The browser formerly known as Safari HD is now “Couch Surfer”

by editor @ on February 22, 2008

After a little run in with the lawyers from Apple concerning the the name and the logo of “Safari HD”, Brandon has decided to change the name of his immensely popular browser plugin to “Couch Surfer” along with a new logo.

The files are listed below.  Download away!

  • Bill

    EPIC WIN, GJ! Does any1 know if the ADESSO WKB-4000US keyboard will work with Apple TV if the USB hack is used??

  • hunter

    No keyboard working with Couch Surfer according to brandon

    Brandon says: “If you want to use a keyboard and mouse use firefox” 😀

  • mojo

    The new logo is not as good as the old/original one. I suggest an icon from

  • Bill

    Has any1 figured out how to get the netflix watch it now to work? What about using the IE tab addon?

  • Feature Suggestion: Use an iPhone has a keyboard and mouse

    Build a quick iPhone app that connects to the apple TV to act as a keyboard and mouse. 🙂

  • Even Holthe

    @ Travis Collins:
    We need to get a vnc-server, to use the mouse and keyboard if you own an iPhone. Just look here:

    Works like a charm!

  • What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

    What you all need is Azureus so you can share your flicks right at the TV. MacSurfer pointed to an article today for another brand device that has bittorrent software built in.

    Also, what might be cool is if the tiny new Apple bluetooth keyboard could be made to work with it, using a dongle.

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  • MILE

    Actually I was rooting for “SofaSurfer” but I guess couch is the more commonly used word in English… 😉

  • Marko Nesovic

    Hello everyone. I got this thing working (the old one, I prefer the old name…)? Is there any way to increase the font size, my tv is not big enough for me to be able to read the text…. Also, how do you install flash?

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  • FYI you can shrink and enlarge the font size by hold rewind or fast-foward in scroll mode. Rewind shrinks the font and fast-forward enlarges the font. Not sure if anyone had figured that out or not 🙂

  • Marko Nesovic

    Thanks Brandon… I tried all sorts of different key combinations, but not holding the button for a longer time…. This is brilliant, I can use it now!

  • Alex C

    Brilliant forum and concept!

    Is there a tutorial on how to install the new Couch Surfer? Do I use the USB stick patch method seen elsewhere?



  • JonG

    What files did the original SafariHD install? and should I remove these (how?) before installing the Couch Surfer version?

  • craig

    great work! how do you install flash or other plugins to work with it?

  • Scott

    Fantastic Idea. . .problem is I’m a tech fan but new to mac. Can’t figure out how to download this to the Apple TV. Directions were clearly above my skill set. Anyone willing to simplify, would be greatly appreciated.


  • craig

    If you’ve already upgraded to the new Apple TV software then you can follow the instructions at

  • fellow canuck

    I know this is a work in progress… (it’s excellent so far)

    Is there a way (or is there a fix coming) to handle links which open a new browser window??? As it is now, with one screen obviously, Couch surfer can’t handle HTML links which open a 2nd window it seems.

  • TopsideAcid

    To get flash working copy the whole folder “/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/” to “/Users/frontrow/Library”.

  • Neil

    ok, seems to crash my ATV .. is there a 'uninstall' script?

  • nick

    how I can install this on my apple tv

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