Sapphire Beta 4 plug-in coming in early October

by editor @ on September 18, 2007

Sapphire Beta 4 is coming

It’s been a while there was any update to the Sapphire Plugin. We even thought that there wasn’t going to be any more updates from the Sapphire development team.

They sure surprised us when we saw the update on’s wiki page. And the new version promises to bring oodles of new features to an already excellent plugin.

For those who are not familiar with Sapphire, it is a media browser plugin used to identify media files from multiple collections. With only a filename to work with, it can intelligently display cover art along with movie/show information related to the file.
Among the new features are direct volume access, music playback and on-demand browser switching.

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  • Since I’m quite the TV show junkie, Sapphire has been my favourite plugin ever since I got (and patched) my ATV a few weeks ago…! I’m really looking forward to the next update, looks quite promising…

  • Jon

    oh why oh why can’t we get proper decoding of MKV. If that worked, the appleTV would be my media center of choice 🙁

  • luck

    Jon, I’m just quoting Maraklov’s comment that he posted a few weeks back:

    “mkv support is mainly a problem because the appletv doesn’t have the cpu power to handle higher bitrate encodes that are frequently in mkv containers if apple did care about hd and in the future offered true hd programs from itunes, you can be sure they’d release an appletv with a better processor to run them. but at this point they probably looked at their available library and said “1GHz ought to be enough”.

  • Ferg

    I’ve become a great fan of the Sapphire plug in since I put it on my ATV. I have a simple question, does anyone know if (or something similiar) is available for a standard Mac? I use a MacMini in my living room and use Front Row to play my AVIs but would much prefer a Sapphire-like application with show info etc.



  • GibbGibbGibb

    Will this only work on Intel Macs? nitoTV sounded incredible, but I can’t run it by way of my non-Intel machine.

  • Tom

    The only other feature I would like to see in Sapphire is a volume control. Right now I have to control the volume of my ATV using my TV’s remote. I see nitoTV and Boxee have volume control, but Sapphire does not.

    If I am missing a configuration setting or something, please let me know.

    Thanks to the Sapphire team for a most excellent plug-in!

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