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by editor @ AppleTVHacks.net on August 16, 2007

Many of you wrote to us suggesting some interesting hacks for the Apple TV. We would like to share them with you, our readers. Yes, some of them are pretty far out but who knows. Maybe we can get volunteers to work on these to make them happen.

Here is what we have so far:

  • Apple TV USB-to-iPhone Hack – allowing Apple TV to read and play content stored on the iPhone (submitted by Reggie)
  • Put Sling Player for Mac inside Apple TV – so you can watch your shows recorded on the Slingbox on your Apple TV (submitted by Ubermaxi)
  • A reliable mount app – something that will detect volumes on your LAN automatically (submitted by UberMaxi)
  • OS X full install to work with Xbox 360 HD DVD – not Apple TV software but OS X on Apple TV (submitted by Steve K.)
  • Playlist for Movies/TV Shows – currently there is no playlist feature for these types of media yet; only for music. There are workarounds but better if Apple TV directly supports playlist for movies/tv shows (submitted by michel)
  • Work with ATI TV Wonder 600 – this is a USB device that acts as a HD DVR for PC (submitted by Postscript)
  • Windows on Apple TV – Basically running Windows via BootCamp on a full OS X installation (submitted by Mitchell O.)

Let us know what you think.

  • foolala

    I search for a comfortable solution to stream eyeTV from Mac to my Apple TV to use the eyeTV Firewire Hardware!

  • I’ll second the “a reliable mount app” – it’d be great to have something that would access AirPoint extreme attached disks over AFP.

    Actually, a solution for having both AFP & SSH2 working at the same time (the keberos issue) would make me happy

  • Vrolfsen

    What we need i some sort of cooperation to get _one_ app to play all kinds of movies – including DVD TS folders and every codec common.

    I love the file-handling that Sapphire has, Nito’s (though very rudimetary) way of navigating DVD’s and ATVFiles ease of use. I have movie files that will only run on one of the apps – and that is cumbersome.

    And playlist and rating for theese files as well.

    Love the WakeOnLan and ShareMounter apps. Saves me from getting out of my chair 🙂

  • Bert

    hello??? What about using the AppleTV as an access point??? that would be so much more useful then … (wtf?) running windows on ATV??? what were they thinking?

    I think it would be great if the atv could act as an airport express unit that is n-capable and able to stream video as well. I would love to have the features like airdisk and airtunes (and airvideo?) in one box!

    what do you guys think?

  • Ok, not to sound critical, but I do agree with Bert that a hack to run windows on the AppleTV should be a REAL low priority. The iPhone thing seems pretty pointless as well since you can sync your iPhone and AppleTV to iTunes, and have the same content in both places.

    Having the Xbox HD-DVD drive work would be a great thing, but that would require a software player which has yet to be developed. Even the mac desktops don’t support HD drives yet, so I think this hack suggestion is a bit of a pipe dream.

    If I were suggest some useful and realistic hacks, this would be my list:

    A reliable mount app – I agree with everyone else who said this.

    Support for infra-red keyboard – Maybe this one wouldn’t be as useful to everyone, but it would be better than using the on-screen keyboard.

    NAS Support – Okay, we have the external USB hard drive hack. That’s awesome! How about a hack that lets you link your AppleTV to a NAS disk on your network as it’s primary storage device? That way, you have virtually unlimited storage and there’s no need to have an external drive right next to your box.

    A user-friendly dual-boot solution – I’d like to be able to get OS X and the AppleTV OS to run together. A boot menu would be great! (http://appletvhacks.blogspot.com/2007/04/apple-tv-dual-boot.html suggests that it is possible and maybe with some more work this could be a worthwhile hack.)

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  • This may seem basic, but how about a hack that let’s the user delete the files out of the main iTunes library on your computer but remain on the AppleTV. I would love to be able to just drag and drop the files that I want to keep on the ATV and then delete those on my limited space laptop drive that I don’t want to keep any longer. It drives me nuts to no end that I can’t just keep a large number of songs / photos on the ATV and have an almost empty laptop iTunes library. Maybe there’s a way to do this already, and I just haven’t seen it in the prefs.

