MAJOR Apple TV Update in the works?

by editor @ on September 11, 2007

iTunes Store coming to Apple TV

Many Apple-related rumor sites are reporting that Apple TV will be updated to include the iTunes Store very soon. This stemmed from last week’s announcement of the Wi-Fi iTunes Store for the iPod Touch and iPhone.

While Macrumors and The Mac Newb Tube only speculate that the iTunes Store will be coming to the Apple TV, LoopRumors has received information from “very reliable sources” that a MAJOR update is coming to the Apple TV. (We sure like the word “MAJOR”.) Actually, we can already see a hint of the future iTunes Store integration in the current version from the iTunes Store setting in the Settings menu

We can’t wait for this to happen. An update for the Apple TV is long overdue. Youtube integration in the last update was a nice touch but hardly useful. At least with the iTunes Store embedded into the Apple TV, we can finally be able to sit in the comfort of our own couch to browse through the iTunes catalog. Hopefully, bluetooth dongle support will come too because browsing through a catalog that big with the Apple Remote is going to be a pain.

On the other hand, the last update took out many useful tools used for hacking. Some of the files were even encrypted, making hacking the Apple TV harder. Hopefully, with this update, Apple will just leave the tools intact.

Only two new features we would like to see in this update would be looping support and movie playlist. That would be huge.

Thanks in advance, Apple. (though it’s only a rumor.)

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  • duoart

    The only update a care about would be a way for my to browse my 16,000 digital photos and navigate to individual shots. People salivate when they see the possibilities of being able to give slide shows on their HDTVs. when shake their heads in disappointment when the realize AppleTV will not easily navigate to, say, the photos taken in October 2003 or whatever.

    We all own multi-megapixel digital camera and big screen HDTVs. Why can’t we have a decent interfact to allow us to display the photos we want? having to run through all the photos in sequence is crap.


  • bagster

    I want to be able to use a remote dvd drive. This way I can get rid of my dvd player under my tv…

  • Quick note… The Mac Newb Tube embedded link does not work. Thanks!

  • Nelson

    Allright. The Apple TV needs an update but when are the rumor-experts predicting the update to come? AirTunes over ATV would be sweet!

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