Detailed Guide for enabling USB storage

by editor @ on November 8, 2007

Over at AwkwardTV’s Wiki, a poster by the name of Simplicity has posted a detailed guide on how to enable the USB storage using our very own patch that we published a few months back.

We feel very grateful for him to do this.  We did not ask him for his help; he did it on his own time.  From what we read, we couldn’t have done a better job ourselves.

Great job, Simplicity.  Thank you.

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  • Ami

    Hello Simplicity,

    Have you tested the patchstick creation script under leopard?? I tried to patch my iTV but ran into difficulty while creating the patchstick.
    “Copying Patchstick files… – Perian not found in /Library/QuickTime. Skipping…

    The patchstick definitely seems to interact with the iTV during boot but ends up hanging and there is now ‘awkwardTV’ menu item.

    Any thoughts?

    thanks –Ami

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  • Baraka

    Do we lose the you tube functionality with this modification ?

  • simon

    you tube functionality?

    Great oxymoron!

  • Malcolm

    “Great oxymoron” for you tube functionality?
    You probably mean “great homonym”, if you are trying to mock the misspelling.

  • Godspeed


    I just purchased a AppleTV, software version 1.1 out of the box. Is it possible to hack this version?

    Or must I find someone with a version 1.0 AppleTV and make a image of his disk? And then placing it in mine AppleTV. Or is this not possible license wise?

  • Jimmy


    I had to do the same thing. You can find the 1.0 OS via torrents. Then, you’re gonna have to follow this tutorial. Worked like a charm…..

  • Bob

    It seems to me that since the USB port on both my AppleTV and Motorola DVR Cable box can be activated for storage, there should be a way to hook them both up to an external drive and let the AppleTV see the directory the cable DVR box dumps recorded shows to. The format is probably not handled by AppleTV directly, but you already have other players on your hack site that might handle it. I know my Haup DVR150 records in MPEG2 and Quicktime can play it back.

    Sure would be a great way for APPLE to offer DVR without pissing off the networks. It seems that a simple USB cable and an AppleTV update is all that is necessary.

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