all?

    also, anyone know of a hack to get veoh to work on the apple tv?

  • Tony

    It would be nice to have a windows media player plugin, so you could play netflix movies.

  • Rob

    Got it intsalled, but can’t figure out how to click a link. The cursor appears – which I can move to a link – but clicking doesn’t do anything. Does this REQUIRE a keyboard to surf?

  • I have no problem with clikong on links, but when i click on some button Apple tv gets frozen a have to restart it. Has any one same problem?

  • Jeff

    I am having trouble with the cursor. I can get it to show but then it just shows the apple logo (crashes?) when I try and press play again to “click” on something.

    Anyone else have this problem?

  • zemak

    Hi.. please, how can i setup proxy server on couch surfer?? in setup is it not..

  • Jennifer

    Does anyone know of an easy to setup app that allows one to use an iphone/ipad to open an app and airplay it to the apple tv? Also, does the couch surfer allow you stream live video such as news sites? I’m a newbie. Thanks

  • Stoan

    how do you get rid of bookmarks

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