Not just Firefox, Skype too

by editor @ on October 17, 2007

Skype on Apple TV

James Mandy of the InvertedReality blog just got Skype working using the pretty much the same technique for getting Firefox to work.

I did get a few emails asking if Skype would work on a hacked Apple TV. Well, here’s the proof that it can.

Now, all you need now are just a mic and a webcam and you’ll be Skyping on your big screen.

  • Actually I don’t quite understand why some people try to revert the AppleTV into a regular computer (don’t we have lots of those anyway?) instead of trying to make it a better media center…?! But maybe that’s just me…

  • Hey Mile, your right, why not just make it a better media centre! I truely agree. I was merely going through some of my fave apps to see if they would install and run much like Firefox does.

    Firefox is great, I can bail out of a movie at any time and look up some stats in IMDB when my wife and I are having an argument about who a character or actor is. hehe…

    Skype really doesn’t have much to do with media centres, but could be a great way to chat to your mates from the comfort of your couch.

    I tested it with my logitech headset and had no luck, it just won’t appear in the skype audio prefs, pretty much meaning the OS isn’t giving the headset as an option in the app. I played with trying to get the audio prefpane to work, with little luck… perhaps a bit more hacking and it will happen.

    Mame would be nice… I believe it’s sort of been done already.

    What would people like to see from a ‘media centre’ perspective? Perhaps a true VLC plugin? So many possibilities!

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  • James: I didn’t mean to debase your efforts though…! 😉

    But I think as long as the USB port isn’t fully supported too many apps just don’t make sense on the ATV…just as you have experienced with the headset…!?

    In case of having a better media center there’s quite a few more options that would be nice, although it would be way cooler if Apple finally opened up instead of other people having to hack their way through…! Just wishful thinking though…

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