Safari HD screen shots and video

by editor @ on February 19, 2008

We asked and you delivered.

Here are some screenshots of Safari HD sent in by our reader Victor S.

img00028_small.jpg img00031_small.jpg img00032_small.jpg

Our other reader, Nick D. , went even further and sent us a video of it running on his Apple TV.

We’d like to thank both readers for going out of their way to respond to our request. If you would like to share screen shots or video with other readers, please do not hesitate to send them in to [email protected] .

  • synf

    Good video demo, nice seeing it in action. I was wondering if anyone could find out if there is full screen mode? also if Safari HD loads up pages with Stage6 videos on sites like
    -cheers guys

  • l33t

    what do RSS feeds look like on this? id prefer to use m wii to surf. well actually id prefer to use my mac but hey, RSS feeds would be sweet

  • Thank you for sharing the article . It let me know something I didn't know .I hope everyone here can find his or her dream ,then make it come true !

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