Video How-to: Share a hard drive

by editor @ on March 7, 2008

ATVForWindows has yet another how-to video on how to setup a shared drive using NitoTV and ATVFiles.

It’s about 9 minutes long but it sure is worth it.

Update: The previous method didn’t work 100%. Here are two new videos from them. Same topic delivered in two parts.

  • CiscoTM

    The Shared drive is not working correctly. A new video will be uploaded shortly!

  • Farb Sklarb

    “Setup” is not a verb. You “set up” a shared drive. This error (and others like it) is becoming very common. Let’s try to preserve our language…

  • TGS

    Farb, get a grip m8, this is not a grammer lection page

  • Jupil


    Is someone knows how u have to do this on a mac p.e. share hard drive on the airport express?



  • Oleg

    Have you figured out how to connect to a shared drive via airport express?
    I have the same problem – Take2 + airport express + my macbook pro with external HD.
    Could not enable USB for native Take2 (not upgraded) and can’t do shares yet.

  • Martin

    Is it possible to do this will a shared folder from a Mac computer instead of a XP computer?
    If so, please point me to the “How-to” guide

  • jon

    how shortly? 😉

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