Access UPnP Media Servers with Home MediaCloud

by editor @ on February 6, 2008


UPnP Media Servers have been around for awhile now. You can store all kinds of media like photos, music and video files on them. It is just a convenient way to store all your media files and have them accessible from anywhere on your network. Of course, you do need a UPnP client to access these servers. These clients are available on many hardware and software platforms but so far none for the Apple TV. Well, thanks to Bruno Keymolen, the Apple TV is no longer left out.

Introducing Home MediaCloud, a UPnP Client for the Apple TV. Now, not only can you access those media files from your PS3, Xbox 360, Macs and other devices, you can do it via the Apple TV too.

Like most hacks available here, you do need an ssh-enabled Apple TV (with software version 1.1). You also need to install a few libraries in order to get it to work. And, lastly, to support a wide range of video formats, it is advised that you also install Perian and Flip4Mac on your Apple TV.

Any questions or suggestions, you can contact Bruno directly.

  • Eric

    Now this is what I am talking about, why did Apple not add this from the start.
    The moment there are is confermation that we can get this working on ATV2.0 (w/out a intel mac)
    I will stop at the apple store and get one.

    I just don’t know why there are not better standalone UPnP players out there, it seems so simple.
    Now when it can control my HD USB tuner I will be windows free!!!

  • Jet

    Ok, this is driving me crazy.
    HOW THE HELL I CAN CREATE /usr/local ????

    it always return me

    mkdir: local: File Exists

    and yes, i’ve alredy mounted / in read write and then typed:

    % sudo bash


    %sudo -s

    neither works, it always return me “FileExists”


    how can i do?

  • rudiger

    Same thing happened to me. Just copy your files over and create the sym links.

  • preppy

    would it make a difference if i copied the files and it says frontrow frontrow 116316 Feb 8 18:23 libixml.2.0.4.dylib instead of admin (maybe a stupid queston but im a total newbie at this and when im clicking on media servers noting happens)

  • roy

    am i just stupied or am i doing something wrong? i do not have permission to write the files onto the appletv

  • You’ll need to mount the boot volume as writeable before you can do this stuff:

    sudo mount -uw /

  • WS

    Is there any support for AppleTV 2G

  • bruno

    no 2G, 
    there is a version for 1G 3.0.2 at

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