Installing Divx, Xvid and WMV on Apple TV Take 2

by editor @ on March 10, 2008


iClarified has an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to update your Apple TV Take 2 to play movie files in Divx, Xvid and WMV formats.

So for those who have been holding off on upgrading to Take 2 because you’re afraid to lose the additional codec support, hold off no more. Just follow the simple steps laid out by iClarified and you too can enjoy your Take 2 with Divx, Xvid and WMV support.

  • Andy Edmonds

    Any linky for this?

  • luck

    Sorry about that! The link is there now.

    I apologize.

  • John

    Do I have to have SSH installed already for this tutorial to work? I have a brand new ATV and no 3rd party software is installed.

  • Chris

    Do I have to have SSH installed already for this tutorial to work? I have a brand new ATV and no 3rd party software is installed.

  • Dirk

    Dear Chris,

    yes, SSH must have been installed already. This means you would have to patchstick you ATV before trying this hack.


  • Hi all,

    After considering the Apple TV and other options I eventually plumped for this:

    I have to say, it was a big mistake. The UI is terrible and it’s slow as hell, and the manual sucks. However, it does play DivX, etc.

    So, I’m back looking at Apple TV but I can’t seem to get a straight answer on whether it plays DivX or not and it’s essential to me that it does.

    Here’s a few questions that hopefully some of you Apple TV gurus can answer. 🙂

    Q1) Does patchstick or installation of the codex (as per the instructions linked above) invalidate the waranty for Apple TV?

    Q2) I’m thinking of heading in to my local Apple Store tomorrow and was going to talk to someone in there about this – will they even have a clue?

    Q3) Assuming I can get it to play DivX, how do I get the DivX moves on to the Apple TV? (does it sync with iTunes?)

    Q4) I have DivX movies encoded for 720p – can Apple TV show them on my HDMI TV?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Chris #2

    What is the point of this? Nothing has changed, this isn’t new information. This procedure is listed on every Apple TV hacking site. Plus it’s misleading, as it makes it sound as if you don’t need ssh enabled. The real challenge is enabling ssh, not copying over some codecs.

  • James


  • Terry

    What the hell is ssh?

  • Glenn Burns

    I agree, enabling the SSH for ATV does sound like the hardest part and therefore makes this Hack, to a simple guy like me, pretty scary and not worth trying.

  • jimmy

    So, does this play in Quicktime with the original TV/Movies in the original UI, or is this for Mplayer in NitoTV?

  • Dan

    Is there anyway to add metadata like descriptions, year, cover art/poster art for the XVID files and have the Apple TV recognize it?

    The only way I’ve been able to add any of that content is by exporting moveis for Apple TV with Quicktime and that is very slow and much larger files….


  • Michael

    I’m trying to install the updates and get the following error message. I installed the Patchstick on the AppleTV and it looked ok. Any ideas?

    The authenticity of host ‘appletv.local (fe80::217:f2ff:fefa:50d7%en0)’ can’t be established.
    RSA1 key fingerprint is b8:b2:58:cf:48:c3:49:ce:0b:a4:ba:1d:e2:2a:3a:6d.
    Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? no

    I also tried using the ip Address

    ssh: Error resolving hostname nodename nor servname provided, or not known
    lost connection

    I’m running Leopard not Tiger.


  • @Michael, what you posted was a standard SSH prompt when you first connect to a new host that is not in your “known_hosts” file. Had you said “yes” instead of “no” you would likely have connected a-ok to the AppleTV.

  • Marcus

    Is there any way of making ATV play .MKV files, as in x264 encoded movies? It would be fantastic being able to play some HD content on ATV…


  • Alvarito


    You can add metadata for any source recognized by Quicktime.
    You open up the movie with Quicktime, and in File -> Save as… choose “referenced movie” (sorry, I really don’t know how is the correct option, I’ve a Spanish MacOS). This new file is about 2 to 4Mb… now you can export this file to iTunes and add any metadata in that file.

    This file is like a soft link to the actually movie file.


  • Parky

    Hi, can you help me?
    i have atv 2.2 whit boxee, before i had a atv 1.1 whit nito tv and ssh open, but after update maybe the ssh is closed. how i can open ssh connection


  • happyboybaby

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