  • @Boone: Hell yeah that’d be great. For now the way I deal with this is by dragging video in (holding down option so it doesn’t copy into the library in file system), then once it’s copied to the appletv, delete the file. iTunes still has it in the library (but if you try and play it’ll go “file not found!”), and leaves it on the AppleTV.

    Not perfect by any means, and probably wouldn’t work so well if you were playing with music files as well (I don’t watch tv on the laptop… well… ever, so it doesn’t bother me having files in that list that won’t play in iTunes)

  • samual icky

    My vote, none of the above. Instead I would want to see a Folding @Home style “screen saver”. When the screen saver kicks in fire up folding… but also let it do the cover art thing or whatever.

  • How bout someone come up with a hack to link apple TV and airtunes. That way you could have multi room or whole house audio and control it with the apple tv.

  • Marco

    It would be great if we could run Samba on Apple TV so I can serve the files to my Windows clients.

  • g

    we saved the Apple Special Event (new iMacs) as a quicktime ref file, put it in /Movies/ and the apple tv streamed it from over the net! couldnt believe it it worked a treat. So surely in that file is just a web address, which could be changed to look elsewhere, like, ur mac, or ur AirDisk? If it can work i’ll buy an Airport Extreme today. Also, this was with 1.0 software, doesn’t seem to work with 1.1.

    Anyone know if we’re nearer to the network mount?

  • Jeff Walton

    I suggest a hack to allow use of a proxy with the Apple TV. Any workarounds elsewhere?
    This is currently not supported (http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=305010), and it closes doors for use of the Apple TV in schools, workplaces or other ‘secure’ areas that require a mac address in order to reach the Internet.
    Use of iTunes works fine through Microsoft and other proxy servers, so ability to enter proxy IP and port would be a big plus on the Apple TV.

  • Here is something simple that I would REALLY like to see.

    I want to be able to have video podcasts play continuously without going back to the menu and have it loop when it reaches the end. On this site it mentions that there is a workaround, but I have not seen how to do this anywhere.

  • Immi

    Boinc (boinc.berkeley.edu) would be great too.


    REAL USB-STORAGE: Stil there is no easy way to extend the internal with an external disk without booting from it and very complicated hacks. Something like an automount would be perfect.

    DVD: It would also be great to enhance the Playback of VIDEO_TS folders with the option to change languages by using the DVD menu or better by just clicking on the remote. The NitoTV plugin is a great start but only a start.

    CHANGE AUDIO TRACK: Last but very interesting would be the possibility to change the language of a videofile witt more tham one audiotrack (e.g. English and Spanish) like it is possible wiht the VLC player. U only have to click “L” and the language changes. But in iTunes or Quicktime u always hear both tracks at the same time. that is annoying. U can only change the language by selecting the language by the menu and by using the mouse (what’s not possible or wanted on the ATV :))

  • Solidad

    Utilize the AppleTV as a 802.11n to Ethernet bridge.

  • GeoffT

    Skype on AppleTV – I have to move the laptop into the lounge and attach it to the TV for family calls to relations. If we had Skype on AppleTV (in the same way that Equinux’s MediaCentral delivers it) the laptop would not be needed anymore.

  • James

    So seriously… what is the workaround for the movies playlist??? does this allow continuous play of music video’s? That is my number 1 gripe of the AppleTV. I hate having to change songs after every single music video.

  • Applehead

    Make Apple TV work as a streaming extender for Vista MCE.

    A lot of MCE users out there, and not a single good extender (XBOX is too noisy, big and ugly.)

  • vtmaestro

    Would love to see sling player on the Apple T.V. This would be incredible!


  • Rasmus2000

    I would love to have ScummVM running on my AppleTV!

  • drew

    I would like to see camera capabilties for a program like Skyle or iChat.
    It would be like Star Trek talking to the tv. Teleconfrencing would be pretty slick…

  • louis

    will anyone add the following to appletv
    – read video_ts folder, from network?

  • Fish

    Slingplayer on ATV2 PLS!!

  • The Grue

    Put Sling Player for Mac inside Apple TV – so you can watch your shows recorded on the Slingbox on your Apple TV (submitted by Ubermaxi)  (this is actually what I was looking for which brought me to this site)

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