Get Apple TV to work with SCART

by editor @ on August 23, 2007

Component to SCART

Thomas Schmidt (Germany) got an Apple TV as a gift from his girlfriend but soon realized that it wouldn’t work with his non-HD television, which lacks component input. So he set out to build a converter to convert the component output from Apple TV to RGB (SCART) input.

Through trials and errors, he was able to build a prototype of the device. Not a pretty one but it does work. The schematics, photos and the PCB layout of his creation can be found here.

Thanks, Thomas. We hope you and your girlfriend are enjoying the Apple TV. Let’s hope that Apple finally sells TV shows and movies on iTunes Germany soon so you will get to enjoy it even more. And better start saving up for a new HDTV soon.

Oh, and US readers, you can pretty much ignore the whole post since SCART-equipped TVs are virtually non-existent in the US.

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  • tg

    Dosent that stretch a 16:9 picture to 4:3 making videos ook terrible?

  • Marco

    I bought such a convertor from

    Works great, but is expensive.

  • Richard Fish

    90 Pounds is way too much. Better return it if you still can. You can buy a video converter from “Hama” through for 76 Euro which does the same thing and more.

  • Costs for this converter (the parts exclusive PCB) are ~ 21.- EUR. The expensive Parts are the two ICs with LMH1251MT/6.13EUR and LM1881 / 3.65EUR.

  • … the stretch problem isn’t solved with it …

  • davide

    may be I am not understanding the rationale behind this thread, I simply bought a component to scart cable to plug into my apple tv, it costed me 26 EUR. Once I receive my ATV will connect it and see what happens.

  • If You’ve a TV with component IN – You’re lucky … if Your TV has no Component IN … you’ll see … nothing …

  • ebay_user

    Why not searching “component scart” on ebay?

  • urs

    The Hama converter from ebay only works with newer tv. With my older thing (10 years), there is only a black-nwhite picture, the same I have with the cable explained by davide. I even found a connector for “component in” for the scart tv, Thomas.

    So it depends on the TV. I read an explanation why, but I do not remember. It was, before I gave back the HAMA-Tool.

  • Paul Salzman

    Is that a Grundig TV?

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